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Article :: 2006.12.14 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 14 December 2006.

Men's Report
Last week was the week of lunacy, nothing to do with the moon, but where heading towards summer solstice, we try and cram everything into just one week, and all this before the fat red faced man arrives.  2 AGM’s, a night away watching a gay man, not Santa, play piano, Twilight, a wedding, not mine (oops, hey and Captain Ding is used to living dangerously,) and a Christmas function Captain Ding could not attend on Sunday, hey you can’t be everywhere.

And is it my imagination, or has Mrs Apollo kicked the old fella out of the house more often, seeing the sun more often signalling that summer may arrive eventually.

The golf club AGM came and went, nothing too untoward to report, and there will be a special general meeting early in the new year cause we just love more meetings.  This will resolve some minor housekeeping changes to the rules and will most likely happen on opening day so that we don’t have to go out for just a 10 minute meeting on a Tuesday night.  We have contacted solicitors, the Companies’ Office and confirmed the rules, so now this should be a formality; it really should, shouldn’t it?

Talking of red faces, (from the sun, not the hospitality,) and we’re not talking about Santa, the Wealleans and Hayward Groundspread Christmas tournament was played in resplendent conditions, and boy do they do a great job with their sponsorship.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

The nett winners were Joy Aitchison, John Wood and Tony Muller; nett runners up were Margaret Ranger, Ted Ward and Eric Hill.  The gross winners were Louise Wallace, Mike Karl and Warren Craig.  And the first three stableford winners were:- Ladies; Bev Macartney, Irene McIvor and Alison Riley; Division 1; Greg Worth, Hooky Howard and Tony FitzHerbert; Division 2; Tony Edgar, Ross Higginson and Shayne Hill.  The non golfer’s winners were Theo Brus, Paul Wallis and Ian Nelson.

The only piece of gossip not Worth mentioning really, is the air shot had by some rather unlucky person, a male, WaotuarIan (sic.) … but I say too much!

On Saturday, the wedding day and Caleb Karl’s 1st birthday, Ron Taylor won the scramble with 45 points, Adam Sadler 42, Ross Jellard 41, Butch Hamilton and Roger Clothier 40, John Mulholland, Maurice Tricker and Tali Mulafia 39, and Massey Rata, Hooky Howard and Spotty McCarthy 38.

Finally, on behalf of he who is now scratchy, stubbly, and for Sunday, 360 degree’s clean shaven, I would like to thank those who sponsored Ross Higginson for the Prostate Cancer fund raising, great cause, and thank you once again.  Also, try not to smile at Roscoe, but smile with him, (feel the beaver love!)  For the uninformed, Roscoe is a key member of Team Beaver in twilight.

Oh, and Captain Dings also looks forward to reporting on the Wooden Spoon break up round played on Tuesday (12th,) all the way from Sunny old Putaruru.  That is unless, of course, Captain Ding wins the spoon, in which case there will be silence, zilch, zero, not one iota!

Grayburn Ross Twilight!
Captain Ding was delighted to see Apollo back on deck on a Thursday, for a change, and cranky Mrs Zeus locked away in the kitchen for twilight.  Captain Ding was a tad jaded, returning from seeing a gay man play piano in Wellington.  Elton rocks and was well worth the effort of going down for the night.  Captain Ding is also delighted to say he is still straight, unaffected by the experience in that way!

Lorraine Smith won the ladies 20 points, Muriel Savage and Louise Wallace 19 and Brenda Buckeridge.  Mark Lawrence took out the golfers section with 23, Ron Taylor 22, Neville Dugan and Massey Rata 21, Vance Carson, Ross Higginson, Shayne Hill, Ricky Turner and Allan Wallace 20.

The winner of the non golfers was Nick Robben 24, Corey Luyton, Daly Makene, Tim McIvor and Paul Strange 22, Jude Brolly, Chance Brown, Ben Cross, Ric Davies, Peter Motion, Vaughan Richmond and Stan Wilson 21.

Did I mention it was fine, and that we had a staggering 78 in the field that paid and played?

We are heading towards the penultimate round this week.  Next week (21st) we will play twilight, and it will be Teams ambrose, everyone will be fitted into a team, and this will be followed by a quiet sedate prize giving.

Firestone Business House
Gang 87 were the bomb on Thursday with maximum points of 63, Midland Scaffolders 62, Team Undecided and Go YT 60, Team Beaver 59 and Famous 5 58.  It was pleasing to see Team Beaver out-play, out-manoeuvre, out-think, out-drive, out-chip and out-putt the D.O.A team.  The Beavers will concede nothing at this stage, and the bet covers this round and next years round, doesn’t it?

Coming up …
Thursday evening is the Grayburn Ross Twilight and the final round of the Firestone Business House team’s challenge, prize giving for the year will be the following Thursday (21st.) Saturday is the $10 Last Chance Pork n Bacon Mini Tournament … Good luck and good golfing!



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