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Article :: 2008.02.21 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 21 February 2008.

Men's Report
This Week, it’s all about the Putaruru Super Liquor Open Tournament.  With just under 80 in the field, it was a great tournament, not only because Ding played well, but the hospitality and organisation of Jim Smith and Marie Worth in presenting a superb prize table, and running the BBQ tent on the 6th tee made for a very convivial day for all.

Another hole in one as well, this time to Denise Hunt’s on the 13th, what a great shot.

There's not a lot coming to Ding in terms of Dings Delights, but here are a couple of tit bits.

Is there a complete rethink coming for the Prebble Cup Juniors?  A Balls up like this is unthinkable as the Number 1 Prebble Cup Junior lost his round one match in the Bradshaw (played a week early) to possibly the most irrepressible golfer on the planet!  Perhaps that is unfair, as this person on his day is pretty tough opposition to put away, as Stephen Thorby found out.  Steve dug his way into a quite substantial hole, and perhaps it was not Worth it to play a week early, but losing on the 16th to Doug Worth, is very humbling to the newly crowned Prebble Cup number 1 junior.

To recount some of the exquisite dark deeds, on the 12th, Steve Thorby was driving and playing his approach shots superbly.  Just off the green for 2 on the very long par 5, it was a shambolic Balls up to lose the hole taking a 7 to Doug Worth’s 7 “with a shot!”  And perhaps Ding should not mention the 8 on the 15th, 4 over par after again being just off the green for, you guessed it ... 2!

The last of Dings Delights is the fact that the number 3 in the Prebble Cup Juniors, Dings nemesis Sean Samkin showed remarkable grit to keep a determined effort from Ding and Chris McKillop out of his wallet and half a very tight haggle ... the play of the 18th however, will live long in Ding’s memory ... 7 was it?

Finally, for Sean to win an umbrella for closest to the pin, in a time of drought, tickled Dings sense of wit, but not as much as a Fuzzy recollection of 24 points, no not for 9 holes, but for 18 ... live by the pen, die by the pen!

We must also thank the neighbours for helping irrigate the 6th fairway; the couple in the field from Environment Waikato were very keen to follow up on the results, but Ding perhaps should not fling this stuff too far!

The results for the Super Liquor Tournament: - Ladies nett winner Denise Hunt 67, runner up Heather Howard 71; Gross winner Rachel Seidel 82; Stableford winner Alison Riley 38, runner up Florence Jellard 35.

Division 1 nett winner Phil Kensington 65, runner up Ted Ward 68; Gross winner Mike Karl 73; Stableford winner Richie Brown 42, Ding 40, Maurice Tricker, Peter Smith, Jahrome Brown, Vic O’Rourke, Dominic Morris all 39, Massey Rata, Butch Hamilton and Ian Worth 38.

Division 2 nett winner Paul Graham 63, runner up Gary Urbahn 66; Gross winner Brian Curd 85; Stableford winner Karl Flavell 44, Peter Rennie 41, Dieter Dresher, Sean Samkin, Chris McKillop 40, Stan Wilson 39, David Motutere and Wayne Mudford 38, Lindsay Siegel 37.

Joe Davies and Jeremy Jacobsen were the best out of the non golfers.

Denise Hunt scored a hole in one, And two’s were scored by Rachel Seidel, Eric Miskowicz, Maurice Tricker, John Mulholland, Barry Wallace, Chris McKillop, Paul Graham and Dieter Dresher.

The long drives went to Cushla Arbuckle, Greg Worth, Tony Muller and Joe Davies; Closest to the pin - Alison Riley, Barry Wallace, Sean Samkin and Kevin Duthie; Longest putt on the 18th Cheryl Jones, Maurice Tricker and John Craig.

Bradshaw Draws
In the main draw; Massey Rata plays Roger Clothier, Walter Morgan plays Butch Hamilton, Peter Rennie plays Mark Lawrence, Duncan Gallagher plays Hooky Howard, Robbie Wi plays Phil Kensington, and Ron Taylor plays Brian Curd.

In the flight; Ian Worth plays Vic O’Rourke, Barry Wallace plays Allan McCarthy, Tony Edgar plays King Shanly, Tali Mulafia plays Graeme Ormsby, Adam Sadler plays Maurice Tricker, Ross Jellard plays Tony FitzHerbert, Dieter Drescher plays Stew Kensington and Ding plays David Hoyte.

Vets Results
Once again we had a good field of players turn out for the scramble last Thursday.  Results in the men’s division were 1st Tony Edgar 44, 2nd Colin Howard 44, 3rd Colin Hamilton 39 and in the ladies division 1st Cheryl Jones 41, 2nd Alison Riley 39 followed by Bev Macartney on 38.

Bells Twilight
Another great night, a victory to Ding drawing level with his nemesis 2 all in the Captain Morgan haggle, but a very distressing out come in the teams.

DOA have come into some very ill timed form to score their second maximum points victory, tying with BC&T on 63 points, 3rd were Undecided, Tirau Earthmovers 2 61, MacDaddies and Stranglers 60.

Rachel Seidel won the Ladies with 22 points, Lorraine Smith 18 and Beryl Garnett 16.

George Dixon won the golfers division with 25, Robbie Wi and Vance Carson 24, Brian Curd and Graeme Ormsby 23, Spill Hill, Allan McCarthy and Massey Rata 22, Kyle Savage and Pip Pakaru 21.

Allan Sutton won the non golfers with 27, Ben Cross 26, Tama Richmond 25, David Bidois and Joe Davies 24, Kevin Duthie and Jeremy Jacobsen 23, David Gill and Phil Harris 22, Smiley Alexander 21.

Two’s were scored by Joe Davies, Massey Rata, Warren Craig and Kyle Savage.

Coming up …
Today we have Bells Twilight, and on Saturday we have the first round of the Bradshaw, and the second round of the Radd Cup.  On Sunday, Putaruru hosts the first round of Championship Pennants, where the home team plays Ngaruawahia … Good luck and good golfing!






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