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Article :: 2006.12.20 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 20 December 2006.

Men's Report
You take 39 golfers, one of which is the green keeper; add some alcohol, heat in the summer sun for four or so hours, and what do you get … just desserts and the wooden spoon for your efforts, or perhaps lack thereof!

As you may have deduced, it was the wooden spoon break up for the year, at home, with Putaruru in pristine order.  In high spirits, the happy golfers embarked on their journey of self discovery.  The 3 putt fines for the day added another $240 or so to the fine pool, which on our home course, we should know better!  The spoon winner, however, did not have a single three putt.

The suspense is killing me, who won the spoon?  But Captain Ding digresses; Tony Edgar tamed this course of ours with 43 points, Tony FitzHerbert 42, Barry Wallace and Chris Bates 41.  Captain Ding had 32.  Patron Doug Worth had 30; Nelson Pritchard, Wayne Mudford and Ken Gallagher were tied on 28.  And Ken Gallagher would have won the spoon on count back were it not for, God bless his soul, Ron Hunt on 26 points.

Everyone knows Ron is our green keeper and with all the insider knowledge this gentleman possesses, it was a sad reflection of one’s own golfing prowess, or lack thereof for the day.  I suspect a rat though, for although it was a fine day, Mrs Zeus was out gunning for Captain Ding, missed, got poor Ronnie and tragically, with all the drivers in the world, did not have the straight hitter in the bag.  Pure unadulterated pear shaped custard is all that was served to our dear Ron, but still no 3 putts, that’s good isn’t it?!

On the Saturday, it was the Firestone Last Chance Pork n Bacon tournament, with 18 visitors, and 55 in the field, and another splendid day was served on a platter.  Denise Donaldson won the ladies nett with 67, runner up Alison Riley 70.  The stableford winner was Maureen Shanly 40, Pam Millington 37, Kathryn Douglas and Sophie Pratt 33.

The division 1 nett winner was Douglas Millington 64, runner up Greg Worth 65.  Ron Taylor won the stableford with 43, Ross Jellard and Ken Manuel 41, Hooky Howard 40, Massey Rata and John Mulholland 39, David Pratt, Lance Hay and Butch Hamilton 37.

The division 2 nett winner was Gary Urbahn 64, runner up Don Riley 66.  Stableford winner Tony FitzHerbert 43, Brett Makene 41, Stew Kensington and Shayne Hill 40, Duncan Gallagher, Doug Worth, Brian Curd, Lance Douglas, Daly Makene and Neville Dugan 39.

Grayburn Ross Twilight!
The best ever weather for twilight was bestowed from on high on Thursday.  Jenny Clothier won the ladies on count back from Pania Paki and Jenny Smith, all 19.

Mark Lawrence won the golfers section with 23 on count back from Paul Olsen, Vance Carson and Vic O’Rourke, David Hoyte 22, Captain Ding, David O’Brien, Ron Taylor, and Ian Worth 21.

Young Daly Makene massacred the non golfers with 26, Nick Robben 25, Grant Brownhill 24, Ric Davies, Todd Dowd, Damien Jaques and Kyle Savage 23, Leon Duncan and Bill Strange 22.

Firestone Business House
Go YT, came from behind to win the spring round overall by a gnats foreskin, beating the Stranglers by 1 point on the last night.  Go YT finished on 30.5 points to the Stranglers 29.5, Midland Scaffolders 24.5 and the MacDaddies 22.0.

Coming up …
Thursday evening is the prize giving for the Grayburn Ross Twilight and the format will be teams ambrose.  Saturday is just a scramble.

This is the final column for 2006, so from Captain Ding and the Putaruru Golf Club, please accept our compliments of the season, and … Good luck and good golfing!


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