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Article :: 2007.08.30 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 30 August 2007.

Men's Report
This Week has been a busy week with the Super Liquor Midweek on played on Thursday, and club champs qualifying on Saturday with 60+ in the field, and of course the semi finals of the Presidents.

Lets start with semi finals where the experience of Stew and Phil Kensington were finally able to quell the raw enthusiasm of youth and exuberance in the form of Steve Thorby and Mark Nicholl.  A tense 1 up victory was secured on the last hole by Stew Kensington who was the only good golfer in the group to make par and win the hole.  This for the second week that Stew has saved his best until last, a par on the 17th last week, and this week right on the death on the 18th.

And in the other semi, John Barr and Ted Ward continue their march with a comfortable 3/2 win over Vic O’Rourke and Ron Taylor.  Nothing much too report from this match, but there is an in depth look at the play of the10th later on.

Putaruru Super Liquor Midweek
A timely reminder was served to all golfers in regard to this tricky business of signing cards; you must always sign your card, or risk disqualification.

To the results, where the ladies winners were Florence Jellard with a nett 74 and Alison Riley with 34 stableford points.

Maurice Tricker won division 1 with a nett 67, runner up John Wood 69.  Stableford winner Rhys Burnett 40, Eric Hill, Alan Blair and Ron Taylor 38.

In division 2 Peter Smith won the nett with 65, runner up Gary Urbahn 69.  Stableford winner Keith Hunt 41, Dieter Drescher 38, Stew Kensington 37, Norm Brooker 36, and Tommy Houston 35.

Two’s were scored by Tommy Houston on the 8th, Dieter Drescher and Tali Mulafia on the 10th.

Saturday Scramble
We had club champ qualifying where 26 intermediates are vying for 16 spots, and 18 juniors doing the same.  On such a fine day, some of the golf was mighty fine, but some of it was dog ugly, no disrespect to any canine’s reading this article This Week.

First in division 1 was Max Russell with a nett 65, 2nd Steve Thorby 67, John Barr, Mike Karl and Butch Hamilton 68, Richie Brown, John Mulholland and Ross Jellard 69, and Maurice Tricker 70.

In division 2 Stew Kensington had a nett 68 to win on count back from Allan McCarthy, Dieter Drescher 69, Peter Smith, Roger Clothier and Neil Sinclair 70, Tony Edgar 71, Jahrome Brown and Peter Rennie 72.

Two’s were scored by Daley Makene and Andrew Sadler on the 3rd, Mike Karl on the 8th and John Mulholland on the 13th.

And from the “Ladies Tees” files - do we have a new greenside bunker on the 10th?  The answer is a wee bit fuzzy, but a shank off the 10th tee, over the men’s toilet, or “the John,” so to say, saw the ball come to rest in the practice bunker.  A recovery shot to post a very good 4, Barr none, was a great result.

Sometimes, you just cannot see the Wood for the trees, as an intrepid tee shot on the 11th just dribbled off the tee, well shy of the ladies.  A quick trip to the “John” beforehand would have rectified the problem!

And again, from the 8th tee, where in a group of four, including two golfers of sorts, from Waotu … Wilson golf would not have been impressed that a Stanley knife was apparently used to try and execute a tee shot.

The Stanley tee shot had no show of making the ladies tee.  The other Waotuarian, then used brute force to Hoyte his tee shot off the trees on the left of the tee, and careen all the way into the hazard a full fairway away on the right.  This shot was well past the ladies, but not even David or Goliath could retrieve this situation as a triple bogey was the final outcome.

And lastly, what a colossal Ball’s up.  You’d pay a nickel to see this, but Mark my words, an air shot when your team is one up playing the 16th is not what you want.  It’s time like this you’d want a Scooter to get away from it all.

Another good field of 27 players turned out for the vets scramble last Thursday with excellent weather and no sign of rain.  Peter Smith came in 1st for the men with 43, followed by Keith Hunt 41 and Maurice Tricker 41.  In the ladies, Bev Macartney 1st on 39 from Heather Howard on 38.

Ladies Report
Forty one ladies enjoyed a gorgeous spring day for the Scramble on Par.  Cheryl Jones came first +2 on Par, 2nd Denise Hunt all square on a count back from Alison Riley.  Judy Grey & Cheryl Jones scored 2s one the 8th and 13th respectively.

The 9 hole ladies played a Par competition also, Carole Furlong winning on -2 on a count back from Mairi Edmonds and 3rd Elizabeth Howland with -3. 

The final of The Zone Wills Cup will be played on Friday at Morrinsville.  The team is Alison Riley & Irene McIvor in Division 1, Florence Jellard & Cheryl Jones in Division 2, and Norine McPherson & Shirley Wood in Division 3.  Good luck girls.

Coming up …
This Thursday we have Vets, and on Saturday we have the Putaruru Maori Open Tournament with a rolling start from 9.00AM … Good luck and good golfing!


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