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Article :: 2007.11.29 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 29 November 2007.

Men's Report
The flame will have been passed on as you read this report.  On Tuesday night, Putaruru Golf Club had their AGM, and Captain Ding is gone, so now it is just poor old unpretentious Ding, or maybe not! 

The match committee is now under the capable leadership of Terry Garnett, with Roger Clothier as Vice Captain, and the rest of the match committee remains ostensibly unchanged.

The main executive remains unchanged, and now Captain Ding is out, meetings may take less time as contentious issues are not obstinately stirred along.

Ex Captain Ding, or XCD is still on the match committee, now holding the post of media liaison officer, which means, for the likes of David Hoyte, DOA, Sean Samkin, Tirau and the like that nothing will change.  For example, remember when Putaruru beat Tirau and Tahuna many moons ago to post their first ever Prebble Cup wins ...  Ah the glory days.

Contributions to the website and press reports are always welcomed, and don’t get this wrong, anyone that wants the job is more than welcome, but XCD is happy to drop back in duties but make sure that this important function continues consistently.

The club is considerably good health, and in good hands.  The balance of youth and experience is paying dividends, and this club continues to demonstrate forward thinking, with an energy that is practical and for all to see the results of.

Bells Twilight
68 players turned up to witness the undeniable, Sean Samkin is a demigod firing a 37 off the stick for 25 points and yet another Captain Ding scalp, 3-1 up now; and DOA are a fine, honest and upstanding bunch of players who were unjustly served up their just desserts a week too early, but make a hell of a cacophony when protesting their innocence.

In doing this, DOA made the magnanimous gesture of handing their team points back in clearing their good name, reinforcing their true spirit of courageous veracity and integrity.  Captain Ding has no hesitation of retracting all and any allegations that may have been, possibly misconstrued, in bringing this issue to the forefront.  And Captain Ding has fixed the bugs in the systems that led to this inexplicable and unfortunate event.

Fern Taylor took out the ladies with 20 points, while Sean Samkin took out the golfers section with 25, David O’Brien 24, Stan Wilson 23, Daley Rata-Makene, Phil Kensington and Henry Van Dyk 22, Kyle Savage and Captain Ding 21, Spill Hill, Brian Curd, Spotty McCarthy, John McPherson and Massey Rata 20.

In the non golfers, first was David Bidois with a whopping 28, Ian Nelson 27, Rob Rogers and Joe Davies 26, Bill Hedley and Daniel Van Dyk 25, Smiley Alexander and Phil Harris 24, Keri Kohinga and Dan Birks 21.

In the business house, the mighty Beavers went trimming with 18” Wood Pruners to build a dam and shore up 1st and 2nd on 63 points apiece; it was Undecided who was trailing with 62, while Tirau Earthmovers 1 on 61 built a road for the Side Show Bob’s circus on 59, who were ahead of Team Yugio on 58.

It is not a misprint that DOA is not mentioned.

Saturday Scramble
In a smaller than usual field, Ross Jellard won on count back from Eric Hill with 43 points, Hooky Howard and John Mulholland 42, Allan McCarthy 41 and Mark Lawrence 39.

Vets Results – Thursday 22 November 
Results from the vets scramble played last Thursday, in the men’s division 1st John Craig 49, 2nd Terry Putt 47 and 3rd Tony Edgar 43 on count back.  First in the ladies was Irene McIvor 40, 2nd Heather Edgar 40 and 3rd Alison Riley 38. 

A final reminder that the vets mini Christmas tournament is on tomorrow, start time from 9.30 to 10.30 all welcome, come along and win some excellent prizes.
Coming up …
This Thursday has the Vets Mini Christmas Tournament, followed by Bells Twilight.  And on Saturday we have the Firestone Pork n Bacon mini tournament.  The Wealleans Open Christmas Tournament is Wednesday the 5th of December with a rolling start from 9:00AM … Good luck and good golfing!


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