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Article :: 2005.05.29 - Senior Pennants Report

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Senior Pennants - Taumaranui Duck Festival 29 May 2005
They turned on a day just like last year ... persisting down.  I was pleased to be at home by the fire playing playstation and watching DVD's!!

The course was as usual in great nick despite the weather.  Tahuna pulled the plug after nine holes of the singles claiming the course was unplayable (I thought Tahuna were tougher than that being from a farming fraternal.)

Taumaranui thrashed the division leaders Ngaruawahia 9 to 1.  Their only loss came in a foursomes match by default when one of the Taumaranui boys got "delayed" for a DIC charge on the way to the course at 7.45AM.  Once released, he showed real character in the afternoon to win his singles match!!

Putaruru won 6.5 to 2.5 over Park International.  Thanks to Tali Mulafia for filling in for PK, him and Murray Hamilton thumped their foursomes opposition something like 6/4, and Tali put up a sterling fight losing on the 17th in the singles.  A Great showing for the new boy!

Murray Hamilton and Mike Karl got the 2 high handicapper fill ins from Park, Murray's man conceding after 9 holes, while Kooz's lad wouldn't lie down and die taking our +2 handicapper all the way to the 16th 4/2 (back to back birdies twisting the blade.)

And on top of this, is Mike Karl being considered for representative duties? I hear the Waikato selectors turned up to observe Mike slosh around in the wet, I think they saw enough to be impressed even if the conditions were against the golfer.

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