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Article :: 2007.09.13 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 13 September 2007.

Men's Report
This Week, we have the final of the Presidents result, the final round of qualifying for the men's club champs and the Firestone Monthly Open results.

The weakest link was found at the same time that the winners were decided in the final of the Presidents played on Saturday between John Barr and Ted Ward who played Phillip and Stewart Kensington.

3 of the players scored 39 points which kept the match quite tight, while one had a trifling 36, nothing a bit of chewing gum would not fix … Juicy Fruit or PK anyone? 

John Barr and Ted Ward were crowned victors with a 2-1 win, but is it fair to say that Stewart could only carry his partner so far?

We’ll get the “Ladies Tee” story out of the way early This Week ...  there is only one as Captain Ding was away overseas for the weekend.  Who was it that was Spotted having to retrieve his putter from the practice green after having made it all the way to the first tee?  And not wanting to take the Mac out of Big Mac, or get the Cart before Thy horse, this is how you rustle up a story, so to speak.  This poor chap then Spotted his day turning pear shaped as the same said putter disintegrated on the 6th green.  Its fair to say this was not a great day at the office for Spotted Owl.

More seriously, 66 played in the Firestone Open which also doubled as the final round of qualifying for the men's champs.

Firestone Results
Fern Taylor won the ladies nett with 68, runner up Charlotte Willson 71.  Alison Riley won the stableford with 39 points, runner up Maureen Shanly 38 and Denise Hunt 36.

In men's division 1 Tali Mulafia won the nett with 68, runner up Mike Karl on count back.  Ron Taylor won the stableford with 40, runner up John Mulholland 39 on count back from Ian Worth and John Barr, Richie Brown 38, Barry Wallace and King Shanly 37.

In division 2 Hooky Howard won the nett with 68, runner up Ted Ward 69.  The stableford winner was Brett Makene 40, runner up Dieter Drescher 39 on count back from Shayne Hill and Stew Kensington, Roger Clothier 38, Jahrome Brown and David Hoyte 37.

Two’s were scored by Hooky Howard and Mike Karl on the 3rd.

Club Champs Qualifying
The winners of the stroke play trophies for 2007 are Mike Karl in the seniors with 136, runner up Mark Nicholl 167.

In the intermediates, John Barr won with 157, a tie for second place between Ron Taylor and Butch Hamilton on 162. 

And in the Juniors Roger Clothier won with 176, runner up Dieter Drescher 179.

Champs Draws
The Seniors and the Junior B’s all get a bye for the first round.

The first round matches in the Intermediates are: John Barr plays King Shanly, Allan Wallace plays Maurice Tricker, Brendon Hunt plays Ross Jellard, Massey Rata plays John Mulholland, Butch Hamilton plays Barry Wallace, Terry Garnett plays Richard Wharehoka, Phil Kensington plays Walter Morgan and Ron Taylor plays Ted Ward.

In the Juniors, Roger Clothier plays Lindsay Siegel, Adam Sadler plays Daley Makene, Brett Makene plays Neville Dugan, Wayne Mudford plays Stew Kensington, Hooky Howard plays Shayne Hill, Jahrome Brown plays Ron Hunt, Peter Smith plays David Hoyte and Steve Darroch plays Dieter Drescher.

Ladies Report
Ladies qualifying for the Club Champs began last Tuesday with a large field of 40 turning out in drizzly conditions for the first round.

In the Silver Division, Denise Hunt came in on 86 gross, 2nd Louise Wallace on count back from Lyn Darroch 92.  In Bronze I Alison Riley came in 1st on 88, closely chased by Florence Jellard on 91 and 3rd Margaret Ranger on 93.  And in Bronze II, Vere Hamilton was 1st with 104 on count back from Raewyn Hoole, 3rd Bev Macartney 108. 

Alison Riley scored a two on No. 3.  In the 9 holers Lynette Bennett came in with 58 gross, 2nd Gillian Robbins on 62 and 3rd Joy McDonnell on count back.

Vets Scramble
Results from the vets scramble played last Thursday were in the men’s division 1st King Shanly on 41 followed by Butch Hamilton 40 and Stew Kensington 38.  Heather Howard came in 1st in the ladies on 38, followed by Alison Riley 35 and Cheryl Jones on 34.

Coming up …
Thursday is the Vets; Saturday has the first round of the club champs … Good luck and good golfing!


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