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Article :: 2006.11.02 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 2 November 2006.

Men's Report
Well, well, well, while the cat’s away the mice will play!  Acting Top Cat, Terry Garnett has Captain Ding’s thanks for taking over the reigns in his short absence.  And you know what, it was only a small teacup, but it would appear that the blusterous nature of the windy and vitriolic weather on Saturday was not confined to just outside the clubrooms or the golf course, we now hope Maggie has her dummy back safe and sound!

So, we start with Grayburn Ross Twilight, 49 players with a virtu for the fine and exquisite game we call golf, turned up in recreation for the night’s competition.  Top dog for the night was the inscrutable Chris Bates with 23 points on count back from Ian Worth and Richard Brown, Ken Manuel 22, Vic O’Rourke 21, Sean Samkin and Mark Lawrence 20.  Storming home in the non golfers was Allan McCarthy 23, Smiley Alexander, Marcus McGarrey, Matt Corrin and Paul Strange 22, Bill Strange and Tim McIvor 21.  Fern Taylor won the ladies with 20 points.

The Firestone sponsored first round of business house starts this Thursday in twilight.  Team entry is $60 per team, and of course there are still the individual scrambles playing regardless of whether you are in a team.  The new and well established BCC team will again endeavour to continue it’s dominance over the yet unnamed bucolic team from Waotu.

On Saturday the season was formally closed with the Pritchard Cup mixed ambrose event played and prize giving following afterward.  The winner of the Pritchard Cup was the team of John and Audrey Mathis, Norine McPherson and Tony Muller, a stunning nett 45.  The runner up was the “A” Team, Ron and Denise Hunt, John Anderson and Raewyn Hoole 47.25 and 3rd were Roger and Jenny Clothier, Don and Alison Riley 48.

First in the men's division were Chris Bates, Rhys Burnett and Mike and Brad Karl with, get this, 55 gross for 44 nett.  I hear whisper, that on the par 5 4th, putting for eagle, it wasn’t the senior club champ, or the senior runner up that holed out, it was the high handicapper Burns that bombed the putt!  Second was daylight, or rather Doug Worth, Mark Lawrence, Ken Manuel and Barry Wallace 49.75 and 3rd were Ross Jellard, Tommy Houston, Chris McKillop and Adam Sadler.

Now, what’s up at the New Zealand Golf Association?  They have whacked up national subs to $28.13 per member which is a whopping increase of 22% over last year.  2 years ago we were paying $18.35, so over 2 years the national sub has increased an astounding 53.3%.  Life members will now be levied by the association, we don’t get any money, but the association will get $14 per life member.  For the record, that’s an increase of a kagillion percent!

Juniors now have to pay a national sub, they didn’t before, but New Zealand Golf wants $14 out of their annual sub, currently for Putaruru it is $50.  Putaruru has some 36 juniors; we will pay over $500 to the association for juniors alone.  Multiply that out nationally with 13373 reported under 18 members, and that’s a $190000 windfall to the association from juniors alone.  Is this money specially earmarked to be invested in the future of junior golf in New Zealand?  I think not!

Are these increases a reflection of a financial shambles with our national association?  Was Michael Campbell on the money when he condemned the fiasco surrounding the New Zealand Open sponsorship muddle?  Last year the national association showed a loss on the 2005 NZ Open of $459100.  You start to see the picture?  The incompetence reflected in an appalling result for the 2005 year is now being financed by you and me, and the rest of the New Zealand golfing membership. 

Captain Ding is not happy.  Clubs like Putaruru will pay over $1600 more to the association.  We cant afford to absorb that sort of increase, so yes, the subs are likely to increase.  Golf in New Zealand has just got a lot more damned expensive.

We just started our membership drive, and this sort of high handed bureaucratic bull dust goes 100% in the opposite direction of encouraging new members.  And for what, what is the benefit to you and me?  I don’t have an answer, golf will still go on in Putaruru, and we’ll pay our wee bit.  But we will now look at the Rolls Royce of our national association being driven in a manner, that, if it were you or me, we’d be arrested, the car impounded, and the book would be thrown at us.

The opinions and the view’s expressed here are not those of the Putaruru Golf Club, they are Captain Dings, but these are very valid questions on what the hell is going on!  Ok, Captain Ding is off to find his dummy!

Ladies Report
Tuesday (24th) the ladies played nine holes and then completed the Connie Tulloch Pitch & Putt competition which was ably won by Lynette Bennett, one of our nine hole ladies.  She headed off some good competition from the 18 hole ladies to win.  Well done Lynette.  The A.G.M. followed at 1.30 p.m. which was well attended and the executive of Denise Hunt Captain, Cheryl Jones President and Rachel Young Secretary were returned.  We farewell Anne Kensington & Irene McIvor from the committee who have worked tirelessly for the Club over many years and we welcomed  three new members to the committee Maureen Shanly, Vere Hamilton and Jenny Clothier who will be our new tournament secretary.  The A.G.M. was followed by presentation of trophies for the year's competitions.

On Sunday 5th November the Putaruru Ladies will be hosting the Waikato Champion of Champions.
Everyone is welcome to come and view some good golfing - catering will be available.

Thursday last brought in some good scores - in the men first was Stew Kensington with 43 points, Ross Jellard 42 and Gary Urbahn on count back from Tony FitzHerbert with 40.  In the ladies Cheryl Jones came in first with 43, Bev Macartney with 39 and Norine McPherson with 38 points.

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets, Grayburn Ross Twilight and the first round of the Firestone Business House team’s challenge.  Saturday on course has the Ladies closed Christmas tournament … Good luck and good golfing!


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