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Article :: 2006.09.14 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 14 September 2006.

Men's Report
“Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth, with carrion men, groaning for burial.”  And so, the men's club champs have begun, Shakespeare wont be playing this year, but for the vanquished, and there were a few over the weekend, the sword came swiftly and brutally.

But hark; on Saturday let us herald our very own Butch Hamilton who scored an ace, that’s right, a hole in one on the 176 metre par 3 13th.  Captain Ding cannot comment on the club used, or the shape of the shot, but can only imagine the fantastic result of, what was most likely, an enigmatic and cataclysmic event!  Well Done Butch.

While on Sunday, 3 Putaruru boys voyaged yonder to Tokoroa to play in the Holden Scramble.  But that’s not the best bit, they won, yes, they cleaned up by a gnat’s whisker with a nett 56 by 0.17 from one of the local teams … Well done to Ken Manuel, Lance Hay and Ross Higginson who now go onto the regional final on Labour day.  Congratulations to Butch and the Holden Scramble winners!

Right, back to the club champs, the gargantuan wallopings were handed out by Wayne Mudford 8/7 over Ross Higginson, Tony Muller 6/5 over Brett Worth and Hooky Howard 6/5 over King Shanly.

More respectable was Barry Wallace 1 up over Paul Graham, Spotty McCarthy 3/2 over Ted Ward, Adam Sadler 3/1 over Peter Smith and Tommy Houston 2 up over Peter Rennie.  And by the skin of his teeth, Steve Thorby won on the 19th over Ren Wotton.

The results in the Firestone Mini Tournament had Ace Butch Hamilton the nett winner with 65, runner up Hooky Howard 68; gross winner John Mulholland 80 and stableford winner Mike Karl 40, Murray Hamilton, Ken Manuel and Ross Jellard 38.

In division 2 Stew Kensington won with nett 66, runner up Wayne Mudford 69; gross winner Mark Lawrence 86, and stableford winner Tony Muller 39, runner up on count back Tony Edgar, Neville Dugan 37 and Adam Sadler 34.

Adam Sadler and Ross Jellard scored the only two’s on the 10th and 3rd respectively.

Now, the wooden spooner’s headed to Arikikapakapa on Tuesday, with an air of expectation that some chopper might not make the cut, and bring the spoon closer to urban Putaruru.  All Captain Ding can allude to is that this person may be very cut up about the speculation, but is grateful for the concern.  A full account will be in next weeks report.  Check the web on Wednesday if you are really curious by George!

 The men now head into the first full round of the club champs, top seeds Mike Karl, Butch Hamilton, Brain Curd and Garry Campbell must surely be starting to feel the pressure of being the tall poppies and number one seeds in their divisions.  Or maybe not.  Some of the more interesting matches will be Captain Ding against Ross Jellard (go me!)  Butch Hamilton playing Barry Wallace, Steve Thorby trying to challenge Terry Garnett, Brian Curd keeping at bay Adam Sadler, and David Hoyte and Lindsay Siegel.  The full draws are at the club rooms and on the web.  Good luck to everyone, but especially Captain Ding!

Ladies Report
The Ladies turned out in force on Tuesday for the 1st round of the stroke play and matchplay qualifying for the champs.  The Silver went to Denise Hunt 88, just 1 shot clear of Irene McIvor 89 and Denise Lindley 94.  Bronze 1 went to Florence Jellard 95, from Joy Aitchison 97 and Judy Grey 100.

Norine McPherson took out Bronze 2 with 102, from Shirley Wood 105, and Brenda Buckeridge 107.  And in the 9 Hole Division went to Lynette Bennett 53, from Dulcie McLean 55 and Beryl Garnett 60.

Heather Howard scored the only two of the day on the 10th.

There were 26 starters playing in the field on Thursday.  The best of these was Gary Campbell 36, on count back from King Shanly and Stew Kensington.  The Ladies Division was won by world traveller Audrey Mathis 35, on count back from Irene McIvor with Irene Orr third on 33.

The only two of the day went to Ian Worth.

Coming up …
Thursday is the Vets; Saturday has the second round of the club champs; and on Sunday we have the Smythe Trophy interclub at Mangakino with Taupo, Tokoroa, Tirau and Mangakino … Good luck and good golfing!

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