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Article :: 2007.12.06 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 6 December 2007.

Firestone Mini Tournament
Funny things happen on the golf course from time to time, but first the news, Garth Tander wins the V8 super-cars in a Holden.  Idle talk of renaming the executive car park at the golf club to Ford Mountain were perhaps a touch premature, notwithstanding the plague of Fords now investing, sorry, infesting the executive committee car parks!

Now we return to the enigmatic golf news.  Captain Ding got a two on the par 3 third hole on Saturday which would normally be good enough to, at worst, half the hole with the opposition.  But not on Saturday, Brad Karl got a hole in one, careening off the side of the hill, bouncing over the heavy rough onto the green, the ball then running up to the lip of the hole, teasing us for a split second or so, and then dropping ... Ex-cel-lent!

Brad kept his composure to fire his best ever round of 72 off the stick for 46 points, not bad for a young fellow!  Ex-Captain Ding (XCD) was teamed up with senior club champ, Waikato Masters representative and Dad Mike Karl.  But sadly, the weight of Captain Ding on his shoulders meant that this otherwise dynamic duo were outclassed on the day, losing the haggle 6/4 ... Oh and Brad beat Dad off the stick ... ha ha! 

But believe it or not, that was not the best round of the day, another young buck, Jahrome Brown actually had the best round of the day with a nett 61, Captain Ding was impressed, sorry “ex Captain Ding” was impressed!

Barbara Barr won the ladies division with a nett 71, runner up Fern Taylor.

Brad Karl of course won division 1 with nett 62, runner up Lance Hay 65, and in division 2 Jahrome Brown won with a nett 61, runner up Stew Kensington 67.

The stableford winners were Massey Rata 43, Walter Morgan and Butch Hamilton 40, John Barr, Scott Geen and Ross Jellard 39.  And in division 2, Warren Long and Mark Lawrence 44, Adam Sadler 42, Tony FitzHerbert 41, Peter Smith, Neville Dugan and Dieter Drescher 40.

Two’s were scored by Andrew Muller and “just Ding” on the 3rd, Mike Karl on the 10th, Tony Muller on the 13th and John Barr on the par 4 17th.

XCD is still smarting about the injustice of losing the 3rd hole in such a crushing and unfair way.  Why did they, the golfing God’s choose Brad Karl’s ball to fall in the hole when XCD’s tee shot was just as good, just as lucky to run through the heavy rough, and just plain unlucky to only just miss the hole to end 4 foot from the pin.  But the steely skill and nerve of the ex-captain got him a real two ... but why why why was he not lucky enough to fluke a hole in one (as well)!!!

As you may well see, the ex club captain is well on the way to becoming an effective vet!

Bells Twilight
79 entries and a new sponsor could not stop this writer being somewhat belligerent about last week’s results.  After all the nice things that were written about DOA, they came out and bashed the Beavers.

As an endangered and protected species, this ugly and tragic scene reeked of the brutality of the murderously vile images of baby seal clubbing.  And this endangered species might actually be in danger of losing their money, more to the point!

Nobody wants to see these well to do dairy farmer tycoon’s coming to town to help supplement their already obscene entertainment allowances, with the hard earned pennies from good, honest and hard working Beavers.

Continuing this spurious theme, the ex captain has clawed back a match from Sean Samkin to be only 3-2 down.  You will remember that the demigod last week shot 37 off the stick, this week he did not!  The mortality of the man returned, to allow a weathered XCD to win ... hey an ugly win is better than a really ugly loss.

To the real results, Muriel Savage won the ladies with 21 points, Fern Taylor and Amelia Morgan 19.

In the golfers division, Massey Rata had 25 points, Allan McCarthy 24, John McPherson and Robbie Wi 22, Terry Garnett, Vance Carson, David Hoyte, Daley Rata-Makene, Neil Rist and Allan Wallace all on 21.

And in the non-golfers, Nick Foster and Dan Swan were tied on 24, Matt Rhodes 23, Daniel Van Dyk, Paul Beard, Dan Birks and Greg Burnett 22, Paul Strange, Gary McMillan and Steve Williams 21.

In the teams challenge, The 18” Wood Pruners were tied with The Layers and Side Show Bob on 63 points apiece, DOA 62, Tirau Earthmovers 1 61, and the Rum Brothers 60.

In the over standings with two Thursday to go, Tirau Earthmovers 1 have 25 points, Undecided 17.8, Phuk Knows 16.5, 18” Wood Pruners 15.5, MacDaddies 13.5, The Layers 13.0, Team Yugio, DOA and Side Show Bob 12, and the Beavers 10.8.

The rest of the teams have got a lot of work to do!

So there are two more competition rounds to go, and then an Ambrose round and prize giving to finish on the 20th of December.

Coming up …
This Thursday has Bells Twilight, and on Saturday we have a scramble … Good luck and good golfing!


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