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Article :: 2005.10.19 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 19 October 2005. 

Shootout Report
On Saturday, spring was in the air, romance wasn’t!  It was shoot out time, a title worth having which commands more than a little interest from the local punters.  Last year we served hot mince pies, it was that cold!!  This year we served liquid refreshments, along with hot mince pies, not because it was cold, but because it was such a nice day. 

18 gladiatorial men had risen from the east to contest the men's shootout.  2 would drop off on each hole leaving the final 2 to duke it out on the 9th.  The Ladies started with 10, one dropping off per hole. 

The pressure is so intense that on the first hole, 1 Ford driver sent 2 balls over the fence out of bounds, packed up and then caddied for someone else!  One of the petrol station magnates had more putts than hits with all the other clubs in his bag combined, and was ejected after the 3rd hole. 

On the 4th hole controversy simmered as Maurice Tricker’s ball ran into Dieter Drescher’s ball on the green.  The sheriff understood Maurice’s ball was on the green, other spectators thought it was just off.  Luckily both players concerned dropped off, and no penalties had to be called!

And what about the 5th hole, 4 men did not make the ladies tee!  Captain Ding will take responsibility for the first one, opening the squeaky chilly bin right at the top of Ian Worth’s back swing, sending Ian’s ball skittering, but awkwardly short of ladies … the roar from the galleries did little to help.  The next 3 to tee off, Paul Graham, favourite Ross Jellard and finally John Bryant all came up short as well.  Pressure is very scary to the golfer.  Anyway, Paul Graham and Stephen Thorby dropped off that hole. 

I only have one snippet on the ladies; Anne Kensington was not playing the 7th that well, so she was all set to drop off.  However, one of the other ladies picked up their ball on the green not having holed out, this meant that Anne carried on and the other lady had to go.  Anne went on to win ladies shoot out from Joy Aitchison who came second. 

The final 2 in the men were Ian Worth and John Wood.  John played like a champ taking a solid par which Ian couldn’t match. 

A great day, a lot of fun, some controversy, and a bit to talk about for the next couple of weeks … you cant ask for more that that! 

This started last Thursday with a wash out!  A few brave souls came out and played several times at the 19th, while 4 actually made it to the course.  This week is an Ambrose night, where teams of four hit off, take the best ball position, and then everyone plays from that spot, so on and so forth.  $5 entry, everyone can come out, and we’ll make sure everyone gets put into a team.   

Vets Report
With the odd shower threatening, 21 players joined in a scramble and got in without getting wet.  There were only 7 ladies as most had been away on a very successful 3 day bus trip to New Plymouth arriving back the night before.  Denise Hunt had 37 points, Heather Howard 35 and Florence Jellard 33.  In the men’s scramble Dieter Drescher and Roger Clothier both had

39 with Tony Fitzherbert and Gary Urbahn 38.  

Coming up …
Tomorrow is the $10 Putaruru Super Liquor Midweek and Twilight starting from 4.00PM.  Labour Weekend will host a $5 scramble on Saturday and Monday  …  Good golfing and good luck from Captain Ding!

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