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Article :: 2006.07.27 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 27 July 2006.

Men's Report
Exorcism is a powerful thing, particularly when dealing with the mischievous sprites of the wooden spoon.  On Thursday the Putaruru Super Liquor mid week tournament was played.  From zero to hero was spoon holder Wayne Mudford who scored an enigmatic nett 65 drawing from the mysterious and unpredictable force of Mother Golf.  The course weathered in excess of 40mm of rain on the day before, but was still quite playable as the scoring will attest.  And what about that pin placement on the 10th … what a beauty!  Captain Ding scored a par 3, while the placement slaughtered more than a few, par was a good score!

Florence Jellard won the ladies nett with 69, while Cheryl Jones won the stableford with a solid showing!

Ross Jellard won the division 1 nett with 68, runner up Butch Hamilton 71.  All the stableford winners hailed from Tirau, Bill Macky 37 on count back from Bruce Oxenham and Lauchie Phillips, and Allan Wallace 36.

In division 2 Wayne Mudford 65, runner up Eric Hill 70, stableford winner King Shanly 41, Doug Worth and Captain Ding 38, and Keith Hunt 37.  There were no two’s scored.

On Saturday, Richie Brown was crowned the Stratson Cup winner with a bogey score of +8, the runners up were Barry Wallace and Tali Mulafia on +7.

The Saturday course set up was a fore runner to the club champs with some thought provoking pin placements … not for the faint of heart, or the brash swash buckler, patience and cunning was a must!

The Saturday division 1 winner was Tali Mulafia +4, Ross Jellard, John Mulholland and Ken Manuel +3, Vic O’Rourke +2, and Maurice Tricker and Ron Taylor on +1.

In division 2, Eric Hill won on count back from Brian Curd on +3, Peter Smith and David Hoyte +1, and Brett Worth all square.

Again there were no two’s scored, what's going on here?!

The focus now shifts into the penultimate club competition for the year.  The stakes are up this year for the Presidents Trophy.  19 to 20 entries will see some pretty tough competition.  The pristine right to conquer, subjugate and vanquish lies ahead for the ultimate of bragging rights.  There will be a handful of matches played this weekend to cull the field down to the final 16 and then she’s all on …  To the sword, no quarter given, annihilate or be annihilated … good luck to all and sundry.

The draw will be up in the club rooms and on the club website, with those having a match this Saturday contacted during the week by Captain Ding.

Ladies Report
A field of 37 Ladies played the first round of both the Captains Trophy and the Eclectic on Tuesday, and the scoring was good with Margaret Ranger taking out Division 1 with 41 points on count back from Florence Jellard.  Anne Kensington came in third with 39 points on count back from Irene McIvor.  Division 2 went to Vere Hamilton with 38 points, Joan Spargo 35 and Maureen Shanly 31.

The 9 Holers played Stableford 4 which went to Dulcie McLean with 19 points from Lynette Bennett 18 and Cecily Duxfield 15.

The month ends with the 9 Hole Tournament, and the new month begins with the 3rd round of the Captain Trophy and eclectic.  The 9 Holers will play nett 4.

The men’s Thursday vets scramble was won by King Shanly with 41 points, from Ross Jellard 40 and Doug Worth 38.  The ladies division was won by Florence Jellard with 39 points from Denise Hunt 37 on a c/b from Bev Macartney.  The 9 Hole division was won by Lynette Bennett from Sue Urbahn.

Coming up …
Thursday is vets and Saturday sees the onslaught of the Presidents first round … Good luck and good golfing!


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