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Article :: 2007.08.16 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 16 August 2007.

Men's Report
With every epic win, there are epic losers, but more about the latest Presidents round later.

Captain Ding fears he has started something that is a little on the seedy and unsavoury side with this Ladies Tees business.  For now armed with pen and paper, Captain Ding must makes notes on all the misdemeanours and “tips” he now receives, of course on the QT.

For instance, things did not quite Gel hard for one cRoss golfer, who 4 putted the 4th green on Thursday.  And again on Thursday, Les not beat around the bush on the 5th tee, if the ball doesn’t make it past the ladies, then it is a Ladies Tees shout for the boys, nothing O’Dreary about it.

And from Saturday, talk about a good belly laugh, straight from the stevedores file, by the way did you know that Pamela Thorby a is a virtuoso recorder player, Captain Ding did not.

Back to the golf, rumours of one golfer using a belly putter has to be quashed … Just because you get a little more round like a ball, you know beach Balls, golf Balls, or even heavier like medicine Balls, does not make your ordinary putter into a belly putter, even if there is contact with the soft under belly.

Lastly, the Edwardian Award this week for the best Ladies Tee story goes to the Hedgebrow (not his real name) for telling on his mate, and his mate, who careened off the tree on the 5th into the deep rough on the 4th, and did not make the ladies tee … no Teddy boys there for sure in that hospital Ward!

Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament
That it did not rain is certainly newsworthy for this week.  42 enjoyed the Firestone sponsored Tournament, where Alison Riley won the ladies nett with a 70, and Cheryl Jones the stableford with 35 points.

The division 1 nett winner was Ross Jellard 63, runner up John Barr 67.  Ron Taylor won the stableford with 41, Brian Curd 40, John Mulholland and Phil Kensington 39, John Wood 37, and Allan Wallace, Vic O’Rourke and Tali Mulafia 34.

In division 2, King Shanly won the nett prize with 63, runner up Hooky Howard 70.  Roger Clothier won the stableford with 40, Eric Hill and Stew Kensington 37, Neville Dugan, Steve Thorby and Allan McCarthy 36.

Two’s were scored by Wayne Mudford and Ross Jellard on the 3rd, and John Mulholland on the 10th.

By hook or by crook, last years champions Butch and Murray Hamilton were edged out on the 19th by 2 of the crustiest and wiliest of campaigners in Hooky Howard and Dieter Drescher.  Nev Dugan and Terry Garnett have lasted the longest time ever in the Presidents, courtesy of a bye, and last week being rained off.  But at the hands of the Kensington clan, Phil and Stew, they were sent packing in the narrowest of margins 1 down.

Now Captain Ding takes no pleasure in reporting that Mike Hamilton and Spotty McCarthy, who ousted Captain Ding and Doug Worth in the first round, were themselves heaved out of the competition by John Barr.  John’s partner, Ted Ward did not fire on the day, still suffering from ligament damage as a result of lemon shortages.

In other results, Mark Nicholl and Steve Thorby were never expected to win, but beat Ross Higginson and Peter Smith, John Mulholland and Ross Jellard beat Eric Hill and Wayne Mudford, and Maurice Tricker and Keith Hunt beat Massey Rata and Jahrome Brown.

From matches played before Saturday, Vic O’Rourke and Ron Taylor beat Allan McCarthy and Robbie Wi, and Adam Sadler and Roger Clothier beat Richard Wharehoka and Walter Morgan.

Other Results
John Barr won the Stratson Cup in his playoff with Eric Hill, posting a +4 score on bogey compared to Eric Hills +2.  Both players tied first equal with +10 before today’s decider.

And King Shanly required independent scrutiny of his score in finally being declared the Monthly Medal winner for August with nett 63, won by count back from Ross Jellard.

Interclub this Sunday
There has been a change to the interclub date due to a tournament clash, so this Sunday the 19th, Putaruru will be hosting Te Awamutu and Waitomo for our annual challenge.  The play is on average stableford, so as many as can turn up are welcome.

Vets Report
Another good field of vets turn out to play last Thursday.  In the Men’s section, first was Tony FitzHerbert 39, followed by Les O’Leary 37 and Don Riley also on 37.  Florence Jellard led the ladies home on 38, followed by Alison Riley on 36 and Cheryl Jones 35.  There will be no vet’s golf tomorrow due to the ladies tournament.  Men are welcome to take part, provided they wear a dress, and wax!

Coming up …
No vets this Thursday, and on Saturday we have the 3rd round of the Presidents.  Sunday of course is the interclub with Te Awamutu and Waitomo … Good luck and good golfing!


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