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Article :: 2007.12.20 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 20 December 2007.

Wealleans Christmas Tournament
Spiffingly spectacular is how the Wealleans Tournament went off with 120 odd golfers, some of whom were normal, enjoying the hospitality of Wealleans courtesy of Gavin Wealleans and Mac McKinnon.  This happened on Wednesday the 5th, but for rodents in the system, was not published last week, Bad Dopey Ding!

The nett winners were Jeanette Burton, Butch Hamilton and Spotty McCarthy with runners up Marie Way, Lauchie Phillips and Neil Rist.

The gross winners Shannon Pawhau, Greg Worth and Peter Smith, while the top stableford winners were Jenny Smith, Terry Garnett and John Mathis.  The best of the non golfers were Phil McGlashan follow by Ben Cross.

Two’s were scored by Greg Worth, P McFarlane, Warren Craig, Geoff Hyde, Ted Ward, Warren Long and Ken Gallagher who got 2 two’s!

This was a spiffingly special end to a highly successful Christmas tournament season for the year with over 360 entries over the open, closed and Wealleans tournaments.  Thank you again to Wealleans for their sponsorship and hospitality.

Men's Report
The year winds down, as the psychosis that is Christmas churns around us, testing our very mental fibre and sanity.

Speaking of golf, the scoring is ball bustingly brilliant, unless you have 41 points and win nothing.

Nevertheless, there that singular satisfaction of removing cash from struggling vets who end up in a hospital Ward with no money left for Teddies for the grand kids.  However, one should Nev a paint, so to speak, over the issues, when you’ve Dug an issue that's too big for Little Ted’s.

Saturday’s scramble results saw Brad Karl with 42 points, Hooky Howard and John Bryant 40, and Daley Rata-Makene 38.

In division 2 Eric Hill won with 45, Pip Pakaru 44, David Motutere and Graeme Ormsby 43.

Two’s were scored by the Karl’s, Mike and Brad on the 3rd.

Bells Twilight
After 42 entries the week before, 70+ turned up to brave the over cast summer conditions last Thursday.

The Fonterra announcement of a tax bonanza, sorry, increase in the payout to $6.90 saw an unusually lethargic showing from the Waotu magnates, Team DOA.  This played right into the awaiting paws of the ebullient Beavers.  It is good to see that occasionally, the needy get a win from time to time.

Fern Taylor won the ladies with 23 points, Shannon Pawhau 17 and Lorraine Smith 16.

Neil Rist won the golfers division with 24, Richie Brown and Mark Lawrence 23, Jahrome Brown 22, Phil Kensington, Kyle Savage and Ricky Turner 21, Vance Carson and Robbie Wi 20.

The non golfer’s winner was Bennie Savage senior with 23 points, Ricki Baigent, Dan Birks, Peter Hills and Ben Cross 22, Paul Strange and Greg Burnett 21, David Bidois, Duncan Bluck, Joe Davies, Bill Hedley, Jeza O’Rourke, Allan Sutton, Daniel Van Dyk and Richard Van Dyk all 20 points.

In the teams, The Stranglers, Beavers and Tirau Earthmovers took top honours with 63 points each, followed by the Layers 62, Undecided 61, and Beef Unit 59.

So to the overall standings, where Tirau Earthmovers 1 won with 32.5, Undecided 26.3, MacDaddies 21.5 and the Boisterous Beavers 20.3, Phuk Knows 18.5, Layers 18.0, 18” Wood Pruners 17.5, and DOA 16.5.

So you can see Tirau Earthmovers were way too strong, and the boisterous Beavers battled belligerently for the highly valued scalp of DOA.

Oh, and for those that were following the battle between Sean Samkin and the ex captain, Ding succumbed to the stress and heavy responsibility of running twilight.   Being the alpha beaver of the team and trying to keep this band of ragamuffins in line to focus on the bigger battle with DOA took its toll eventually losing 4-2.  It could have been 3-all, but the ex captain was the victim of some shocking and appalling tactic’s in the final round.

So the Captains Morgan’s Trophy goes to Sean Samkin over the summer ... what was it that the gentle natured Sean so kindly wrote when presenting the Trophy earlier this year to the then Captain Ding ... “May the Golf Gods take a big dump on you ... PS up yours!”  Well, we’ll see a laxative ridden presentation on Thursday take place ... wont we!

Wooden Spoon
The spooner’s had their break last Tuesday at Putaruru.  44 out of a possible 60 enthusiastically took to the fairways, with the current holder, Brett Worth, looking forward to passing on the un-prized trophy to some other hapless individual for the summer.

Residing on Waotu road, which is on the way to the Waotu district, had caused some division, but only from those Waotu hob-noses who would disown their own mothers if it suited them.

Anyhow, as the spoon left Waotu, prophetic words were uttered by one young Worth, hardly worth mentioning but worth printing ... “See ya spoon, see ya soon!”  this caused a mumbled grumble from our otherwise affable President.

But O dear how sad, never mind, the spoon remained, and returned to Waotu Road, on the way to Waotu for the summer.

A worthwhile exercise by all counts, for 29 points was all that was needed to win the spoon on count back from Tali Mulafia.  The ex Captain was well safe with 33 points, while the winner of the day was Sean Samkin with 43 points.

This is ex-Captain Dings last utterance for the year, so on behalf of the Putaruru Golf Club, please accept our compliments of the season, and may all your drives be straight, all your putts be on line, unless you are playing the ex captain over the break, then may your pockets be full, you arms long for all the shouting Yule be doing over the Yule Tide season ... Merry Christmas!

Coming up …
Tonight has the final prize giving of Bells Twilight, and on Saturday we have the first round of the Summer Cup and the Firestone Last Chance Ham n Bacon Mini Tournament.  The second round of the Summer Cup is 19 January, and the 3rd round has shifted from 2 February to the 9th of February … Good luck, good golfing and Merry Christmas!


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