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Article :: 2006.11.23 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 23 November 2006.

Men's Report
The Tokoroa New World Open Tournament was a splashing success!  And yes, it is official, the drought this year, which we weren’t in the grip of, was broken early by the gentle precipitation experienced on Saturday.  There were no fish out for golf, but the 78 really odd golfers who turned up to play in the New World Tournament now have a better appreciation of the aquatic pressures experienced by a mullets bottom at 40 fathoms!  The tournament was reduced to 9 nine holes for the first time in it’s epic 3 year history, due to green’s awash with casual water, or lakes as it was in many instances!

One special highlight for the day though, was for Mike Karl, in the especially testing conditions, to equal his course record by shooting 61 for 18 holes, 11 under par.  Mike carried on notwithstanding that the tournament had been cut back to 9 holes, and funnily enough won the gross prize for division 1.

But I digress, firstly and seriously, thank you to Tokoroa New World for their generous sponsorship, and while the day was damp, the spirits of those that played certainly weren’t.  The prize table was spectacular and generous.  Secondly, to those of us that played, a big thank you, the day was still a success … once things warmed up and dried out!

The nett winners were Heather Howard, Vic O’Rourke and Shayne Hill, with runners up Shirley Buckley from Tokoroa, Tali Mulafia and Les O’Leary.

Louise Wallace and Stew Kensington won their respective division gross prizes with runners up Denise Hunt, Greg Worth and Steve Thorby.

The ladies stableford winner was Josie Loye, 2nd Gloria Osbourne and 3rd Brenda Buckeridge.  The division 1 stableford winner was Ron Taylor, 2nd Tony FitzHerbert and 3rd Warren Craig.  In division 2, first was David Hoyte, 2nd Tony Edgar and 3rd Eric Hill.

The only blight to end the day was the stark accusation of the larceny and theft!  Yes, someone was accused of purloining an exclusive pair of golf shoes.  While the police were not called in, it is a timely reminder that all golfers should take more responsibility for not leaving their valuables by the drinks machine for anyone to find and walk off with … And then certainly not to astringently assert the outright theft of the alleged items.  The investigation is now under control with the evidence in safe keeping awaiting forensic study, and the ultimate return to the aggrieved victim, on the appropriate payment of court costs!

OK, another highlight for the week was a hole in one scored by Lance Hay on the 142 metre 10th hole at Putaruru.  Lance used a golf club striking a regulation golf ball the required distance and direction to hole out, also reducing his putting average and improving his greens in regulation stat’s!

Finally, the AGM, originally diarised for Tuesday the 21st has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 5th.  Captain Ding is prepared to suggest that much ado, about so little, makes for an interesting night of world-wearying ennui.

Putaruru Super Liquor Mid Week
Just about slipping in under the radar was the mid week open tournament, held last Thursday.  Winning the nett prizes were Cheryl Jones 66, Lance Hay 67 and Don Riley 65, with runners up Audrey Mathis 72, Ross Jellard 71 and Stew Kensington 68.  The stableford winners were Florence Jellard 36, Hooky Howard 38 and C Munday 42, and runners up Louise Wallace 34, Tali Mulafia 36 and Kevin Knox 37.

Grayburn Ross Twilight
My life, my life for a fine night, but compared to the Saturday, this was simply tropical, what's with just a few drops!  We had 72 come out for the night.  Fern Taylor won the ladies with 21, Brenda Buckeridge 19 and Jenny Smith 18.  In the golfers division, Brett Makene fired a 38 for 26 points, Adam Sadler, Terry Garnett, Paul Olsen and Vance Carson had 24 points each; Jahrome Brown had 22, Mark Lawrence, Vic O’Rourke, Massey Rata and Ian Worth had 21’s.  David Gill won the non golfers with 25, Smiley Alexander 24, Ian Dixon, Peter Hills, Mark Nicholl and James Van Dyk 23, Tim McIvor, Ian Nelson, Paul Strange and Doug Ward 22.

Firestone Business House
Only one team was AWOL on the night, the Cows and Cats team afraid to get wet, which for pussy cats is understandable, but cow’s?!  The teams are starting to hit their straps, with the Stranglers gaining the maximum 63 points to win on count back from the Midland Scaffolders.  DOA twitched with diffident signs of life along with the Famous 5 on 62 points, and the Rum Brothers, Philip Street Team and PHD team had 61’s.

The one comment to make though, is the cacophonous racket yodelling from the DOA team bleating about beating the  Beaver Team, one would have thought it was Easter Monday, and someone had risen from the dead … there may be more to that than meets the eye!

Atop the leader board are the Stranglers on 18, Midland Scaffolders 12.5 and on 9.5 the Philip Street Team; on 7.5 are the Layers, Famous 5 and Go YT.

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets, Grayburn Ross Twilight and the fourth round of the Firestone Business House team’s challenge.  Saturday is a local scramble and the U2 concert … Good luck and good golfing!


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