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Article :: 2008.03.20 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 20 March 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the latest in representative results, nick names, Red Light drama and the final twilight results.

But first let’s do some housekeeping.  The Van Dyk Classic is scheduled for April 12 and 13; entry forms are available from the club house.

The shootout is now into its 4th round and you must be financial to have your scores counting, so get your money in sooner rather than later.

The greens have been cored, although you would hardly notice that to play on them.  Other than a bit of length on them they are playing very well, with little or no disruption to the playing schedule, of the men!

Please fix your pitch marks ... especially the vets who are sometimes notoriously bad at this, their centimetre thick bifocals and all that just don’t believe that their 5 woods from 60 metres will leave a mark!

To our first bit on knick names, where our Muppet duo Statler and Waldorf were seen slumming it up at Formosa during last week, not on their damages award, as, apparently the cheque (in Fraggle roubles) is still in the post!

They played Formosa and Waikare with Butcher and Eggs.  The result was a 2 nil loss to the Muppet duo, who were very cRoss, and Hooked on a bad feeling for the 2 matches.  The trip home through Hamilton was Butchered, although no Eggs were harmed, but the Tony award had a particular Edge, are without the eggs (crypto’s will get this one easy!).  Bragging for a year is it for Butchered Ham and Eggs over cRossly Hooked toast?

Moving on, it is true, Putaruru now has a designated Red Light District, set in concrete on the 17th tee.  It is a case of using protection, so that no STD’s are transmitted on the green, and in danger of getting a big hit from the bad boys who are looking for some action on the green!

Loosely translated, Putaruru is the first Golf Club in the Country to use wireless technology for the protection of those still on the green from those on the tee who can drive the green, a button to push, and a red light of warning! 

This is very progressive of the committee, well ahead of its time, but of no protection off the 9th tee or 1st tee, where Ding has found that indeed it is possible to find the 17th green as well.

But, if you see any solicitation near the area, please report this to Ron Jeremy, another Sadz nickname, which indeed is another nickname, but not to ACC Pete!

Championship Pennants
Putaruru played Raglan at Raglan, and slaughtered them.  To roll a team at home is a pretty big call and Putaruru did it.

In the morning foursomes, wins went to Mike and Brad Karl 2/1, and Butch Hamilton and Mark Nicholl 3/2 which put the team 2-1 ahead, the only loss coming from John Barr and Greg Worth 4/3.

In the afternoon singles wins went to Greg Worth 2/1, John Barr 5/3, Mark Nicholl 7/6 and Butch Hamilton 2 up.

The win puts Putaruru in 3rd place after Lochiel and Te Aroha.  Lochiel rolled Morrinsville, who Putaruru drew with last week, so Lochiel look like the team to beat, while Te Aroha beat Stewart Alexander, who we have yet to meet.  The wooden spooner's in the division are Stewart Alexander and Raglan; let’s hope Putaruru does not give Stewart their only points for the season!

Prebble Cup
The momentum of last week’s practice round continued this week with a solid win over Waiterimu 9-3 at the idyllic Thames club.

Ding can’t believe this, as the expected weak points prove execrably solid, which is somewhat of a Balls up in Dings thinking.  But Captain Terry has taken a hands on (nothing to do with priests) approach to selecting the representative teams, who are performing admirably.

In the morning foursomes wins went to Russell McCarthy and Sean Samkin, John Mulholland and Terry Garnett, Maurice Tricker and Ross Jellard, with the only loss coming from Steve Thorby and “Black Flag” Lauchie Phillips, the team went ahead 3-1.

In the afternoon singles wins went to Sean Samkin, Lauchie Phillips and big boy Steve Thorby in the juniors, and John Mulholland, Ross Jellard and Maurice Tricker in the seniors, 6-2 and 9-3 overall.

Now you may have noticed the first of the new nicknames, there is nothing sinister in Black Flags new nickname, as it has to do with pest control or fly spray.  And as we have all suffered deplorably from the flies this year, the ability to get rid of annoying pests is definitely a plus for the team.

Others nicknames in the team are George, Rosco, Spotty, Balls and Tell or Towl!?

Saturday Scramble
The winner of the Bradshaw Cup was Mark Nicholl who beat Duncan Gallagher 5/4.  The winner of the flight real doesn’t matter, but Ding will report this “counts for nothing” result for posterities sake as a win to Ross Jellard over Vic O’Rourke 3/2.

Winning division 1 was “Rosco” Jellard nett 65, Rachel Seidel, “Scooter” Nicholl and Daley Rata-Makene 66, “George” Mulholland, “Black Flag” Phillips and Vic O 68.

In division 2 Pip Pakaru had 67, Tommy Houston 68, Peter Rennie 69, The District Mayor and Stan Wilson 70, Warren Long 71 and Ron Jeremy, a Sadz 72.

Results from the Vets Scramble last Thursday; men’s division, 1st was Stew Kensington 41, Gary Urbahn 41 and Tony FitzHerbert 40.  Brenda Buckeridge was first in the ladies division on 43, followed by Margaret Karl 43 and Heather Howard 38.

Putaruru now lead the Waikato Veterans Golf Pennants by 18 strokes ahead of Walton in round 3 of the 6 rounds.

Bells Twilight
The MacDaddies rock winning the Bells Business House Shield for 2008 putting a strangle hold over the next best team, the Stranglers by 5 points.

The final standings were 1st MacDaddies 31.5, Stranglers 26.5 Tirau Earthmovers 2 26.5, DOA 26, B C & T 21, Undecided 19.5, Ngati Putt Putt 18, Tirau Earthmovers 1 16, Beavers 13.5, Phuk Knows 13, Team Yugio 12 and Steamers 7.5.
The winner of the golfers was Phil Kensington 23, John McPherson 23, Ron Taylor 22, Jahrome Brown 22, Dale Ensor 22, Vic O 22, Warren Craig 22, Daley Rata-Makene 21, Wayne Mudford 21 and Massey Rata 20.

In the non golfers the winner was Jack Scheres 24, Paul Strange 24, Grant Brownhill 23, Phil Harris 23, Bennie Savage Snr 22, Kieran Ensor 22, David Gill 22, John O'Rourke 21, Marcus McGarvey 20 and Joe Davies 20.
The ladies winner was Lorraine Smith 25, Muriel Savage 19 and Rachel Seidel 15.

 Coming up …
Today we have the final of Bells Twilight, and on Saturday and Monday we have Easter scrambles … and next week there will be no press report due to Easter ... Good luck and good golfing!

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