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Article :: 2007.09.06 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 6 September 2007.

Men's Report
This Week we have hearty congratulations to Mike Karl who has made the Waikato Masters team playing at number 2, the Maori Open and Wills Cup reports, and yet more tales of woe from the Ladies Tees files.

It seems that sitting quietly with a notebook and pen will have the throngs herding to this gumshoe to dish the dirt on their rather less fortunate playing compatriots.

We start with the Putaruru Maori Open, played on Saturday with a great field of 80 and visitors from far and wide.

The winner of the Jeff Himiona Trophy for the best nett by a local went to young David Motutere who carded a simply superb nett 62.

The ladies nett winner was Rose Epiha (Te Kowhai), gross winner Paula Epiha (Te Kowhai) and stableford winner Fern Taylor.  There were three ladies in the field, only one local, so they all got a prize.

Mike Karl won the division 1 nett with a 66, which was also a gross 66, the runner up was Mike Flavell (Tirau) 69.  The gross winner was Gary Paetai (Te Aroha) 76, runner up Richard Archer (Waitomo) 80.  The stableford winner was Walter Morgan 41, followed by Joe Taingahue (Te Kowhai) 39, Allan Collins (Te Akau) and Tali Mulafia 38, John Barr and John Wood 37, Campbell Till (Te Kowhai,) George Brown (Ngaruawahia) and Wayne Kiore (Te Kowhai) 36, and Brian Curd 35.

In division 2, David Motutere won the nett with his 62, followed by Gary Urbahn 70.  The gross winner was Norm Brooker (Tokoroa) 87, runner up Ian Henson (Te Kowhai) 89.  The stableford winner was Robbie Wi 38, Nga Thomson (Waitomo) and Daley Makene 37, Newton King (Pirongia), Tom Butler (Huntly) and Steve Darroch 36, Brendon Hansen (Tirau) and Spotty McCarthy 35, Tony Muller and David Hoyte 34.

Two’s were scored by George Brown, Ron Taylor, Alan Tai (Tokoroa), Tony Muller, David Hoyte and Steve Darroch.

The longest drives went to Rose Epiha, Campbell Till and Gary Petley (Tirau); closest to the pin, Rose Epiha, Walter Morgan and Norm Brooker, and the longest putt to John Dowie from Kawerau.

Now to the “Ladies Tee” files with tales so weird and wonderful, they could almost come from the X-Files.  The first health warning from Kensington Palace is not to chew P.K. chewing gum while teeing off the 8th or you could come up 18 inches short of the ladies tee.

From the colossal Ball’s up file, this stevedore took 2 shots to get on the puny short par 3 third hole, then a further 5 putts to hole out for a quadruple bogey (SEVEN) … the Norse god Thor, by and by, will thunder on about this one for some time to come!

Is there any truth to the Super Gold Card discount for Vets on Thursdays, $3.00 down to $2.50?

And what exactly was Anthony Edgar searching for in the Camellia bushes just behind the ladies tee on the 9th on Thursday?

Now here’s something to Mull or err over. There was a Toni Award for the wildest drives on Saturday that went over the fence on the 6th, not just once but twice, and not just a little, but almost to the next, next door neighbor of the golf club.  This was after the same chappy hit the infamous tree on the 5th, that just happens to be behind the ladies tee.

This next one will be hard to Spot, for General MacArthur would never have done this in battle.  The battle field was the 16th tee; the ball was spotted making an awesome parabolic arch to fall just a smidgen shy of the ladies.

Now Captain Ding is not one to “Tali” tales, but when one is seen in a Crusaders jersey playing in the Waikato, and then playing the wrong ball, not form a hazard, nor a bunker, but from the fairway, justice is served … in a Mulafia sort of way.

That’s more than enough for “This Week,” out of the Ladies Tee files.

Wills Cup Report
Our local Wills Cup team of Alison Riley, Irene McIvor (Silver), Florence Jellard and Cheryl Jones (Bronze I), and Norine McPherson & Shirley Wood (Bronze II) competed in the Waikato final of the Wills Cup. 

This year was a special occasion, marking 25 years since its inception, when Jan Wills of Matamata decided it was time Waikato had an interclub matchplay competition.  Its form has changed over the years from pair’s matchplay in the morning and singles in the afternoon to just the one round of 18 holes matchplay on a points system.  This year was won convincingly by Tahuna on 63 points, 2nd Stewart Alexander on 54 narrowly from Putaruru on 53.  A brief history of the Cup was given by Jan Wills and we were very proud to be the only team to have won the Cup 3 times in 25 in the 25 years.

The jug which is played by the four zone runners-up in the Waikato was won by Hamilton with 62 points.

Veterans Report
The scramble results for last Thursday were in the Men’s Division – 1st King Shanly on 40 followed by Peter Smith 37 and Ross Jellard 35.  Alison Riley led the ladies in with 38 followed by Cheryl Jones on 35.

Coming up …
This Thursday we have Vets, and on Saturday we have the Firestone Pork n Bacon mini tournament and the 2nd round of the club champs qualifying … Good luck and good golfing!

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