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Article :: 2008.02.14 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 14 February 2008.

Men's Report
What an eventful week “This Week!”  We had a Waitangi Day hole in one by Tony Edgar, a 7 iron that covered the pin, took a couple of bounces then spun back into the hole on the 3rd.

We had chiller issues on Waitangi day which meant the temporary introduction of chilled emergency big bottles to cover Tony’s shout, which one might add were quite tasty, could these become permanent?

And what is with the vets?  They have modernised and reinvented themselves, charging $5 for the scramble, up from $3, a rampant 67% increase due to galloping inflation?!  And they are giving out better prizes ... as one punter put it, he “came for pudding, but left with breakfast!”  bacon and eggs was his prize instead of the long standing traditional tins of fruit.

Now for a grizzle, the golf course is not a rubbish tip, particular as we have rubbish bins on most tees.  It takes less effort to drop those little silver tops from isotonic drinks into a bin, than it does to open the drink.  Surely if people can carry a full drink 1500 metres or more, the can carry the silver seal, 3 metres, or a few hundred metres and BIN it!

The ladies have got the match committee for illicit parking by non executive members, with the President having to deal with the Club Captain to right this manifestly petty wrong, if only this energy went to more positive issues.

It would be remiss for Ding not to congratulate Tony Edgar, not for his hole in one again, but for clearing over $10000 from the calf scheme for this year.  The scheme with donations from the townies as well is a great effort for our club ... thank you and well done to everyone that helped!

Will this Muppet thing ever go away?  Guns are now slung for impugning the good names of Statler and Waldorf with litigation now likely to rage from QC Floyd Winterbottom.  Mischief makers may have their work cut out for them as long drives find their mark.

Finally, will something be done to fix the crap TV reception we have, we now have 3rd world reception watching nothing in particular!

No Ding’s Delights this week, everyone was too shell shocked from last week.  However, there are these 2 issues that needs due consideration.  The Match Committee is looking to confirm a local handicap for ladies playing off a higher than 40.4 index, to allow them to play tournaments off their actual handicap index, not reduced to 40.4.  The maximum still applies to mixed competitions, like the Watson Plate, Lion Trophy etc.

Secondly, for Mixed Competitions, like the Lion Trophy and Watson Plates etc, that 9 hole ladies be allowed to pair up with a full playing male member for these competitions.

The Match Committee does not see too many issues with both of these ideas and would appreciate feedback.

The Waitangi scramble saw Butch Hamilton top dog with 40 points, Dieter Drescher, Tony Edgar and Tony FitzHerbert 39, Vic O’Rourke, Mark Nicholl, Steven Kuggeleijn and Wayne Mudford 38.

In the ladies, Cheryl Jones scored 41, Shirley Wood 40, and twos were scored by Tony Muller, Tony FitzHerbert and Florence Jellard on the 3rd, and of course one’s by Tony Edgar, also on the 3rd.

Firestone Open
63 entries, plus 36 juniors qualifying for Waikato were out in force on Saturday.  The ladies winner was Shirley Wood with nett 67 and Vere Hamilton with 39 points.

The division 1 winner was Mark Nicholl, with a superb 68 off the stick for nett 60, runner up Walter Morgan 66.  Ted Ward won the stableford with 44, Mark Lawrence 44, Massey Rata, Phil Kensington and Steve Thorby 40, Butch Hamilton 39, Hooky Howard and Ron Taylor 38.

The division 2 nett winner was Duncan Gallagher 65 on count back from Lindsay Siegel.  The stableford winner was Brian Curd 44, Doug Worth, Robbie Wi and Roger Clothier 40, Ken Gallagher and Peter Rennie 39, Dale Ensor 37 and Adam Sadler 36.

Two’s were scored by Terry Garnett and E Cossey.

Other Results
The summer cup winners were found on Saturday after the 3rd round.  Mark Nicholl courtesy of his 48 points adding to his first round 43 blitzed the competition with a total 91 points, second daylight, followed by Brad Gallagher and Walter Morgan tied on 84 points.

The ladies Summer Cup winner was Jeanette Burton with 89 points, runner up Maureen Shanly on 80 points.

Of the Waikato Juniors, Jason Boobyer playing off scratch shot a 74 in the morning, following up with a 64 in the afternoon ... not too shabby at all.

Bradshaw Draws
The first round is scheduled for the 23rd.

In the main draw; Mark Nichol plays Dale Ensor, Massey Rata plays Roger Clothier, Walter Morgan plays Butch Hamilton, Peter Rennie plays Mark Lawrence, Duncan Gallagher plays Hooky Howard, Steve Thorby plays Doug Worth, Robbie Wi plays Phil Kensington, and Ron Taylor plays Brian Curd.

In the flight; Ian Worth plays Vic O’Rourke, Barry Wallace plays Allan McCarthy, Tony Edgar plays King Shanly, Tali Mulafia plays Graeme Ormsby, Adam Sadler plays Maurice Tricker, Ross Jellard plays Tony FitzHerbert and Dieter Drescher plays Stew Kensington.  Oh, and Ding plays David Hoyte ... Nooo!

6 million dollars for offending 2 stuffed toys, we’ll see about that!

Vets Results
There was a good turnout for the first day of play for the vets scramble last Thursday.  In the men’s division Warren Long came in first with 40, followed by Lindsay Siegel on 38 and Peter Smith on 37.

In the ladies 1st was Audrey Mathis 41, 2nd Bev Macartney 38, and Florence Jellard 3rd also on 38.

Bells Twilight
Another successful week with 65 in the field, here is just a brief summary of results.  Rachel Seidel won the ladies with 22 Muriel Savage 20 and Lorraine Smith 16.

David Motutere won the golfers with 24, Ding, Hori Dixon and Vance Carson 22, Vic O’Rourke 21, Brian Curd, Jamie Ormsby, David Hoyte Wayne Mudford 20 and Spill Hill 19.

Kevin Duthie won the non golfers with 24, John O’Rourke 23, Paul Strange and Douglas Ward 22, Johnson O’Rourke 21, Justin Sanson 20, Jeza O’Rourke and Jeff Mossong 19, Tama Richmond and Phil Harris 18.

Tirau Earthmovers 2 and Ngati Putt Putt tied on 63 points each, MacDaddies 61, Stranglers 59, Beavers and DOA 58.  Yes and Ding beat Sean Samkin, but Sean still leads 2-1!

Coming up …
Today we have Bells Valentines Twilight, and on Saturday we have the Super Liquor Open Tournament.  On the 23rd is the first round of the Bradshaw Cup … Good luck and good golfing!

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