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Article :: 2007.02.08 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 8 February 2007.

Men’s Report
Captain Ding has returned from his hiatus, registering that, among other things, Roger Waters is a legend and that the Dark Side of the Moon has no light.  And it was eerie watching a three quarter moon while the band played on … so cool!  Wellington sevens was still a blast not withstanding the Kiwi’s bowing out early.  And lastly, commiserating with Hurricane supporters about their loss did not dull the pain of the Chiefs demise!

The Summer Cup was decided last Saturday with play of the third round.  With a bolt from the azure, Kyle Savage mauled a 46 point haul to top the men’s ladder and win the 2007 men's Summer Cup with a best 2 out of 3 round total of 83 points.  Gary Urbahn, Stew Kensington, Shayne Hill, Doug Worth and John Mulholland languished in his wake on a still creditable 80.

Heather Howard won the Ladies Summer Cup with a total of 73 points.
Firestone Mini Tournament
56 took to the field on Saturday, and were fleeced by the social committee, well not quite, but boy do they do a good job.  The raffle was sold out, and the winner of the briefcase cutlery set, which actually was a 2 tier set of cutlery, was Vic O’Rourke.  Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

Now to the golf.  The nett winners were Louise Wallace 67, King Shanly 65 and Kyle Savage 62.  The runners up were John Mathis 66 and Dieter Drescher 66. 

The ladies stableford winners were Maureen Shanly 41, Audrey Mathis and Jan McKenzie 34.  Butch Hamilton won division 1 with 42 points, Hooky Howard and Maurice Tricker 40, Merv Hancock, Murray Hamilton and Brad Karl 38, Craig Clothier 37 and Paul Graham and Allan Wallace 36.

The division 2 stableford winner was Rex Fisher on count back from Steve Thorby 42, Doug Worth 41, Graeme Ormsby, Shayne Hill, Stew Kensington and George Dixon 40, Tony Edgar and Peter Smith 39.

Two’s were scored by Maurice Tricker, Eric Hill, Murray Hamilton, Dieter Drescher, Hooky Howard, Louise Wallace, Tony Muller and Ross Jellard.  Worth a mention though, is that following Eric Hills two on the 3rd, he tees off the 4th, as you would expect, and promptly holes his tee shot on the second green which you would not expect!  Eric still went on to par the 4th!

Grayburn Ross Twilight Zone
76 in the field, and no Captain Ding or David Hoyte!  And no stories to tell, or confidences to betray!

Muriel Savage won the ladies on count back from Brenda Buckeridge and Fern Taylor, all on 21.  Mark Lawrence won the golfers division on count back from Spill Hill 23, Steve Thorby and Mike Karl 22, Wayne Mudford, Chris Bates and Terry Garnett 21.  For the last time Graeme Ormsby will win the non golfer’s division with 24 on count back from John McPherson, Roydon Weston 23, Kyle Savage, Vaughan Richmond and James Van Dyk 22.

The winning teams were the MacDaddies and Undecided on 63, and Rum Brothers and Running Late 62.

Firestone Shield Challenge
The big guns are hitting out early, but new comers Running Late and Undecided are tied for the lead on 11.5 points, Rum Brothers 9.5 and MacDaddies 7.5.  More importantly, the Beavers are still ahead of the DOA team on 2 points, by virtue of their team name starting with a “B!”

Coming up …
Thursday evening is Grayburn Ross Twilight and round 3 of the Firestone Shield Challenge.  Saturday is Opening Day with the play of the Lion Trophy mixed foursomes.  There will be a multi tee start with muster at 9.30 … Good luck and good golfing!


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