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Article :: 2007.01.31 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 31 January 2007.

Men’s Report
Quiet observation by a gumshoe reporter has it’s reward.  For instance, we all know that the dairy payout causes concern from time to time, but in Waotu apparently, it is acceptable to buy raffle tickets from a wallet other than your own.  The wallet in question dropped from the pocket of the victim, we’ll name him “Rosco,” and was swooped upon by the perpetrator in a fashion reminiscent of the famed philanthropist of Dickens fame, “David” Uriah Heep!  Suffice it to say, this was all in jest, but sometimes you wonder.

And was it Worth it not to mention from 2 weeks ago, that another Waotu identity, to avoid embarrassment, we’ll call him “Ian”, started his twilight with not one, but two air shots on the first tee.

The gumshoe has his work cut out finding these wee gems.

And what you may ask does this have to do with the golf report?  Nothing, but if you have read this far, then it has served its purpose.

The anniversary weekend is a quiet affair at the club, but on a scorching day, the Saturday scramble saw Robbie Wi take out division 2 with 44 points, closely followed by Eric Hill 43, Steve Thorby and Graeme Ormsby 40, and Stew Kensington 38.  In division 1 the scoring was far less larcenous with Maurice Tricker 41 points, Ross Jellard and Terry Garnett 40, Butch Hamilton 39, and Allan Wallace 38.  A heap of two’s but not too many to mention, went to Eric Hill, David Hoyte, oh THAT “David,” Graeme Ormsby, Spotty McCarthy and Robbie Wi.

Did you realise that Charles Dickens based some of his characters on real life acquaintances, and sometimes got into trouble for this?

Grayburn Ross Twilight Zone
It is at times difficult to Foster good relationships with this sport, four at times you score 3 points, add it to 1 point, and then add your total together for 4 points for nine holes.  Tough night at the office you have to say, but this chap took it in good spirits in just a knick of time, so too speak.

Fern Taylor won the ladies with 23, Paania Paki 20 and Lorraine Smith 19.

In the golfers division, Terry Garnett and Spill Hill had 24, Steve Thorby, Ron Taylor and Robbie Wi 22, Mark Lawrence, Brett Makene and Spotty McCarthy 21.

And taking out the non golfers was Vaughan Richmond and Graeme Ormsby 24, Bill Strange 23, and Daniel White, Kyle Savage, Jeff Mossong and Peter Motion 22.

Funny story, it was reportedly reported in last week press that Bill Strange had 22 points, when in fact he did not even play that night, and worse still Captain Ding took the knife to the handicap, and Bill still came in with 23 points … some Strange goings on happen after dark at twilight, or is this the twilight zone!

The Firestone shield challenge saw Running Late 63 points take the early lead, followed by Rum Brothers, Undecided and Go YT on 62, Midland Scaffolders 61 and the Flintstones 60.  The Beavers take a 10 point lead in the grudge challenge over the DOA team, just in case anyone was wondering.

Coming up …
Thursday evening is Grayburn Ross Twilight and round 2 of the Firestone Shield Challenge.  Saturday is the final round of the Summer Cup and the Firestone Pork n Bacon $10 tournament.  Remember opening day is the 10th of February … Good luck and good golfing!


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