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Article :: 2007.08.01 - SWN Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in the South Waikato News Wednesday 1 August 2007.

Men's Report
The first round of the Presidents Trophy should be the talk of the day, but alas, it is not.  After you see who Captain Ding lost to, you’ll understand why.  Today we’ll start with the ladies, but this week there is no formal report from the ladies, so where is Captain Ding off too with all of this.

Since Ladies were introduced to this game and given separate tees to play from, men have taken great delight in creating a sub element to this gentle sport.  This does not have an official title, so Captain Ding will call it the “Ladies Tee.”

You see, men have to hit their tee shots over the ladies tees, and sometimes there is some great distance, and sometimes there is not.  But it has now become accepted practice that if one in the playing group does not make the ladies tee, they are subjected to some gentle remedial treatment from their peers.

One would suspect that this ancient practice could date back to Edwardian times, but there would be no award for this mere hint of conjecture.  Suffice it to say, that Captain Ding was given certain information on the QT from last Thursday, from deep throat who Felt that an episode on the 7th needed publication.  Now we don’t want to name this poor unfortunate, because they have already suffered at the hands of their playing compatriots, but there could be a small Edwardian award given to anyone who can crack the code.

The second episode happened in front of a delighted Captain Ding on Saturday on the 5th tee.  Again, there was no announcement on the Mike-crophone PA system, nor was the news published in the Hamilton press … we like to keep these things local, you know like shop at your Tokoroa Mitre 10, so on and so forth.

But Captain Ding digresses, the first round of the Presidents on Saturday saw 7 matches played, none of which that went to seeding.

The first shock upset was that Captain Ding and Doug Worth lost to Spotty McCarthy who played with Mike Hamilton.  The shock was not that they lost, but that it took their floundering opposition until the 19th, where Spotty scored a very tasty birdie to clinch the win.

Others posting wins were Hooky Howard and Dieter Drescher over Ron and Brendon Hunt, Peter Smith and Ross Higginson over King Shanly and Lance Hay, Massey Rata and Jahrome Brown, Eric Hill and Wayne Mudford over John Wood and Gary Urbahn, Allan McCarthy and Robbie Wi over Brian Curd and Richie Brown, and Adam Sadler and Roger Clothier over Tony and Andrew Muller.

The Saturday Scramble results saw John Barr win division 1 with +10, a 72 off the stick off a 13 handicap (for now); 2nd was  Allan Wallace +5, Ron Taylor +4, Ross Jellard +3, Richie Brown +2, Brian Curd +1 and Massey Rata and Barry Wallace all square.

Eric Hill won division 2 with +7, Les O’Leary and Hooky Howard +3, Robbie Wi, Doug Worth and Allan McCarthy +2 and Jahrome Brown and Spotty McCarthy +1.

Jahrome Brown and Spotty McCarthy scored two’s on the 3rd and Mark Lawrence on the 10th.

Captain Ding’s final word is this; you do not shout Tahitian Rum for not making the ladies tee Michael!

Coming up …
Thursday has Vets, and on Saturday we have the Firestone Pork n Bacon mini tournament, monthly medal, Captains Trophy and the 2nd round of the Presidents … Good luck and good golfing!

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