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Article :: 2006.11.09 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 9 November 2006.

Men's Report
Captain Ding would normally start with some rapacious witticism, but this week has not been a normal week.  Firstly, on behalf of the Putaruru Golf Club, Captain Ding extends the golf clubs sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Lyn Duthie who collapsed on Saturday at the club, and passed away later that day.  Our thoughts are with them all in their time of loss.

OK, back to this week’s news, where we start with the serious business of the wooden spooner’s day in Te Awamutu last Tuesday.  The good was very good, where Hooky Howard won the day with 40 points on count back from Russell Burman and Tony Edgar, and David Hoyte had a meritorious 39 points, for, you guessed it, fourth.  The bad was the fact that Lindsay Siegel won the spoon with 26 points on count back, and stopped the spoon heading back to its normal residence somewhere in Waotu.  But the ugly were truly scandalously hideous in the fact of how Brian Curd, and more poignantly Paul Graham, dodged the bullet by not winning the spoon with 26 points each also.  You know what Captain Ding reckons; give the spoon to the spoon virgin in the case of a tie.  This time around the proud winner would have been Grippa … you know, it is fortunate Captain Ding is not Spoon Captain Ding!

From what Captain Dong Dong can gather, (christened this on Tuesday night by the 4th best golfer of the day,) even more foul  and despicable was the unrelenting jibes being taunted at the spoon holder by the two wooden spoon escapees and just a hint, apparently, from this christener as well.  To his credit, Lindsay bounced straight back on Thursday to earn 20 points for 9 holes, restoring his faith in his golfing prowess, winning a prize and taking it all in his consummate demeanour.  By all accounts and escapades, it was a good day.  Captain Dong Dong was disappointed not to be there to defend his good golfing honour by not winning the spoon yet again.

Grayburn Ross Twilight
What a brilliant night, a record 91 played which made for a hectic evening.  Fern Taylor won the ladies with 23 points, Jenny Clothier and Lorraine Smith 20.  Young Daly Makene headed the golfers section with 24, Brett Makene 23, Chris Bates and Mike Karl 22, Adam Sadler, Brian Curd, Terry Garnett, Murray Hamilton and Paul Olsen 21, Captain Ding, Ron Taylor and Lindsay Siegel 20.  In the non golfers section we had the years first spectacular scoring, alerting the handicapper to machete sized adjustments, shall we say, to handicaps!  Nick Foster scored 29 points, which for 9 holes was more than the spoon winning score for 18 holes.  Chance Brown had 26 (equalling the spoon day score,) Nick Robbin 24 and Jeff Mossong 22, Rick Davies, Bill Strange 21, Jude Brolly, Ian Nelson and Neville Humphries 20.

Firestone Business House
Also a record, we have 19 teams entered.  The first night front runners were the Philip Street Team and Team 87 on 62 points, on 61 were the MacDaddies and Stranglers and on 59 were the Midland Scaffies, Team Undecided and The Famous 5.

Twilight is setting up for the most hotly contested of competitions for this season.

The ladies report on the Closed Christmas Tournament on Saturday, and the Champion of Champions on Sunday are unavailable at the time of writing.  The closed Christmas tournament on Saturday was anticipating a field in excess of 100 for the day; I hear a whisper that Adam Sadler had a scorcher with a Ford beating score of nett 58, 50 stableford points!  On the Sunday in the Champion of Champions Denise Hunt shone in the silver division coming first, and Florence Jellard was runner up in the Bronze 1 section.  It was the ladies weekend, and the club has been done superbly proud by them.

Finally, a tribute to our green keeper and his merry band of helpers.  Ron Hunt, ably assisted by Keith Hunt and numerous volunteer helpers has done a spectacular job in presenting the course for Sunday.  Captain Ding played it on Thursday for twilight, and was bursting with pride at the condition of the course.  We really do have a wee gem of a golf course, with mostly fair challenges, and a great test of one’s golf skills.  It’s not a hard course, but its not that easy either, and when it is gift wrapped like it has been leading up to the Champion of Champions, what a pleasure and a privilege it is to play.

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets, Grayburn Ross Twilight and the second round of the Firestone Business House team’s challenge.  Saturday has the Firestone Pork n Bacon $10 mini tournament … Good luck and good golfing!


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