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Article :: 2006.08.17 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 17 August 2006.

Men's Report
Stalwarts of the championship pennants team were seen in scintillating form on Saturday in the 3rd round of the Presidents.  Murray Hamilton and Phil Kensington carded 73 & 74 respectively off inflated handicaps ensuring wins for their teams and semi-final berth’s for the next round of the Presidents.

Last week, Terry Garnett and Neville Dugan hung on with patchy form for, what was affectionately termed, a dog ugly win.  This week there was no where to hide from the marauding form of Murray and Butch Hamilton.  Murray’s 1 over the card 73 for a nett 64, ably assisted by partner Butch Hamilton’s 86 for a nett 76 (and 32 points) pillaged what little was left in the village vaults of the Garnett and Dugan combo for  a 3/2 win.  Messer’s Garnett and Dugan did however look resplendent, modelling the 2006 President Cup Winners polo shirts.  These were duly passed on to the victors at prize giving, and will continue to be passed on, ultimately to the 2006 winners.  Captain Ding has little doubt, that the wearing of these shirts proclaiming the 2006 winners, in no way placed more pressure on their play, their destiny had already been premeditated by the golfing God’s.

The other big match up was last week’s giant killers Tali Mulafia and Maurice Tricker playing Phil Kensington and Sean Samkin.  Tali and Maurice were coming off an upset victory over Captain Ding and Doug Worth last week, (well Dougie was probably the most upset!) and were highly fancied to win this weeks match.  However, new intermediate golfer Phil Kensington shot a 74 for the best nett of the day 63, and vanquished the pretenders in a 7/6 annihilation.  This came as a total surprise to Captain Ding, who never rated any of this foursome, but this may only be the bitter taste of stale sour grapes as a result of last weeks abject and desolate failure.  Captain Ding can also confirm that reports calling for a national inquiry into the handicapping system are frivolous and vexatious.

The other President results saw Ron Taylor and Vic O’Rourke get up over John Mulholland and Ross Jellard in a tasty 4/3 spanking, while Ted Ward and Chris Edsall hung on grimly to win 1 up over a tenacious, in form and still artful King Shanly and Stew Kensington challenge.

Saturday also saw the Firestone sponsored Pork n Bacon mini tournament.  The results had Phil Kensington win division 1 with a nett 63, runner up Spotty McCarthy 68.  The stableford winner was King Shanly 42, runner up Ron Taylor 39 and Ted Ward, Chris Edsall and Barry Wallace 38.

Hooky Howard won division 2 with a nett 65, runner up Les O’Leary 68.  The stableford winner was Andrew Sadler 42, Mark Lawrence 41, Brian Curd and Lance Hay 40 and Warwick Bennett 39.

Hooky Howard had clearly recovered from the fractious disaster of Thursday’s round in vets, where the “Girl’s,” Florence Jellard and Heather Howard were rumoured to have beaten the boy’s, Ross Jellard and Hooky Howard.  And more than that, Hooky in particular lost off the stick!  Well done girls!

Heather Howard won the ladies division with a nett 71, and Alison Riley won the stableford with … ahem … 35 points.

Two’s were scored by Tony Muller and Warwick Bennett on the 3rd, King Shanly on the 10th, and Ken Manuel and Phil Kensington on the 13th.

Ladies Report
The fourth round of the Captains Trophy was the competition of the day for the Ladies on Tuesday.  Division 1 was taken out by Irene McIvor with 39 points.  Florence Jellard was 2nd with 34 points on count back from Denise Hunt.  Division 2 went to Bev Macartney, also 36, from Jeanette Burton 34 and Jenny Clothier 29.  The 9 hole Ladies played a mystery event which was won by Sue Urbahn 15, from Cecily Duxfield 17 on count back from Lynette Bennett.  The only two of the day went to Denise Hunt on the third.

Next Week: The ladies will play Club Trophy Qualifying, and the 9 Holers will play “Jingles.”  Thursday (24th) is the Super Liquor Midweek and Friday is the Wills Cup final … Go Team!  And best of luck.

Vets Report
Winner of the Thursday Vets scramble was Gary Campbell 37, from Keith Hunt 36 and Butch Hamilton 35.

Irene McIvor took out the Ladies Division 42 on count back from Heather Howard, and Florence Jellard was third with 35 points.

Tony Muller scored a birdie 2 on the 10th hole.

Coming up …
This Thursday has a Ladies Tournament, which has no men’s division, so Vets men are off to Tokoroa for a 10.00AM start.  Saturday sees the semi finals of the Presidents … Good luck and good golfing!

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