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Article :: 2005.05.11 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 11 May 2005. 

Putaruru v Tirau - Prebble Cup Final
A draw!  6 all in the matches, 12 all on count back, and now we have to do it all again.  Not quite death, and then not quite glory either.  But it was a fascinating display of matchplay at its best, and golf at its most ordinary!  Ah, the pressure of a big final. 

Putaruru felt justifiably comfortable after the morning foursomes leading 3.5 to 0.5.  3 wins, 6 halves, 3 more blessed points and we had our hands on the Prebble Cup for the first time.  Well, the morning form completely reversed and Tirau gave us a good old fashioned lesson about the fat lady and singing.  And let me tell you that as the last 2 matches played the 18th hole, Putaruru were staring defeat in the face, looking into the cold colourless eyes of a loss, the empty numbness that was mirrored in the icy zephyr coming off Mount Pirongia … it was cold. So, what happened? 

Hooky Howard won his match on the 16th over Peter de Vorms … 1 point!  Greg Worth won his match over Shannan Christensen in a see saw slug fest of a battle on the 17th … 2 points!  But by this point the matches other than the final Putaruru pair of Maurice Tricker and John Mulholland were well decided.  The final holes proving to be our Waterloo! 

Now picture this, Maurice Tricker is one down to Mike Flavell, John Mulholland is one down as well to Richard Duncum playing the 18th … dormie.  The faces of the Putaruru spectator’s glum, the cold resignation to the thought of defeat!!  Did I mention that it was really cold as well!!  Anyway, both players had been steady all day, but we needed a point, or a half, just to draw the day, and we weren’t looking good. 

Four solid drives off the 18th tee, the Putaruru boys were in play, the Tirau boys under pressure, good shots to the green saw Putaruru both putting, and Tirau just off the green by only a metre or 2.  It was all over.  But wait, how easy is a chip that you’ve nailed all day, only a couple of metres off the green, a reasonable lie, freezing cold, pressure, a gallery, the grim reality etched on the faces of all?  We’ve all done it, maybe not under the same pressure, but it happens, a bladed chip was all it took to give Putaruru a half.  Melt downs by the big guns on TV are just as common, David Duvall on the road hole in The Open comes to mind. 

Anyway, John Mulholland won the hole and took his half gratefully to Richard Duncum.  Maurice needed to hole a tricky Tricker of a putt for birdie to half his match, but came up short, only just, but still short. 

So, then we all slinked away to the comfort and warmth of the nineteenth for consolation, to do the counting, and then work out that we have to do it all again, possibly at Te Aroha in a fortnight (29th).  Putaruru had a lucky escape, but we will be wiser the next time.  The first up bragging rights probably went to Tirau for such a come back, Tirau were robbed, but that’s the nature a true local derby! 

And golf was the winner on the day! 

TTT Trophy
In round 2; Ted Ward and Les O’Leary play Barry Wallace and Henry Van Dyk, Ron Taylor and Neil Sinclair play Butch Hamilton and Tommy Houston, Hooky Howard and Dieter Drescher play John Bryant and John Craig, and Maurice Tricker and Gary Urbahn play Steve Thorby and Paul Graham. 

There is a flight, John Morrison and Colin Emslie play Tali Mulafia and Neville Dugan, Mark Lawrence and Roger Clothier play Stu Kensington and Brad Karl, King Shanly and Ron Hunt play Tony Muller and Ken Gallagher, and Ross Jellard and Frank Jamieson play Dave Hoyte and Doug Worth. 

Pork n Chicken Tournament
A good field, a magic autumn’s day, life is good, and here are the results. 

The ladies nett winner was Heather Howard 67, and the stableford winner was Denise Lindley 40 points. 

The division 1 nett winner was Hooky Howard 62, runner up Butch Hamilton 68.  The stableford winner was John Bryant 42, 2nd John Morrison and 3rd King Shanly 39, 4th Mike Karl 38, and Ross Jellard, John Mulholland and Maurice Tricker 37. 

The division 2 nett winner was Chris Bates 64, runner up Henry Van Dyk 68.  Les O’Leary won the Stableford with 41, 2nd Andrew Sadler and 3rd Frank Jamieson 39, 4th Stephen Thorby 38, and Tony Fitzherbert, Gary Urbahn and Dieter Drescher 37. 

Two’s were scored by Henry Van Dyk, Maurice Tricker, Tony Fitzherbert and Ron Taylor on the 3rd, and Butch Hamilton on the 13th

Ladies Report
With heavy rain having fallen in the early hours of the morning, it was not expected to see many players turn up to play round 1 of the Patrons Trophy and qualifying of the Club Trophy Matchplay.  But 23 hardy souls arrived and many others wished that they had, as the day turned out to be a great one for golf. 

In the 0-30 division Florence Jellard had the best nett of 72, Irene McIvor 73 and Heather Howard 75.  In 31-54 division Bev Macartney had 76, Maureen Shanly 82 on C/B from Margaret Karl.  The shot of the day was played by Elayne O'Leary on the 7th hole when she holed her 2nd shot for an eagle, great stuff, just another way to score a two! 

Winner of "Marjorie’s Fashionwear" voucher given for the player with the best 3 out of 4 nett’s for April was Anne Kensington. 

9 Hole golfers played a nett competition with Dulcie McLean 43 and Cecily Duxfield 52 having the best scores. 

The Annual Waikato Vets Day was held at Putaruru on Wednesday 4th May with almost 50 players coming from 15 clubs throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.  Heavy rain over-night probably deterred many golfers but the day turned out fine and warm and the greens staff were commended on the fine state of the course.  I'm not sure about the pin placements!  The best round of the day went to Hooky Howard in the men’s group with 41, Gary Urbahn 38 and Peter Burrell and Ray Brain (both from St Alexander) 36.  In the Ladies, Irene McIvor had 38, Joan Spargo 36 and Heather Howard 34. 

Coming up …
This weekend sees round 2 of the TTT Trophy and that’s all … Good golfing from Captain Ding!

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