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Article :: 2006.12.07 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 7 December 2006.

Grayburn Ross Twilight!
The Greek Gods have it in for Putaruru, why you ask?  You know it’s Thursday because of the weather, fine for the rest of the week, and then Apollo, the sun god takes his smoko, and by Zeus, that wretch threw all but the kitchen sink at us on Thursday … what a horrid end to spring!

We should spare a thought for the vets mini tournament played earlier in the day, or rather, attempted to be played.  They were blown away, saturated and sent packing from the course after 9 holes, although there were the really eager and poor unfortunates who got to play the full 18 holes.

But wait, there’s more, with rain threatening at any nano second, the twilight crew started to turn up, 60 in the end.  And then we witnessed the true callous nature of Zeus, or rather Mrs Zeus!  2 hours of clearing skies tempted everyone out, and then the heavens opened again for about half an hour at 5.45PM, you old cow mother nature!

You may have noticed the verbose blustering nature of this opening, well it was wet, and it was blowing like 40 male illegitimate ones!

To the results, well the golfers loved it; Spotty McCarthy was top dog with 23 points, Neville Dugan and Ron Taylor 22, Captain Ding, Vance Carson, Shayne Hill, David Hoyte and David O’Brien all on 21.  In the non golfers division, Ian Nelson won on count back from Bill Strange, both on 21, Ric Davies, David Gill, Daly Makene, Vaughan Richmond, Kyle Savage and Lindsay Strange all on 20.

A very good friend of he who has not done anything Worthie (sic) of a mention, scored 9 points in total for the night, on 4 holes like this, 3,3,0,1,0,0,0,0,2!  It can happen at the drop of a hat, such is the fickle finger of golf!

The top lady was Fern Taylor 22, Pania Paki 20 and Muriel Savage 18.

Firestone Business House
The Stranglers unusually had a week off this week, finishing out of the money.  First for the night were the MacDaddies on 62, Team Undecided and Go YT 61, D.O.A. 59, Team Beaver and the Midland Scaffolders 58.

The Stranglers still sit atop the leader board with 25.5, Go YT 19.5 and Midland Scaffolders 17.5.  The fourth placed team D.O.A. will come to a crashing halt this week, they just have too!

Men's Report
The Firestone Pork n Bacon mini tournament had 63 in the field, Ross Jellard and Hooky Howard beat Rosco’s brother and his mate in a nice friendly match and  Adam Sadler had a scintillating 62 nett … yowser!  And did I mention that Apollo was back on duty, although Zeus was blustering on in the background (loose translation, fine but windy!)

Winning the ladies division was Alison Riley 72 nett, stableford winner Florence Jellard 34, Audrey Mathis 33 and Jenny Clothier 32.  Division 1 winner was Ron Taylor 68 nett, stableford winner Eric Miskowicz 39, Greg Worth 38, Butch Hamilton 37, Maurice Tricker and Ian Worth 36 (4 times what he scored on Thursday!)  King Shanly, Allan Wallace, Ross Jellard and John Wood 35.

Winning division 2 was Adam Sadler 62 nett, stableford winner Duncan Gallagher 43, Shayne Hill 39, John Mathis 37, Stew Kensington 36, Dieter Drescher, Tony FitzHerbert and Tony Muller 35.

Eric Miskowicz and Adam Sadler had the only two’s on the 8th.

Finally, Captain Ding cannot report on the bloodletting at the AGM on Tuesday night  There are mixed views as to the level of controversy that will have wreaked havoc during the course of the evening and general business.  But I do know this, the club is in good heart, things are going well, if a little loosely from time to time, and there are a lot of volunteer’s in the background that do a heap of work and some that do just a little from time to time … all of it is very much appreciated and it shows how much we all care about this great club of ours!  Thank you to everyone!

Coming up …
Thursday evening is the Grayburn Ross Twilight and the sixth round of the Firestone Business House team’s challenge.  Saturday is Caleb Karl’s first birthday, and just a scramble … Good luck and good golfing!

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