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Article :: 2007.11.15 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 15 November 2007.

What a simply superb succulent spring weekend.  Friday night before the shootout saw the Indian cuisine at its finest, thanks to Kel Cutter Catering for the fine job.  Although, it is funny how one can Vere off course trying to pick the right Indian dish for such a night as this, especially when Hamilton is where you find that Mickey was being taken.

To the Saturday where the eleven ladies fired off at 11.00AM, 2 dropping off on the first hole, and then one by one, they leave but two to play the last hole.  The men trundled along at midday, 18 of them for 9 holes, where two by two they do drop off until there is but two left.

Captain Ding was delighted not to go out on the first hole, leaving that ignominy for 2 hapless sorts that were not at all happy with the outcome.

Talk about a King sized Shambles, with a Sly han’d of sorts.  And there were cRoss words spoken, as things did not gel hard on the first hole for the other, who tabulated 4 wholesome putts with some rather unwholesome mutterings.  Redemption was but a chip away, 3 players went to the chip off after having 7 for nett 6’s on the first.  But it was Ron Taylor rewarded, and the only survivor left to proceeds onwards and upwards.

At the business end of the day, the last two ladies were Alison Riley and Irene McIvor. Louise Wallace had done well to survive until the 8th, which was good enough for 3rd spot.  Irene McIvor did just enough to stay ahead of Alison and win the Ladies shootout.

The rest of the ladies results saw, Florence Jellard bow out on the 7th, Shirley Wood on the 6th, Jenny Clothier the 5th, Vere Hamilton the 4th, Joy Aitchison the 3rd, Bev Macartney the 2nd, and Cheryl Jones and Raewyn Hoole on the 1st.

For the men, all the best golfers went out on the early holes, so of the last 6, there were, going out on the 7th Massey Rata and Allan Wallace and on the 8th Butch Hamilton and Shayne Hill.  That left Richie Brown and Ron Taylor going down the 9th.  Ron maintained his steely nerve to win the men’s shootout, having survived 4 chip offs, on the 1st, remember that 7-nett 6, the 6th bundling out Brian Curd, the 7th kicking out Massey Rata and the 8th  dealing to Butch Hamilton and Shayne Hill.

What do you make out of all of this?  Ron was the most unlikely, but surely the most deserving of winners, that was pretty solid golf, after the 7, on the first, of course!

Going out on the 6th was Hooky Howard and Brian Curd, the 5th Wayne Mudford and Neville Dugan, the 4th John Barr and Duncan Gallagher, the 3rd Maurice Tricker and John Mulholland, The 2nd Captain Ding and Steve Thorby, and the first..... da dah, Ross Jellard and King Shanly.

A rapaciously resplendent evening was turned on for 76 golfers to herd out and hack around for 9 nine holes.

The brave Beavers, playing again in the dark, butchered the dejected DOA team by 4 points, enough to earn a brag or two for the evening at least.  And to the delight of Captain Ding, 3 DOA’ites didn’t make the ladies tee on the 16th, yum yum yum!

First in the teams were Tirau Earthmovers 1 with 63, followed by Phuk Knows and Undecided on 61 (Captain Ding disclaims all naming rights issues,) The Stranglers on 60, and Tirau Earthmover 2 and MacDaddies on 59.

The best of the golfers were Massey Rata 24, Dale Ensor and Tini Hill 23, followed by Terry Garnett 22, Jahrome and Richie Brown 21, David O’Brien, Mark Lawrence, Vance Carson and Brian Curd 20. 

In the non golfers, first was Joe Davies 24, Benny Savage Snr and Doug Ward 23, Ben Cross 22, Nick Foster, Jeremy O’Rourke, Marcus McGarvey 21, Paul Strange, Rob Rogers, Bill Hedley and Peter Hills 20.  Shannon Pawhau won the ladies with 21 followed by Muriel Savage 19 and Fern Taylor 16.

Coming up …
Thursday has the Super Liquor Midweek, followed by Grayburn Ross Twilight.  And on Saturday we have the Ladies Closed Christmas Tournament … Good luck and good golfing!

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