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Article :: 2007.06.21 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 21 June 2007.

Men's Report
Last Wednesday (the 13th) saw the annual Stockies n Cockies Tournament played with 62 in the field.  Sponsorship was very generous from Summit Quinphos, PGG Wrightson and Genetic Technologies.

Winning the ladies nett was Cheryl Jones 71, runner up M Bouma, gross winner Denise Lindley 91, and stableford winner B Walker 32, runner up B Roigard.

 The division 1 nett winner was Brian Curd 64, runner up Alan Wright, gross winner F Mitchell 80, and stableford winner John Barr 45, runner up Eric Hill.

In division 2, the nett winner was Les O’Leary 65, runner up Tony Muller, gross winner Dieter Drescher 85, and stableford winner Peter Smith 41, runner up T Webber.

The top 3 non golfers were in order, A Ramsey, G MacMillan and C Hall.

Two’s were scored by Joan Waterworth, Ian Worth, Vic O’Rourke, Brian Curd, Steve Emile and John Barr.

The longest putt winner was Alan Wright on the 18th.  The longest gumboot throw winners were Denise Lindley for the ladies and B Edgar for the men.  And the long drive winners were K Gooch in the ladies, Allan Wallace in division 1, Chris Bates in division 2, and A Ramsey in the non golfers.

Saturday Scramble and Lithgow Trophy
37 enjoyed a sublime day, nice and sunny with a light gusting to howling zephyr for the most part.

Course conditions for the day were green, pin placements were on the greens, and tee markers pointed in the general direction of the fairways.

The interest for the day focused intently on the Lithgow Trophy semi finals, along with a blast from the past visit from former senior club champion from 1994, Mike Hamilton.

Playing with one time champ Mike Hamilton, and enjoying the nostalgia was 5 time past senior champion John Barr (1975, 76, 80, 87 and 88.)  John Barr now enjoys getting 1 shot off Mike Hamilton officially playing off 15 and 14 handicaps respectively.

But for the round, the focus was squarely on the semi final tussle between John Barr and Eric Hill.  John was giving Eric 2 shots in the match, which hardly seemed fair to onlookers, and eventually won as comfortably as the All Blacks against Canada with a slam dunk 5/4 margin.

In the other semi final, and clearly enjoying the benefits of lemons, Ted Ward squared off against Roger Clothier.  Not wanting to gamble on his gambol, Ted Ward averted using a cart without proper and correct documentation, but still, nonetheless, ably strode with authority through the match for a respectable 3/2 win.

So to the final in a fortnight, where 5 time senior champion John Barr will face 2 time intermediate champion Ted Ward (1985 and 1990.)  Clearly, John has it all against him as he struggles in the unfamiliar intermediate territory, whereas Ted is clearly in his comfort zone … Captain Ding awaits with anticipation this great match up.

To the scramble results from Saturday, John Barr won division 1 with 40 points, Richie Brown, Mike Hamilton and John Wood 37, and Ron Taylor 36.

Funny story, John Barr had to buy the beer in the haggle after losing to Mike Hamilton and Neville Dugan.  Golf can be so cruel, just ask Captain Ding, but after intimating that certain of the opposition should get use to having to buy the beers for Fuzz, the first hurdle was well and truly knocked over.

The valuable lesson here, is that one cannot always rely on ones partner when you’re busy beating the living daylights out of him, and yet trying to work together for the always friendly and fun haggle in your 4!

The division 2 winner was Jahrome Brown 39, Ross Higginson and Nev Dugan 38, Tony FitzHerbert 37 and Tony Muller 36.  Two’s were scored by Ross Higginson and Duncan Gallagher.

Ladies report
Two competitions began on Tuesday (12th) – the Lithgow Trophy (0-30) and the Uden Trophy (31-54).  Heather Howard came in 1st with a 71 nett, 2nd Louise Wallace 73 on count back from Denise Hunt.

In the Lithgow, Heather Edgar had a 73 nett to head off Jeanette Burton 78, and 3rd Brenda Buckeridge 79.

The 9 hole competition played round 4 of the stableford competition, Gillian Robbins came in first with 17 points and our new member, Bev Holmes came 2nd with 15, 3rd Sue Urbahn 14.

29 ladies enjoyed the course in great condition.

Coming up …
Thursday is the Super Liquor Midweek, while Saturday is the Mid Winter Christmas Open Tournament … Good luck and good golfing!



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