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Article :: 2005.09.22 - Wooden Spoon Report

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Wooden Spoon Day Report - Waitomo Thursday 22 2005
Thirty were scheduled to travel and 29 made it to Waitomo Golf Club for tee off at 10 o’clock.

No one that travelled in the mini van got into trouble because the mini van did not travel this time!! 

Waitomo was in great order and Tony Muller’s 41 points was the round of the day.  Partnered with Captain Ding, however, they did not win the beer, [it WAS Captain Ding's fault - useless bugga!]  Tony was the only prize winner in the group but ended up losing to two 34 point hauls by Neville Dugan and John Mulholland.  Such is golf! 

Captain Ding heard of a couple of water episodes with the water on number 2 and the little short par 3 6th.  Wooden Spoon holder Les O’Leary managed to find both lakes, while Burns, his sharemilker (dobbing Les in) found the lake on number 2 as well.  I suspect Burns might need a new sharemilking job next year!!  

Any rumours of Captain Ding losing his way in the Clubrooms are highly fabricated.  Although he did find it unusual that there were make up tables and no urinal in the "men's".  Thanks to Donald, who pointed him in the right direction! 

The winner of the spoon was Wayne Mudford with an inglorious 23 points.  When asked what went wrong, Wayne simply replied “everything!!” (say no more, we all know those days).  Current spoon holder, Les O’Leary was second to last with 26, and was so eternally grateful to pass the spoon on.   Les was a dead sitter with the other 26 pointer, Mark Cross.  Les had lost on count back even!! 

Captain Ding is proud to report that his 29 points (6th from the bottom), was good enough to beat David Hoyte’s 28 points. 

Full results – Tony Muller (41), Lance Hay (40), Ross Jellard (39), J R Wood (38), Chris Bates (37), Keith Hunt and Ian Worth (36), Peter Donaldson, Dieter Drescher, Tony Fitzherbert, Tony Edgar (35), Terry Garnett, Lindsay Siegel, John Mulholland, Neville Dugan, Andrew Sadler (all 34), Paul Graham (33), Maurice Tricker and Tali Mulafia (32), Ron Hunt, Hooky Howard and Steve Emile (31), Don Riley (30), Captain Ding and Ron Hunt (29), David Hoyte (28), Mark Cross and Les O’Leary (26) and Wayne Mudford (23). 

It was another good muster with only a couple of showers dampening down thing during the early part of the round.  The hospitality was grand, and Captain Ding enjoyed the quiet solitude of a gentle drive there and back through the back roads to Otorohanga in the little red car!!

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