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Article :: 2007.05.10 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 10 May 2007.

Men's Report
Where to start, where to start?  It’s a toss up between Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher’s gargantuan upset win over Ross Jellard and Sean Samkin in the TTT or Massey Rata’s 71 gross for a nett 61 on Saturday.

Also simmering away are the growing allegations and evidence of cheating in the Prebble Cup match against Kawhia.

Objectively, we’ll start with Massey Rata’s round, which by the way, was not good enough to win the beer in his group, Massey and Rex Fisher were out hustled by Dieter Drescher and Mark Lawrence. 

Birdies came to Massey on the 1st and 10th, 2 under, then 2 bogies on the 14th and 15th were followed by a birdie on the 16th and the round ended one under.  Massey had to contend with greens which were not any easier recovering from coring, and there was the added difficulty of dew on them all day.  Just another day at the office however for the big easy!

Who was it that said “never let the truth get in the way of a good story?”  Ah yes, it was in “The Great Gilbert and Sullivan” 1953 movie.

 That leads us nicely to the giant killing epic.  Prebble Cup stalwart and rookie respectively, Ross Jellard and Sean Samkin were the favourites to win, no question.  More hope was held for the Red’s beating the Bulls than the unthinkable happening.

Quips about burglars resounded, but losing to Captain Ding would be like losing to a three legged lobotomised Hyena!  And recognising this, the fretfulness was weighing heavy on the first tee.  However, Captain Din and Duncan Gallagher astutely recognised this and turned it to their advantage.

Duncan Gallagher did the damage in the match while carrying Captain Dead Weight (the holiday pounds just don’t go away these days!)  Winning the 5th, 7th, 13th and crucially the 15th was Duncan’s contribution in a seesaw mêlée.  But then Captain Fantastic bombed a long range 4 or 5 foot par putt on the 16th to set the team 2 up with 2 to play.  The pressure was primordially palpable, as shots had to be made.  The match ended with the favourite’s rueing a missed birdie on 17, from off the green mind you, for an infamous loss to Captain Fluke and his side kick Duncan Gallagher.

The abridged version of this saga goes like this, they all played very well, it was a tight match that could have gone either way, full credit to the opposition, Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher won 2/1.

You may not have guessed, but there were 3 other TTT matches played in the quarter final round.

Allan Wallace and Tommy Houston toppled Maurice Tricker and Neville Dugan, Eric Hill and Tony Edgar downed Adam Sadler and David Hoyte, while on Thursday, Ron Taylor and Roger Clothier took out Brian Curd and John McPherson.

Cheating is a loathsome word at any time, but especially in this Royal and Ancient sport of golf.  This is a game where the integrity and game is played individually and is sacrosanct.  So it is disappointing when individuals from a club can do the despicable to blight their club, this noble sport and do themselves a disservice.  Both these individuals lost their matches, what with the guilt weighing heavy on their conscience, but their win at all costs attitude is villainously vile! 

What did they do?  …  Drop a ball while their other ball was in play, claiming it to be their original ball.  By way of explanation, they both had hit wayward shots, and could not find where their original ball had come to rest.  They are suppose to go back and replay the shot under a one stroke penalty, or forfeit the hole.

How do we know they cheated?  … because we have one of the balls they supposedly lost in our possession, after he had declared he had just found his “original” ball.  And the other chap, when he thought no one was looking went back to pick up his ball after it was pointed out to him … by the way it had careened off a tree back to the middle of the fairway … losers both of them!

To Putaruru’s credit, we have sagely held our tongues, but there is serious talk of a Waikare supporter’s bus from Putaruru going across to Morrinsville this Sunday, just to keep an eye on things!

Firestone Pork n Bacon
A great field of 44 including 6 ladies.  Cheryl Jones had the best nett of 71, while Heather Howard scored the best stableford of 37 points.

Massey Rata of course won the nett prize with his 71 nett 61, runner up Barry Wallace 67.  The stableford winner was Allan Wallace 43, Ross Jellard and Captain Ding 39, Max Russell, Lance Hay and Sean Samkin 38.

In division 2 Tony Edgar won the nett prize with 65, runner up Steve Thorby 69.  The stableford winner was Dieter Dresher 42, Mark Lawrence 40, Adam Sadler, Eivin Lynghaug and Rex Fisher 38 and Tony Muller 37.

Two’s were scored by Max Russell 8th, Massey Rata 10th, Allan Wallace 3rd and 13th and Butch Hamilton on the 3rd.

TTT Draw
The semi final draw of the TTT sees Allan Wallace and Tommy Houston play Captain Ding and Duncan Gallagher; Eric Hill and Tony Edgar play Ron Taylor and Roger Clothier.

Results of the vets scramble held last Thursday saw good shots from John Mathis with 39 points, 2nd Dieter Drescher 38, Ross Jellard 36.  In the Ladies – 1st Margaret Ranger 37, Norine McPherson 37 on count back from Florence Jellard.

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets … and Saturday has the TTT semi finals and shootout … Good luck and good golfing!

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