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Article :: 2006.08.03 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 3 August 2006.

Men's Report
Wow, where to start, so many scrumptious titbits to titillate the palette.  Ross Jellard played his 1000th game in the slope system, no mean feat considering this started in August of 2000.  For those who want the math done, that’s 6 years and roughly 167 games a year, almost a game every second day (sounds like heaven!!)  The scoring of the 999th and 1000th cards was not that flash but the celebrations were, by all accounts.  And we wont ever again talk about Mrs Jellard beating Hooky and Rosco off the stick after this for round number 999!

Right, to the Presidents Trophy, where a couple of the Titan favourites of the competition were unceremoniously dumped out by classy and supposed dastardly performances by a couple of evergreen pairings.  The first happened when Brian Curd and Dieter Drescher surrendered 4/3 to President Doug Worth and Captain Ding, who combined well for the first time ever to conquer this highly favoured pairing.  One of the enigmatic outcomes where 37 and 33 points took down 39 and 34 points.  Heads were being scratched at that outcome … who’d have ever thought!

But, that’s not the best bit … the club rooms were set a buzz when whispers of a total upset filtered in from off the 18th green.  Hooky Howard and Colin Emslie had done the unimaginable, in taking down the pairing of Stephen Thorby and Henry Van Dyk.  These 2 had succumbed to the deliberate, dogged, and determined defiance of one, Hooky Howard who completed an almost single handed 2/1 victory.  CC’s moral support proved pivotal to the outcome, and his 3 on the par 3 third proved the catalyst to unleash a torrent of scoring which kept unerring pressure on the opposition.

The loss of these two pairings has thrown the competition wide open with more than a little concern that these 2 teams may cause further turmoil and trouble as they soldier forward in the next round.  The other match winners were Ross Higginson and Eric Hill 2/1 up over Spotty McCarthy and Robbie Wi, and Tony Muller and Wayne Mudford 2 up over Gary Urbahn and Adam Sadler.

Hooky and CC now move onto Vic O’Rourke and Ron Taylor, who will no doubt, not want to attract the attention of Captain Ding’s literary aspirations, and Maurice Tricker and Tali Mulafia lie ahead of Captain Ding and Dougie.

The scramble results from Saturday saw Maurice Tricker 43 points, Ron Taylor and Hooky Howard 41, Ken Manuel 38, Paul Graham, Mike Karl and John Bryant 37.  Captain Ding had 37 also, but got nothing!  Eric Hill won division 2 with 41 on count back from Wayne Mudford, Dieter Dresher and Mark Lawrence 39, Sean Samkin 38, and Stew Kensington and Roger Clothier 36.  Two’s were scored by Mike Karl on the par 4 17th and K Chesterman on the 3rd.

Ladies Report
The ladies played the second round of the Captains Trophy and Eclectic in almost perfect conditions on Tuesday.  However although the sun was hot the scores were only tepid.  Winner of division 1 with 39 points was Joy Aitchison, from Irene McIvor 37 and Heather Howard 36.  Division 2 went to Daryl Mills with 38 on count back from B Macartney and Vere Hamilton 36.  The 9 Holers played hidden hole which was won by D McLean from Lynette Bennett and Cecily Duxfield.

Coming Up ... Next week is the 4th round of the Captains Trophy and Eclectic, while the 9 holers will play for the Putting Button.

Congratulations to Peter Rennie who celebrated his return to Vets day with a hole in 1 on the par three third.  That’s one way to say “I’m Back!”  He should have said it louder because Hooky Howard didn’t hear and went on to win the scramble from Peter on a count back, both with 41 points.  Rex Fisher was third with 40.  The Ladies Division was won by Alison Riley with 38, from Florence Jellard 36 on count back from Anne Kensington.

Coming up …
Thursday is vets and Saturday sees the second round of the Presidents … Good luck and good golfing!

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