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Article :: 2007.06.14 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 14 June 2007.

Men's Report
Captain Ding had Queens’s Birthday off press duties, and it was a nice break.  But back with a vengeance hardly sums up the antics of the last couple of weeks.

The Lithgow dominates news as we have seen the first 2 rounds played.  Doug Worth took out number 1 seed Butch Hamilton with a dynamic win in the first round, but then butchered his opportunity in round 2, after being one up after one hole to lose to Roger Clothier who was in damaging form.
Also suffering a dramatic turn around in fortune in round 1 was Steve Thorby, who squandered a 4 up lead with 9 holes to play, to lose on the 19th to Eric Hill.

Lurking is a term that conjures a somewhat sinister and dark vision of a mischievous spirit, and we have that in the Lithgow, Barr none.  The second round was played this Saturday, with the semi-finalists decided in the form of Roger Clothier who will play Ted Ward.

It Ward be remiss not to report that Ted had more than just evil spirits to ward off on Saturday … not wanting to play like a lemon, Ted had to contend with a not very feisty match with Lance Hay, but none the less did not want to put a foot wrong, for fear of limping out of the competition and having to be carted off!

On the other side, John Barr who beat Dieter Drescher on Saturday will face Eric Hill who ended Allan Wallace’s tilt at the title.

Milestones are special, and although playing off a slightly higher handicap than all those years ago, John Barr won his first monthly medal (ever!) with a nett 63 on Saturday … you can see why Dieter lost, with a none too shabby 69 nett himself.  Captain Ding is a wee bit fuzzy on how long ago it was when John’s only other serious tilt at a monthly medal with a score of 64 nett, saw the title go to someone else on count back. Cruel cruel cruel.

Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament
Flabbergasting is a word that barely sums up the ladies scoring, but print this one must.  Winning the nett prize with 79 was Denise Lindley, runner-up Cheryl Jones 83.  And the stableford winner was Jenny Clothier with 26 handsome points.  For the record, John Mulholland had 26 points, and did not win a prize, but that was not the worst score on the day, from grand to gruel went Doug Worth with 22 points.  Colin Hamilton was not amused!

In men’s division 1, John Barr won the nett prize with 63, runner-up Maurice Tricker 67.  Brad Karl won the stableford section with 42, Eric Hill, Ted Ward and Mike Karl 40, King Shanly 38, John Wood and Butch Hamilton 37, and Phil Kensington 35.

The division 2 nett winner was Roger Clothier 69, runner-up Dieter Drescher 69; Stableford winner Jahrome Brown 39, Paul Olsen 38, Neville Dugan and Steve Thorby 37, Ross Higginson, Gary Urbahn and Stew Kensington 36, and Wayne Mudford 35.

Two’s were scored by Wayne Mudford and Neil Sinclair on the 3rd, and King Shanly and John Barr on the 8th.

The shortest putt award also went to the golfer who won the longest putter throw award, king for a day Koro Shanly.  Barely missing the ball’s up award was Steve Thorby.

Ladies report
From the 29 May 2007, 38 women were in the field on a gorgeous autumn day for the LGU monthly medal and putting button.  In the Silver division, Louise Wallace came home first with a 72 nett, Denise Hunt 73 and Jenny Kelsen 77.  In Bronze 1, 1st was Judy Grey with a 74 nett, Raewyn Hoole 77 on count back from Cheryl Jones.  In Bronze II, Audrey Mathis was first with a 76 nett on count back from Brenda Buckeridge, Vere Hamilton 3rd on 77.

Them monthly medal was won by Louise Wallace.  The Putting Button for division I was won by Denise Hunt and division II by Jeanette Burton.

In the 9 hole competition round 3, the putting button was won by Helen Haigh, 2nd Elizabeth Howland on count back from Joy McDonnell. 

This year the Women’s Club Trophy was won by Neroli Fisher, runner-up Irene McIvor.

Results from last Thursday’s Vets scramble were in the men’s 1st Doug Worth 43, 2nd John Wood 39 and 3rd Dieter Drescher 39, and the ladies was won by Irene McIvor 36, 2nd Cheryl Jones 36 and 3rd Florence Jellard 35.

The Putaruru Vets played the final of the pennants at Morrinsville on Tuesday 29th.  Our team played very well, Ross Jellard top scoring with a nett 64.  Unfortunately we finished runner-up, 4 strokes behind Pirongia.  All our boys played well.

Coming up …
Thursday is Vets, while Saturday is the Lithgow Trophy semi finals.  Remember our mid-winter Christmas Open is on Saturday the 23rd … Good luck and good golfing!

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