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Article :: 2006.08.10 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 10 August 2006.

Men's Report
The Presidents Trophy competition is hotting up.  But as they say, there are dog ugly wins, as a ragged Terry Garnett and Neville Dugan showing fumbled a win over John Bryant and Roger Clothier 2/1.  And then there are dog ugly, wretched, ill-fated and hapless losses as Captain Ding, winner of division 1, and Doug Worth succumbed to a superlative exhibition of best ball golf by Tali Mulafia and Maurice Tricker to lose 1 down!

The second round of the Presidents had all the melodrama, as last weeks heroes were cruelly culled from the draw.  There were long drawn faces in the 19th that reflected better days … but not today, and then there were those relieved not to be taken to the Captain Ding sword of the mighty pen, Tali, Maurice, and Ron and Victor know what that’s all about!

Ron Taylor and Vic O’Rourke were very lucky to keep at bay a determined Hooky Howard and Colin Emslie, winning 2/1.  Butch and Murray Hamilton cruised through to a comfortable 4/3 victory over Tony Muller and Wayne Mudford.  John Mulholland and Ross Jellard had the biggest win 6/5 over new comers Brett Makene and Richie Brown, while Ted Ward and Chris Edsall had the toughest win, going to the 19th to win against Eric Hill and Ross Higginson.  King Shanly and Stew Kensington won 1 up over Brett Worth and Ken Manuel, and finally Phil Kensington and Sean Samkin had a 5/4 win over Ron Hunt and John Anderson.

Due to high levels of despondency and dejection, oh and work and other commitments, there will be no flight.

The division 1 scramble winner was Captain Ding nett 67, Ross Jellard 68, Tali Mulafia, Butch Hamilton, John Mulholland and Ron Taylor 70.  The division 2 and monthly medal winner was Ted Ward 66, Brett Makene 67, Richie Brown and Tommy Houston 71, and Hooky Howard 72.

Two’s were scored by Ross Jellard on the 3rd, John Bryant the 8th, and Phil Kensington on the 10th.

Now, last Thursday saw 8 wondering souls travel to St. Andrews in Hamilton on their monthly trip.  Ted Ward was charged with organisation, and kept the venue secret till the last.  The Mozart on the “wireless” on the trip over obviously worked for Neville Dugan, who scored the best with 41 points, but lost the match with partner Chris Edsall to Ted Ward and Eddie Brown.  Terry Garnett and Captain Ding had a famous, but hideous win over Henry Van Dyk and Lance Hay.  Ted’s match format of best stableford to decide each hole, but, if they are tied, then the partner’s stableford decided the hole, was quite refreshing.  Captain Ding is in charge of the next trip, most likely to Okoroire.

Ladies Report
The Ladies week began with the Edmeades Jewellers 9 Hole Tournament, the first to be held at this Club.

The weather was patchy and the course heavy but the 43 players, from 10 Clubs throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, enjoyed their day.  Sue Urbahn won the Marjorie’s voucher for the best nett for a local player.

Winner of the front nine nett was Sue Urbahn with 38 nett, r/up Debbie Briscoe (Walton) also 38.  Stableford winner was Vickey Lindsay (Hamilton) 17 points from Bev Rennie (Hamilton) 16.  Nearest the flag went to Bev Renwick (Hamilton).  Julie Wills of Te Puke had the longest putt, and Mary Ludwick played the most golf.

Winner of the back nine was Elizabeth Howland, nett 38, r/up Chris DeMeeuw (Hamilton) 42.  Stableford winner was Dulcie McLean 17 from Mary Thomas (Walton) 14.  Nearest the flag went to Cynthia Fielding from Taupo.  Longest Putt was Jan Moran, and the most golf went to Sue Askham from Western Bay.

The Ladies have had good fields this season and this continued on Tuesday when they played the third rounds of the Captains Trophy and eclectic competitions.  Division 1 was won by Heather Howard 39 points, from Alison Riley 37 on count back from Denise Hunt.  Division 2 went to Jeanette Burton 41 points from Bev Macartney 39 and Marie Way 38.

The 9 Holers played a nett competition which was taken out by Gillian Robbins 35, from Lynette Bennett 36, and Dulcie McLean 39.

Denise Hunt scored the only two of the day on the 10th.

Next Week is LGU; M/M and Putting Button, and the 9 holers will play “Total on Par 3s”
Thursday is the Ladies Open Tournament … See Brenda to enter.

Coming up …
Saturday sees the third round of the Presidents and the Firestone Pork and Bacon $10 Mini Tournament … Good luck and good golfing!

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