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Article :: 2006.06.14 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 14 June 2006.

Men's Report
The quarter finals of the Lithgow Trophy were played on the weekend along with the Firestone Open mini tournament.  A small field of 34 weathered the day.  Winning the monthly medal and division 2 with a dazzling 63 nett was Tony Edgar.

Winning the ladies nett was Cheryl Jones 73, and the stableford Alison Riley 35.  The nett winner of division 1 was Ron Taylor 67, runner up John Wood 69.  The stableford winner was Mike Karl 40, Hooky Howard and Captain Ding 39, and John Mulholland and Steve Thorby 37.  The nett runner up in division 2 was Les O’Leary 72, stableford winner Dieter Drescher 41, Ted Ward and Robbie Wi 36 and Garry Campbell 35.

The Lithgow match results went to seeding with Ron Taylor handing out a can of whoopass to Captain Ding winning 2 up; Dieter Drescher minced a hapless Paul Graham 3/2 and Eric Hill won by default against Stew Kensington in a gripping, tension filled non event!  The hard luck story has to be Steve Thorby’s loss to Vic O’Rourke on the 20th; Steve had 37 points to Vic’s 34, got a prize for his effort, but still lost the match.  Captain Ding was bemused by that outcome.

In the flight, 2 matches were played with Tony Edgar winning over Ted Ward in a lop sided result 7/6, while Roger Clothier goes through to the semi’s winning over Ross Jellard who conceded the match on the first tee.  They played it anyway for fun, Roger lost it 5/4 and had to put up with the after match banter from Rosco.

The Lithgow semi finals in the main draw have Ron Taylor playing Dieter Drescher and Vic O’Rourke playing Eric Hill.  In the flight, Tali Mulafia plays Tony Edgar while Roger Clothier meets Mark Lawrence.

The final act of Saturday was the hospitality of Putaruru Super Liquor who sponsored the hospitality on Saturday while the Prebble Cup win was celebrated … Thanks Super Liquor and YAY to us!!

Ladies Report
The Ladies had another good turnout on Tuesday.  Rachel Young won the monthly medal for June with a nett 69, Cheryl Jones won division 1 putting with 27 putts and Jeanette Burton took out division 2 putting with 24.  The 9 Holers played a Tee to Green competition won by Lynette Bennett with 38, 2nd Mairi Edmonds 43 and 3rd Dulcie McLean 45.

Scramble results for the day were; Silver; Margaret Ranger 72, Denise Lindley 74 on a count back from Alison Riley.  Bronze 1 was won by Rachel Young 69, Cheryl Jones 70 and Florence Jellard 73.  Bronze 2 went to Jenny Clothier 70, Anne Kensington 74 and D Mills 75.  No 2’s were reported.

Coming Events; Friday is the Wills Cup at Tokoroa; Sunday is the Weekend Pennant and Tuesday is Round 2 of the Uden and Lithgow Trophies, and the 9 Holers play Nett 2.

The winner of the men’s scramble was Keith Hunt with 43 points, followed by Dieter Drescher 41 and John Smith 40.  The Ladies scramble went to Bev Macartney 35 from Cheryl Jones 34 on a count back from Norine McPherson.  Don Riley had the only 2 of the day.

Coming up …
Thursday is the Putaruru Super Liquor Midweek open and vets.  The Lithgow semi finals are this Saturday along with a $5 scramble and shootout … Good luck and good golfing!


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