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Article :: 2007.01.24 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 24 January 2007.

Grayburn Ross Twilight
The second week of twilight saw 62 come out of the woodwork and grace the fairways on a resplendent summer’s evening.  The teams challenge starts this Thursday, sponsored by Firestone.  This is the one that counts, where the winner will be etched onto the Firestone Memorial Shield, to join the hallowed ranks of the Rum Brothers, Stranglers and MacDaddies, among others.

The scoring on Thursday was, ouch, scorching!  Brenda Buckeridge and Lorraine Smith shared top billing with 19 points each in the ladies.  The winner of the golfers was Mark Lawrence with 24, Ricky Turner and Captain Ding 23, Shayne Hill 21, Massey Rata and Steve Thorby 20.

David Bidois and Lindsay Strange both had 25 points to head the non golfers section, Paul Strange and Ian Nelson 23, Bill Strange 22, Ben Cross, Greg Burnett, Jahrome Brown and Daniel White all 21.

It Ward be remiss not to mention the shot of the evening not making the ladies tee on the very first hole, by none other than that Playschool favourite of the bear variety, Big Ted.  And you can all stop looking for Ball’s missing cellphone, it has been replaced.  And yes, Captain Ding stood on the 9th tee flat with the card, and finished with a big fat 8 on the par 5 to finish 3 over, and lose the beer to DOA, now that smarts in more ways than one!

The dirty deeds, petulant and disgracefully belligerent behaviour has already started within the team’s ranks, these rustics coming to town thinking they can act the same way as on the farm!  Captain Ding is so pleased he is not a farm dog that has to listen to the plaintiff bleating about handicaps and the like!  Anyhow, the preseason warm up matches between DOA and the Beavers has ended 1 all.  Now we enter the 7 week round robin to sort out the rightful pecking order!

Men’s Report
Saturday had a modest field of 36, but the scoring certainly reflects the beginnings of a hot summer patch.  New member Massey Rata topped division 1 with 44 points, Maurice Tricker 42, King Shanly 41, Ted Ward, Hooky Howard and Ian Worth 40.  In division 2, Daley Makene bolted in with 49, second was daylight followed by Tony Muller 41, Allan McCarthy, Duncan Gallagher and Rex Fisher 40 and Lindsay Siegel 39.

Two’s were scored by Ben Shanly and Allan McCarthy on the 3rd, John Anderson on the 8th and King Shanly on the 13th.

The men's calendar is now out in draft.  Some dates to note are the Super Liquor Open Tournament on the 17th of February, Championship pennants start on the 25th with our home match against Raglan.  The Putaruru Primary School has their fund raising tournament on he 11th of March, and the Fire Brigade Tournament this year is the 25th of March.  Finally the Van Dyk Classic will be on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of April.

Coming up …
Thursday evening is Grayburn Ross Twilight and round 1 of the Firestone Shield Challenge.  Saturday and Monday are $5 scrambles.  Saturday the 3rd of February is the last round of the Summer Cup, and Opening Day is the 10th of February … Good luck and good golfing!


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