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Article :: 2005.06.15 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 15 June 2005. 

Men's Report
We had the Stockies & Cockies Tournament on Wednesday last with a huge field of 24 taking part. 

Lauchie Phillips won the men's section on count back from Duncan Gallagher with 40 points.  Tony Muller and Hooky Howard both had 39.  Florence Jellard won the ladies from Heather Howard.  Dave Munro won the non golfers section from Stan Wilson, presumably still driving a Ford. 

In Saturdays Pork n Chicken Tournament, Jenny Clothier was the nett winner (73) from Cheryl Jones 76.  Heather Howard won the stableford prize with 32 from Brenda Buckeridge 31. 

Ross Jellard won division 1 with a nett 65, runner up nett Ron Taylor 67.  Terry Garnett was 1st in the stableford with 42, 2nd Hooky Howard, 3rd Maurice Tricker both 41, Butch Hamilton and Tali Mulafia both 39. 

Stephen Thorby won the division 2 nett (finally putting together a good round) with 66, runner up nett Rex Fisher 72.  First in the stableford was Dieter Drescher with 38 on count back from Stu Kensington; David Hoyte, Duncan Gallagher and Neville Dugan all came in with 37. 

Now for final comments, Putaruru has a new self propelled fairway mower which is nice and shiny and new.  We should all see the benefits of this valuable addition as “Uncle” gets used to driving this new fangled gizmo.  Trial runs on Thursday and Friday were very impressive.  Our green keeper Ron Hunt is showing good recovery from his recent op.  And we still won the Prebble Cup!  Anyone wishing to view this trophy of Waikato Golf supremacy may do so in the club rooms. 

Lithgow Draw
The second round is due to be played on Saturday.  Paul Graham plays Tali Mulafia, Maurice Tricker plays Stephen Thorby, Henry Van Dyk or Barry Wallace play Ross Jellard and Ron Taylor plays Frank Jamieson. 

In the flight, Robbie Wi plays Roger Clothier, Les O’Leary plays King Shanly, Ted Ward plays the loser of the Van Dyk - Wallace match, and Hooky Howard plays Peter Young. 

Mid Winter Christmas Tournament
This is scheduled for the 25th of June, we already have 10 or so coming from Helensville for this tournament it will be a good day.  There is an evening meal from 6.00PM leading into the first Lions Test to be shown at the club … go the All Blacks.  The start sheet is now up in the foyer. 

Ladies and Vets Report
As the Tuesday ladies were only playing a scramble, it was decided that the 9 holer’s should be mixed in with the handicap players to make up a four and they would drop off after 9 holes.  It was a very successful day and enjoyed by all.  First was Denise Hunt with 37 points, 2nd Margaret Ranger 36, 3rd Florence Jellard 35 on count back from Cheryl Jones, Heather Howard 33 and Rachel Young 32. Joy Aitchison had a two on the 8th. 

The 9 holer’s winner was Dulcie McLean 16 points, 2nd Elizabeth Howland 10 and 3rd Cecily Duxfield 9. 

Thursdays Vets day saw a smaller than usual field, as there had been a Mid-week tournament played on the course the day before. The best in the men's scramble was Ross Jellard 41 points, Tony Fitzherbert 38 and Stu Kensington 35.  In the Ladies, Heather Howard had 38 and Cheryl Jones 35.

 Coming up …
We have round 2 of the Lithgow and the first round of the flight on Saturday.  Tirau has their mid winter Xmas tournament on Sunday, and it would be good for as many as can make it to support their tournament … Good golfing from Captain Ding!

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