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Article :: 2007.10.04 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 4 October 2007.

Men's Report
The big news is that the shootout, and the Putaruru District Services Memorial Club tournament have been postponed from the weekend of the 13th and 14th of October due to the coring of the greens.  The shootout day is the second most important day in the calendar, the culmination of 47 golfers competing for 18 places over the course of 30 or so weekends.

The shootout will be postponed until November 10, while The Club tournament date has yet to be finalised.  Qualifying for the shootout is closed with Hooky Howard the last to qualify shooting a nett 65 on Saturday to scrape into the elite.

The top qualifier was John Barr on 188, Shayne Hill 189, Brian Curd 193, Ross Jellard and John Mulholland 194, King Shanly 196, Richie Brown 197, Neville Dugan, Butch Hamilton and Steve Thorby 198, Duncan Gallagher, Massy Rata and Allan Wallace 199, Wayne Mudford and Ron Taylor 200, Captain Ding, Lance Hay, Maurice Tricker and Hooky Howard 201.

Last years qualifying stopped at 203 nett, this year has seen this drop a staggering 2 shots to 201, which is the equivalent of 3 rounds of nett 67!

Club Champs
The club champ semi finals saw some well contested matches with 2 matches finishing on the 20th and 21st holes.

Mark Nicholl in the seniors came from behind in his match against John Anderson to finally triumph on the 20th.  Mark now faces Mike Karl in the seniors, who beat Brad Karl on the 12th in his semi final match.

Ross Jellard showed all of his vast experience to clinch a place in the intermediate final, beating Allan Wallace on the 21st.  Richard Wharehoka made his way to the other intermediate final berth beating Ron Taylor 4/2.

In the Juniors, Daley Rata-Makene beat Wayne Mudford 2 up, and now faces David Hoyte, who beat young Jahrome Brown 3/2 on Jahrome’s birthday no less!

In the powerhouse Junior B’s, David Motutere beat Allan McCarthy 2 up, and will play ace veteran Doug Worth in the final.

Championship Finals Times
First off at 9:00AM is the Men’s Junior final, 9:10 Ladies Bronze 1, 9:20 Men's Intermediate, 9:30 Ladies Silver, 9:40 Men’s Senior, 9:50 Ladies Bronze 2, 10:00 Men’s Junior B and 10:10 Ladies 9 Hole final.

Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament
59 enjoyed a sultry day of golf in the Firestone Monthly Classic.  Captain Ding was enjoying his second day of golf in as many days after a 2 month hiatus.  And enjoying winning the beers from unwary opposition expecting Captain Ding to dong his way around the course, which he did, but played well enough to sup long, and chirp loud at the 19th.

The nett winners for the day were Heather Howard 69, John Mulholland 63 and Hooky Howard 65, runners up Jenny Kelsen 74, Allan Wallace 67 and Shayne Hill 67.

The stableford winners in the ladies were Jenny Clothier 40, Fern Taylor 35, Cheryl Jones, Denise Hunt and Louise Wallace 33.

Winning Men’s division 1 was Ross Jellard 43, runner up Barry Wallace 40, Mark Lawrence 39, Lance Hay 38, Massey Rata 37 and John Barr, Butch Hamilton and Richie Brown 36.  The winner of division 2 was John Mathis 41, 2nd David Motutere 40, Tony Muller 39, Neville Dugan, Tommy Houston, Stew Kensington, David Hoyte and Doug Worth 38.

Twos were scored by John Mulholland, Tali Mulafia and Shayne Hill on the 3rd and Heather Howard on the 8th.

Ladies Report
The sunny day rapidly deteriorated on the 1st round of the Club Champs.  Play was suspended for ¾ of an hour before returning to the course. 

In the Silver division, Michelle Thorby beat Lyn Darroch 2/1:  Bronze I, Alison Riley beat Cheryl Jones, Margaret Ranger beat Jenny Smith, Jenny Kelsen beat Judy Grey and Joy Aitchison beat Florence Jellard.  In the Bronze II division, Audrey Mathis, Jeanette Burton and Brenda Buckeridge conceded matches to Raewyn Hoole, Bev Macartney and Jenny Clothier.  The other match was played on Saturday with Fern Taylor taking Marie Way to the 19th.

In the 9 hole matches, Lynette Bennett beat Mairi Edmonds, Carole Furlong beat Joy McDonnell, Gillian Robbins beat Sue Urbahn and Dulcie McLean beat Cecily Duxfield.  Round II hopefully will bring brilliant sunshine to be played on the 2nd of October.

Coming up …
Thursday is Vets and Saturday sees the course closed for the club champ finals … Good luck and good golfing!

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