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Article :: 2008.03.06 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 6 March 2008.

Men's Report
This week we’ll learn all about the grapevine, Brian Curd’s monthly medal win, Sean Samkin’s thrashing of the ex Club Captain at twilight, David Hoyte’s astounding form on the course, and of course, of course, a little handling of that wooden implement best used to stir things along to stop things sticking to the bottom.

Speaking of bottoms, Ding is prepared to give photo shop lessons to the person or “peoples” who put that lovely photo on the notice board.  While officially, the Putaruru Golf Club cannot condone such gratuitous and frivolous hi jinx, wasn’t that an uncanny likeness to the real Statler and Waldorf in the picture from the Dubai nudist golf course.

And speaking of rain, a grizzle from Ding - just because the rubbish bins on some holes are full, does not give anyone the excuse of throwing their bottles, and other rubbish on the neighbours property ... you can indeed carry your rubbish to a bin and place it beside the rubbish receptacle, or carry it off the course with you ... This golf course, and our neighbour properties are not a tip, and we are not twelve anymore ... some responsible maturity please!  Especially you TWILIGHTERS!

It was a grainy day on Saturday, where those that played and came out early to try and miss the rain, instead got whetted from the time they started unpacking their gear in the car park until well after the end of the round ... Ding was one of those!

Brian Curd won the monthly medal with a nett 67, while Mark Nicholl won the Radd Cup with a stableford total of 87 points.  Second in the Radd was Brian Curd 85.  Scooter shot a 75, bogeying the last hole while the Jekyll and Hyde of golf, Ding, won the best stableford shooting 85 for 39 points, out in a wonderful 48, home in 37. 

And it was a wee bit sobering (from the dry warmth of the 19th) to watch a solitary match on Saturday go to the 19th, just as the rain got  that wee bit more heavier.  Is this what you need after 18 sodden holes of golf in matchplay?  Anyway, to the relief of Ron Taylor, poor old Robbie Wi popped one out of bounds to end his opportunity to roll the big man!

Did you hear the whisper that Ngaruawahia thought it was a joke that Putaruru does nothing to give our team a home course advantage, when all the other teams feel their courses are set up to suit the home team, not penalise them ... but please keep this to yourself!

How did Ron Jeremy get his nickname ... so Sadz!

And for those that missed last week’s “This Week” press report, Ding beat David Hoyte 2/1.

Firestone Results
There were only 30 in the field, most like due to the frail nature of those sugar golfers; you know the ones that dissolve in the rain. But all the good golfers that played had “fun!”  But were there 3 golfers seen prancing and skipping?  ... must have been farmers!

The division 1 nett winner was Brian Curd 67, runner up Mark Nicholl 69.  The stableford winner was Ding with 39, John Mulholland and Butch Hamilton 38, Hooky Howard and Massey Rata 36.

The division 2 nett winner was David Hoyte 70, runner up Dieter Drescher 72.  The stableford winner was John Craig with 39, Peter Rennie 37, Butch Pickrang and Peter Smith 36.

All the two’s were scored on the 3rd hole by Peter Smith, Butch Hamilton and Massey Rata.

Bells Twilight
Well at least the Beavers are better than the Chiefs, and that's not saying a lot ... how does the saying go again ... “the team can take a lot of heart from that performance but now it’s back to the drawing board!”

One of Dings Delights this week comes from the Twilight Zone, where a young Vance Carson went from 35 gross, a squillion points and hero last week, to 47 off the stick, slightly less points and zero this week, golf is callously cruel like that.

Can Sean Samkin’s continued form be put down to some time on the practice fairway? And how did XCD not see this coming, now 4-2 down.  Two more weeks to go, all square, and lots of tears!

The big news is that DOA has been overtaken on the top of the team’s standings by the MacDaddies by 3 points, a huge advantage, and is also behind the Stranglers, by 1 point ... what is happening?

Beryl Garnett won the ladies, 2nd Muriel Savage and 3rd Rachel Seidel.

David Motutere won the golfers section, 2nd Stan Wilson and 3rd Sean Samkin.  Scott Shaw won the non golfers, with Ben Cross second and third John O’Rourke.

The Teams winners were 1st Stranglers, 2nd MacDaddies, 3rd Tirau Earthmovers 2, 4th B C & T, 5th Ngati Putt Putt, and 6th DOA.

Coming up …
Today we have Bells Twilight, and on Saturday we have the semi finals of the Bradshaw, and the first round of the Walford Trophy.  Next week, there will be a full report on Dings thrashings … Good luck and good golfing!

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