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Article :: 2006.06.07 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 7 June 2006.

Men's Report
Firstly this report is being done early so Captain Ding can play golf on Queens Birthday.

While Putaruru was wining the Prebble Cup at Paeroa, the Championship Pennants team played their last round match at Te Awamutu on Sunday 28 May against Te Aroha.  Putaruru needed a solid win over Te Aroha, plus Tahuna to lose their match in order for Putaruru to make the final, and possibly go up to division 3.  To cut a long story short, we missed the final by one point.  The finalists are Te Awamutu who will play Tahuna on June 11.  As you can see Tahuna may have lost the Prebble Cup, but their pennant team caused some angst on Sunday by not losing!

The team needed Tali Mulafia and John Anderson to fill in for Murray & Butch Hamilton at 5 and 6.  Both players won their singles match, and ably filled in for the team.  The weakest links appeared to be at 3 and 4 where Phil Kensington came from 3 up with 4 to go, to rip a half from the jaws of a certain victory.  Greg Worth was out gunned at number 3, while both Rhys Burnett and Mike Karl had to come from behind in the closing stages of their matches to secure wins.  The new boy Greg Worth has been a solid addition to the team, and Putaruru looks set to try hard again next year to go up.  The recall of John Anderson certainly added some solidity to the team.

On Monday the 29th of May the Vets Pennant team travelled to Morrinsville to play the final of the vet’s pennant.  Having qualified obscenely ahead of the field by some 50 plus strokes it all came crashing down as everyone started from a clean sheet for the final.  Putaruru came second by 7 measly shots.  It is fair to say the team struggled, especially as 3 of the players had to come from Prebble Cup play and the aftermath of the celebrations to play the next day.  The winning team was Tirau, God bless their souls!  I just happen to understand that there was more than a little crowing over the South Waikato win.  And while we can’t win everything, why did it have to be close and vocal neighbours Tirau?!

Anyhow, well done Tirau, I look forward to hearing about every shot at your next midweek!

The ramifications for Putaruru however have been far reaching, cloistered behind hushed tones have been grumblings about who dragged the team back, and why we couldn’t show the same form that got us to the final … until next year maybe!

The Lithgow Trophy has a flight, see the notice board.  Captain Ding won the thing many moons ago, will he do it again.

Finally, a certain Qantas award winning journalist for the NZ Golf Magazine reported that “Tahuna Golf Club near Morrinsville was favoured to win the prestigious Prebble Cup for the first time in their history …”  Well let me put the record straight, we won comfortably against Tahuna although the winning margin of 6.5 to 5.5 may otherwise indicate.  Once we’d won, the remaining matches counted for nothing.  And we created history the year before by beating Tirau for the first time in our club’s history!

Coming up …
Thursday is Vets day.  The Lithgow matches resume this Saturday along with the Firestone Pork n Bacon $10 tournament, monthly medal Captains Trophy and shootout … Good luck and good golfing!

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