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Article :: 2006.10.11 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 11 October 2006.

Men's Report
The club champ finals were played on Saturday in idyllic conditions.  The match of the day was the junior final where it finally ended on the 37th hole.  Mark Lawrence played Roger Clothier, Mark was 1 up after 9, all square after 18 and 1 down after 27.  Coming down Conrod straight, the players traded the lead several times to end 36 holes all square.  Neither player was keen to come all this way to lose, and they both played the first hole of sudden death superbly, however a marvellous iron shot played by Mark Lawrence for his second landed about 15 feet from the pin.  Roger was unable to get up and down to carry the match on, and so Mark was crowned the junior champ.

The senior final between Mike Karl and Rhys Burnett showed that you don’t have to be far off course to make the game hard for yourself.  In the morning round, Mike shot 68 to Rhys’s 74 and was 6 up after 18.  Rhys couldn’t buy a putt in the afternoon, and the match finished on the 28th, Mike winning 9/8.

The intermediate final saw the first 18 holes tightly contested with Terry Garnett 1 up over Richard Wharehoka before lunch.  Terry pulled away after lunch to be 4 up after 27 holes, and eventually win 5/4.

The epic final however turned out to be the Junior B’s, four and a half hours to play 12 holes saw Garry Campbell crowned the eventual champion over Colin Emslie, the game score 7/6.

The evening ended with a social, the 7 piece band “Affirmation” from Cambridge entertained fabulously, the supper was a quintessential gastric delight, and a great time was had by all!

The only downer for the weekend happened about 8 o’clock on Sunday when the 8 year drought was finally broken, and the blue oval crossed ahead of our beloved Holden’s.  For some reason, certain people seemed intent on making sure Captain Ding was aware of the result, and humbly, I thank them for their concern!

Ladies Report
The ladies champ finals were also played on Saturday.  The first off was the Bronze I final between defending champion Florence Jellard and Rachel Young.  After the opening volleys were fired, Florence Jellard was all business as she led 3 up after 9 holes.  Rachel got back to 1 down before consistent game play from Florence saw the lead increase to 4 up after 18 holes, 6 up after 27 holes and then the ultimate winning margin of 6/5.

The silver final was between Denise Hunt and Michelle Thorby.  This was a tight contest where Michelle took a 1 up lead after 9 holes, and then 2 up after 18 and 27 holes.  Denise could not reel in this advantage, eventually succumbing 4/3 to winner Michelle Thorby.

The Bronze II final was between Marie Way and Brenda Buckeridge.  There was never very much in the match over the first 18 holes where the lead was traded, Brenda 1 up after 9, and then the match all square after 18.  Brenda however gave away 3 of the first 4 holes in the afternoon to give Marie an unassailable lead, Marie the eventual winner 3/2.

Dulcie McLean played Lynette Bennett in the final of the 9 hole ladies, and won the final 3/2.

Coming up …
Thursday is Vets and this Saturday is the shoot out, ladies tee off at 11.00 while the men set off at high noon … The front 9 holes of the course will again be closed on Saturday from 10.45AM … Good luck and good golfing!

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