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Article :: 2007.03.29 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 29 March 2007.

Men's Report
Firstly, our condolences go to the family of Brian Bradshaw, who past away last week.  Poignantly we are playing the Cup competition that Brian donated.  On Saturday in the Bradshaw Cup matches, Ross Jellard won his match against Vic O’Rourke 2 up, while Massey Rata won against Dieter Drescher 2/1.  In the Bradshaw Cup flight, Ted Ward won against Eric Hill, and now plays Gary Urbahn who beat Hooky Howard.

Has anyone noticed the furniture materialising on the golf course and on the deck, it Ward be remiss of Captain Ding not to express the clubs gratitude for this fine effort, thanks to our own Ted who has been doing such a sterling job.  And what about the car park, isn’t that a great improvement thanks to Ken Gallagher, Brett Worth and Tony Muller.

The scramble on Saturday saw Richie Brown win division 1 with 45 points, Ted Ward 42, Mark Lawrence, Steve Thorby, Ross Jellard and Maurice Tricker 41.  Shayne Hill won division 2 with 46, Neville Dugan 44, Stew Kensington 43, Tony Muller 42, David Hoyte and Tony Edgar 39.

This next point is well worth a second thought.  Last week the course setup and pin placement was made significantly easier, and as a result the scoring was really hot to the extent that 42% of the field scored a nett 70 or better.  That’s nearly half or one out of two players, compare to 25% last week on the infamous “hard” course.

What does all this prove?  Simply that course set up can impact on the player’s handicap, and as a result, everyone that scored really well last week could have their handicap reduced by up to one shot on the basis of a round that was unfairly easy.  The impact of a lower handicap index means that our players are unfairly penalised when they go to other courses and find that they are less competitive.

In competitions like the Prebble Cup and Handicap Pennants, we cannot afford to send our players out like lambs to the slaughter with distorted and low handicaps.

Captain Ding can assure you that everyone has an opinion or several on the merits or otherwise of the course setup, but most of these experts comment solely from their own perspective, and not objectively.  Only a handful are honest enough to say they may have made a mistake in their judgement, or execution of a shot, the way they approached the hole set up, or they had a go, and missed and were penalised.

The hard course was our first attempt to provide a more testing challenge, and the approach will be modified until we get it right.  Once a month.  On the dot.

Now here’s a poser, is there such a thing as the right course set up?  We got a comment on the easy course setup I am Sadz to say, suggesting a couple of the pins were still quite testing and quite correct too.  If you get it wrong you can be penalised, or you can escape from jail, that is the greatness of this sport we play.

You will hear the professionals complain about the fairness of the great courses for the US Open and British Open where par becomes good scoring.  Professionals are golfers too, so they know how too whine, moan and complain along with the best of the amateurs!

My final comments are these, we don’t want it easy, but we don’t want it hard, we don’t want it different, but we don’t want it the same, and what everyone says, is they want it fair, in a game that involves luck, the bounce of the ball, and a myriad of other factors that have nothing to do with the course, or the set up.

The people who set up the course give it their best effort, and a lot of discussion and thought goes into this, so that we can all enjoy the game and the course.  I applaud the thought and effort, because its shows a passion amongst the membership, and the greens staff, that show the club is in good hands.

The Putaruru Fire Brigade held their annual tournament on Sunday with numbers down from 76 last year to 63 this year.  With the tournament being bought forward it was affected by a number of our locals being on representative duty, and conflicting with some other prestigious tournaments such as the Tahuna Classic.
Ladies Report
A good field of 43 players turned out for the LGU National Teams and Home Link competitions.  The results for the 0-18 handicap division; 1st Denise Hunt nett 68, 2nd Alison Riley 72, 3rd Florence Jellard 72.  Coronation Winner - Denise Hunt.

18.4 - 28.7 handicap division; 1st Elayne O’Leary nett 71, 2nd Judy Grey 73, 3rd Margaret Ranger 73.  28.8 - 40.4 handicap; 1st Bev Macartney nett 74, 2nd Joan Spargo 75, 3rd Margaret Karl 75.  Aotearoa Winner – Elayne O’Leary.

9 Hole results; 1st Lynette Bennett nett 36, 2nd Beryl Garnett 37, 3rd Lyn Usackis 37.

Two’s were scored by Denise Hunt on the 3rd and the 13th, Margaret Ranger on the 8th, Raewyn Hoole on the 3rd and Dulcie McLean on the 8th.

Over 70’s Winner was Bev Macartney with nett 74.

The National Team is Denise Hunt, Alison Riley, Florence Jellard, and Margaret Ranger, the reserve is Jenny Clothier.

Vets Report
A good field of 34 players turned out for the Veterans Scramble.  First in the men was John Mathis with 44 points, 2nd Peter Smith 40 and 3rd Stew Kensington 37.  The ladies winner was Irene McIvor 43, 2nd Florence Jellard 38 and 3rd Norine McPherson 38 on count back.


Coming up …
Thursday is Vets … Saturday is final in the Bradshaw Cup and the second round of the Radd Cup (on stableford).  We also have the Firestone Pork n Bacon $10 tournament.  On Sunday, the Prebble Cup team play Pirongia at The Narrows, while the Championship Pennants team play The Dunes at Raglan … Good luck and good golfing!

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