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Article :: 2008.02.28 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 28 February 2008.

Men's Report
This Week around the Golf Club has been about as inclement as the weekend’s weather.

Wooden Spoon
We will start with the wooden spoon day, where 36 played the recently completed Jack Nicklaus signature course, The Kinloch Club.

At just under 6000 metres of championship calibre golf course, it’s fair to say our boys struggled, well some of them anyway.  And it being our first look at the track, we had no idea where we were going, or the best way to approach various holes.  The average stableford score was 26 points!

And when they ran out of cold beverages for our thirsty boys, the experience turned to custard with most vowing never to return.  That said, Ding had a good day, scored 29 points, had a counting card for his handicap, and would like to revisit the course, say, after winter to watch the course development.

Lauchie Phillips won the day with 40 points, Stan Wilson 35, Andrew Sadler 33, John Barr and Warren Craig 32, Dieter Drescher 31 and Ian Worth 30.

Now to the business end of the scoring where Don Riley escaped with 17 points by virtue of 11 points on the back nine to let King Shanly, also on 17 points win the spoon.  King had a king super-sized 5 points on the back 9 which left him winning the spoon on count back.

For completeness of this report, Ross Jellard had 19 points, 6 non scoring holes, 5 of them on the back nine.

And for those from Waotu, it is interesting to note King Shanly’s long standing association with the district having taught most of their children over the years.

Putaruru Super Liquor Midweek Results
A smallish field of 31 braved a stinking hot day.

The ladies nett winner was Denise Hunt 65, runner up Heather Edgar 71.  The stableford winners were Florence Jellard 38, Alison Riley 37 and Cheryl Jones 36.

The division 1 nett winner was the ex Tirau man, Lauchie Phillips with 67, runner up Ross Jellard 69.  The stableford winners were Alan Wallace 40, Hooky Howard and Maurice Tricker 38 and Eric Hill 37.

And in Division 2, the nett winner was Les O’Leary with his best ever round of 63 (85 gross,) runner up Lindsay Siegel 71.  The Stableford winner was Gary Urbahn 44, Peter Smith 38, Tony’s Muller and Edgar 37.

Two’s were scored by Ross Jellard on the par 4 6th, Tony Edgar on the 3rd and Shirley Wood on the 8th.

Vets Results
Results of the vets scramble played 21 February 2008.  Men’s division; 1st was Les O’Leary 45, Gary Urbahn 44, Lindsey Siegel.  Denise Hunt led the ladies in with 43 followed by Heather Howard 40 and Heather Edgar 37.

Putaruru Vets won the first round of the Waikato Veteran Pennants held at Walton last Friday.

Saturday Scramble
The big news was that Ding did not lose to David Hoyte, in a contest that counts for virtual nothing other than the ignominy of losing, the Bradshaw Flight.

Results for matches in the main Bradshaw draw; Massey Rata beat Roger Clothier, Butch Hamilton beat Walter Morgan, Robbie Wi thrashed Phil Kensington, and Ron Taylor beat Brian Curd.

In other flight matches, Vic O’Rourke beat Ian Worth, Allan McCarthy beat Barry Wallace, Tony Edgar beat spoon man King Shanly, Maurice Tricker beat Adam Sadler, and close to getting the spoon Ross Jellard beat Dieter Dresher.

The scramble winner was Max Russell with 41 points; John Mulholland and Massey Rata 39 and Mark Lawrence 38.

In the junior division, the winner was Adam Sadler 40, David Motutere 39, Stan Wilson and David Hoyte (who lost to Ding) 38 apiece.

Championship Pennants Round 1
On Sunday, Putaruru played at home against Ngaruawahia winning 5/4.  But that is not the bad news.

In his 4 year tenure as club captain, Captain Ding never failed to get the team in on time.  This year, the ex Captain managed to get involved just enough to help the team to a 1 point penalty for not having the team in on time.  What a Snafu.  Ding was always good enough in the past to ensure that all blunders were cleverly concealed, but this year, no such luck.

Anywho, while this is a setback, Putaruru still has a chance of qualifying in the top two teams to play off for promotion to division 3 if we are good enough.  And this year, we have our best ever opportunity.

In the foursomes, Butch Hamilton and Mark Nichol, John Barr and Greg Worth had wins, while a sliding putt on 18 denied half a point for Mike and Brad Karl.

In the singles, wins went to Mike Karl playing at one, Greg Worth playing at two, and Butch Hamilton at five.

Bells Twilight
The Beavers are dejected, struggling mid table like the Chiefs, they will need a miracle to head off the DOA team of Dairying magnates, who look likely to plunder their way into the Beavers hard earned cash reserves, and get payback for last year.  But still, Alpha Beaver Ding beat Hoytie on Saturday!

In the ladies, the winner was Beryl Garnett with 19 points, Muriel Savage 17 and Lorraine Smith 16.

The winner of the golfers division was Vance Carson 27 (1 under the card), Hori Dixon 25, Allan McCarthy and Sean Samkin 23, Brian Curd 22, Jahrome Brown, Warren Craig, Jamie Ormsby, David Motutere and Wayne Mudford 21.

The winner of the non golfers division was Justin Sanson (about time) with 28, Phil Harris 26, Peter Hills 25, Grant Brownhill 24, Ben Cross, Kevin Duthie 23, Alan Sutton 22, and Greg Burnett and Matt Corrin 21.

In the teams, MacDaddies took top spot with 63 points, Tirau Earthmovers 2 and B C & T 22, Stranglers and DOA 61, and the humble Beavers 60.

DOA head the overall team standings with 19.5 points, MacDaddies 18.5, Tirau Earthmovers 2 17.0 and the Strangler 15.5.

Coming up …
Today we have Bells Twilight, and on Saturday we have the Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament, second round of the Bradshaw, and the final round of the Radd Cup.  We also have the monthly medal, Captains Trophy and the shootout begins.

The Primary School Tournament due to be played on Sunday has been postponed, watch this space.

Oh, and there is a Match Committee meeting at 9.00 AM at the golf club … Good luck and good golfing!

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