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Article :: 2005.10.05 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 5 October 2005. 

Men's Report
Conspiracy theory, that was how Mother Nature sabotaged the semi finals on Saturday, and forced the postponement of Sundays Pritchard Cup until closing day. 

Now, I have to say I did not play on Saturday, but the scoring could not ALL be blamed on the conditions, could it?  Maybe weíll put it down to the pressure of semi finals golf, for those that had matches, but as for the rest of you that didnít Ö sad bro!! 

The men's finalists have been sorted, the cream is rising to the top, and there is a delicious anticipation at the prospect of these match upís.  Contesting the seniors will be last years winner Mike Karl and contender Rhys Burnett; in the intermediates Terry Garnett will play last years intermediate champ Ross Jellard; in the juniors last years junior champ Barry Wallace plays giant killer Lindsay Siegel; and in the Junior Bís Neville Dugan will play Peter Smith.  Does anyone know what Kooz fodder is? 

Now the results from Saturdays Pork n Bacon tournament, first was Ross Jellard nett 71 on count back from John Wood.  In the stableford, Ted Ward was first with 37, 2nd Ron Taylor and 3rd Rhys Burnett 36, and Hooky Howard 34.  In division 2, Neville Dugan took out the nett with 71, runner up Mark Cross 73.  The stableford winner was Wayne Mudford with a non wooden spoon score of 37, 2nd Barry Wallace 33, and charity prizes to Paul Graham, Brad Karl and Roger Clothier on 32.  Alison Riley won the ladies with 83.  Rhys Burnett and Roger Clothier had the only 2ís on the 10th and 8th respectively. 

Tee times will start from 9.00AM on Saturday. 

Ladies & Vets Report
Tuesday saw some cliff-hanger quarter final matches in the club champs.  In  Bronze 1 Florence Jellard had a comfortable win over Marie Way, Cheryl Jones and Anne Kensington went to the 20th with Cheryl coming out the victor, Alison Riley beat Jenny Smith, the latter playing extremely well, playing under her handicap and Rachel Young taking Joy Aitchison to the 18th to win the match.  In the Bronze 2 group, Brenda Buckeridge had a win over our wonderful toiler Camille McAlister, Jeanette Burton beat Bev Macartney, Raewyn Hoole won by default from Maureen Shanly and Neroli Fisher beat Margaret Karl. 

In the 9 hole group Dulcie McLean beat Wanda Lyon, Gillian Robbins and Elizabeth Howland went to the 19th with Gillian the eventual winner, Joy McDonnell had a win over Ethne Dodd and Lynette Bennett beat Mairi Edmonds. 

Tuesdays scramble results saw Judy Grey with 40 points, Jenny Smith and Elayne O'Leary 39, Margaret Ranger 38, Raewyn Hoole 37 and Florence Jellard 36.  Elizabeth Howland and Cecily Duxfield had 21 each in the holer's scramble. 

Vets day saw 38 take to the fairways on a wonderful spring day and an opportunity to hopefully get rid of all their bad shots before the next round of the champs.  John Smith and Hooky Howard would be very happy with their 40 points and both Stew Kensington and Ross Jellard 39.  In the ladies scramble Neroli Fisher had another good round with 40, Florence Jellard 36 and Cheryl Jones 35.

Coming up Ö
Saturday is the club champ finals day and the course will be closed, come along and support the players Ö Some parting thoughts from Captain Ding, did I mention Aliís score was nett?  I donít always pick on David Hoyte Ö I do think Holdenís will win Bathurst again this year Ö Yes, Putaruru did win the Prebble Cup, and finally Ö Good golfing and good luck from Captain Ding!

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