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Article :: 2007.04.26 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 26 April 2007.

Men’s Report
The course has been closed due to coring, and it is like someone has cut off one’s arm, taken money from your wallet or just left a nasty mess in your living room.  Members seem to be lost, aggrieved even that the course is closed!

Well, the annual coring is a big job, and it has to be done.  And half a dozen people have been flat stick working to get things back on line.  Starting on Wednesday afternoon did not help - it really should have started Monday morning to give the greens staff five work days continuous and uninterrupted to do the job properly.

And it is not any easier when man hours are poured into having to work on each green to remove some pretty big stones from the top soil, big stones that would wreck our brand new greens mower in a tick.

A big thank you to the volunteers who have helped with the coring work and to those who have helped cleared the rubbish from the area’s where the trees have been dropped.

Captain Ding and the great white Hunt-er think we should go back to coring at the beginning of March, and move the tournaments to suit, over and done with.  That way the course would be back in great shape for the Van Dyks Classic.

Those old timers of us have all too vivid memories of what can happen to greens when you get it wrong, and we all don’t want that.  Our greens have been corker for the last few years due in no part to the care taken by the green keeper, so a little disruption is OK in these books.

All said and done, the course has had some major work done over the last few weeks, and in just a few weeks we’ll be back in great shape, roll on Spring!

Championship Pennants
The Putaruru team had a win over bottom placed Tahuna, just as well too!  The round was played last Sunday at Stewart Alexander, where there was placing through the green, just like you see at the Masters … Not!

The team had an overall 5/4 result which will easily see Putaruru remain in division 4.

There may be a few that remember Captain Ding’s diatribe from a few years ago, referring to the course in terms of the bearded ruminant mammal of the genus Capra, and a mark or succession of marks left by something that has passed.  A rap over the knuckles was forth coming after Captain Ding expressed his personal and deeply held opinion.  In public office, you can think it, but not say it!

Well, apparently things have not progressed too far over the intervening years, maybe Captain Ding is too harsh, but this is just the belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof of the writer.

The Stewart team on Sunday were hammered by The Dunes, which has returned the Dunes to the top of the table in a tie with Te Aroha on 7 points.  Putaruru can even make the finals if the results go our way in the last 2 rounds, just like the Chiefs!

The team finished 2.5 points up after the foursomes with wins to Butch and Murray Hamilton, Mike Karl and Greg Worth and a half to Rhys Burnett and Brad Karl.  In the afternoon, singles wins went to Greg Worth and Murray Hamilton, and a half to Rhys Burnett following the good form of his stellar win last round.

TTT Trophy and Draw
The TTT draw has been completed, and the matches start this Saturday.  Captain Ding sees some pretty tough combinations this year.  The partners draw was done under Presidential supervision, while the Secretariat and executive officers looked on, Captain Ding can assure you that no known tampering was required.

Allan Wallace and Tommy Houston play Hooky Howard and Tony Muller; Massey Rata and Dieter Drescher play Maurice Tricker and Neville Dugan; Ross Jellard and Sean Samkin play Spotty McCarthy and Neil Sinclair; Terry Garnett and Ross Higginson play Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher; John Mulholland and Steve Thorby play Adam Sadler and David Hoyte; Stew Kensington and Brett Worth play Eric Hill and Tony Edgar; Ted Ward and Allan McCarthy play Brian Curd and John McPherson; King Shanly and Doug Worth play Ron Taylor and Roger Clothier.

Ladies Report
There was a smaller field for Tuesday’s ladies day (17th), most likely due to Wednesday’s tournament.

In the 18 hole stableford competition, first was Neroli Fisher on count back from Jenny Smith on 35, 3rd was Irene McIvor on count back from Cheryl Jones on 33.

In the 9 hole competition third round Sue Bunt, first was Gillian Robbins with 37 nett, 2nd Lynette Bennett 38 and 3rd Dulcie McLean 46.

On Wednesday (18th) the Ladies held their annual Pairs Tournament (18 holes stableford competition.)

The winners were Anne Kensington & Audrey Mathis with a combined stableford of 70, 2nd Irene Orr & Bev Macartney on count back from Irene McIvor & Neroli Fisher on 69.

The nearest the pins – on the 10th Jenny Kelsen and the 8th Judy Osborne (Walton.)

Two’s were scored by Faye Parton (2 two’s from Te Puke) and Lynn Darroch.

There was a small field but a lovely day with the course in great condition and over $100 was raised for Breast Cancer on our Haggle Hole.

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets … and Saturday is the 3rd round of the Radd Cup, 1st round of the TTT, monthly medal, Captains Trophy and shootout … Good luck and good golfing!

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