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Article :: 2007.05.03 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 3 May 2007.

Prebble Cup
Putaruru have been ousted from this year’s competition, ending the 2007 campaign in a fashion that was made all the more galling by the closeness of the end result!

Putaruru played Kawhia at Cambridge, and we did everything but win - where is a kitchen sink when you need to throw one?!

In the closest of finishing margins, Kawhia won 6.5 to 5.5.  The turning point in the match happened in the morning when Putaruru finished 3-1 down in the foursomes, a lead too much to claw back in the afternoon.

Retributions and recriminations were quick to follow as the stunned team turned introspective; pausing on missed opportunities, accusations of handicap fixing, and a possible instance of cheating that wasn’t called on the opposition.

But none of that changes the result, and that is golf to a tee.  Putaruru fielded a strong team that was not good enough on the day… good luck to Kawhia for the rest of their campaign.

What a mighty effort though from Putaruru, well done to the team of Sean Samkin, Barry Wallace, Ted Ward, Brian Curd, Ross Jellard, Terry Garnett, John Mulholland, Massey Rata, and for the earlier rounds Maurice Tricker.

The Putaruru Golf Club has enjoyed a grand fun filled and stressful period as we have plotted, schemed and manoeuvred over the last 3 years.  3 great campaigns, 2 great victories, and then the inevitable!

And to Captain Ding, the only club captain in the history of the Putaruru Golf Club to win, defend, and LOSE the Prebble Cup.

This result will be as bad as losing this year’s World Cup, cricket or rugby, it does not matter, heads are on the chopping block from the selectors to higher up.  This scandalous result leaves an odious stench which must be atoned for.  Thankfully though, the head coach is still around at the time of writing of this article.

A full board of enquiry will surely follow, and this inglorious end to a stellar tenure as holders of the highly esteemed Prebble Cup will be thrashed, nay, debated for many ale’s to come!  More on this issue will surely follow, Captain Ding, if he is still around will keep you posted!

Men's Report
All is well at the golf club; we have our course back after coring, much to the delight of the membership.  The last of the greens were bought on-line late Friday afternoon.

But did anyone think to tell the Saturday fraternal that the scoring should have been ordinary, on freshly cored greens that introduced an element of luck to the art of putting and chipping.

Captain Ding surprised everyone, including himself, with a spectacular 81 off the stick, out in 38, which included a triple bogey 6 on the 8th, and home for a total 43 points and a nett 65.  Alas, this was still only good enough for 2nd place … Brian Curd, bless his soul, shot 77 for a nett 60!

The monthly medal winner for April was Brian Curd with his nett 60.  The winner of the Radd Cup was Shayne Hill with a 2 round total of 90 stableford points.

The division 1 winner from Saturday’s scramble was Brian Curd nett 60, Captain Ding 65, Lance Hay 66, Tony FitzHerbert 68, Allan Wallace 70 and Ross Jellard 71.

The division 2 winner was Shayne Hill 64, Kyle Savage 67, Allan McCarthy 67, Robbie Wi 70, Dieter Drescher 72 and Roger Clothier 72.

Championship Pennants
The good news is that Putaruru are safe for another year in division 4, the bad news is that the team lost to Morrinsville on Sunday playing at Ngaruawahia.  The foursomes ended all square with 1.5 points each, a win to Mike Karl and Greg Worth, and a half to Butch and Murray Hamilton.  Then things went pair, peer, pare, sorry pear shaped!  Mike Karl and Rhys Burnett enjoyed the length of the course to post the only singles wins.  A Worthy mention has to go to Greg Worth who saw a 2 up lead with 3 holes to go, turn into a loss as Greg’s watched his opposition buffoon his way to a 3 birdie finish, and 3 easy birdies at that.  C'est La Vie!

TTT Results
For the record, Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher had their opposition dormie down after the 11th hole, but rumours and whispers of a big choke, seeing the match desperately only end on the 15th are well and truly unfounded!  It was deemed important by Ding and Co. to leave their opposition of Terry Garnett and Ross Higginson some semblance of respectability, after all, we did not want to see further damage to the fairways by having a couple of bottom lips dragging all the way home from the back of the course.

Other results saw Allan Wallace and Tommy Houston beat Hooky Howard and Tony Muller, Maurice Tricker and Neville Dugan win over Massey Rata and Dieter Drescher, and Ross Jellard and Sean Samkin unexpectedly win against Spotty McCarthy and Neil Sinclair.

It took Adam Sadler and David Hoyte 21 holes to deal to their opposition of John Mulholland and Steve Thorby, Eric Hill and Tony Edgar beat Stew Kensington and Brett Worth, Brian Curd and John McPherson go through ahead of Ted Ward and Allan McCarthy, while Ron Taylor and Roger Clothier beat King Shanly and Doug Worth.

TTT Draw
The second round of the TTT sees Allan Wallace and Tommy Houston play Maurice Tricker and Neville Dugan; Ross Jellard and Sean Samkin play Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher; Adam Sadler and David Hoyte play Eric Hill and Tony Edgar; Brian Curd and John McPherson play Ron Taylor and Roger Clothier.


Coming up …
Thursday has Vets … and Saturday has the Firestone Pork n Bacon tournament, 2nd round of the TTT, monthly medal, Captains Trophy and shootout … Good luck and good golfing!

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