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Article :: 2008.04.03 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 3 April 2008.

Men's Report
This Week, we have nothing to update on the Championship Pennants as they play the top placed Lochiel team at Morrinsville this Sunday.

There is nothing to report on the Prebble Cup team as their next round is also on Sunday against Hukanui.  BUT, there have been gremlins at play that meant that Maurice Tricker who was reported as winning his matches in the last round played, in fact did not win his matches.  Point of fact he did not even play!  Not one to split hairs, it was Massey Rata who played the round at Thames, and ably won his matches.

The ex captain may be losing his reporting sharpness.

Now with Easter, and a week away, there is little to report on, so Ding will wing it,

Time is running out to enter in the Van Dyks Classic, a 2 day 54 hole mixed foursomes affair of renowned and epic proportions, don’t miss out.

A further apology and perhaps a point missed, not surprising though.  In the last article, a reference to “especially the vets ...” about repairing pitch marks on our freshly cored greens was taken to mean “exclusively the vets.”

This has apparently lanced a festering cesspool of pus ridden discontent about who is leaving unrepaired pitch marks on the greens.  Does it matter?  If you can see a pitch mark, fix it ... it is about that simple.

TTT Trophy
The draw has been done, and for the record, not that we should have to state this, there was no “interference” with the draw process.  God in her infinite wisdom set the chaos of the drawn partners together as only a canine of the female variety can.

The first round was played on Saturday, and now there are just 16 pairs left, vying for this highly coveted trophy. 

Last year, the TTT was won by then Captain Ding, and his partner in crime, Duncan Gallagher, playing superlative golf, vanquishing all that would pretend to be competition to this dynamic and fearsome duo of death.

 Matches played on Saturday saw Vic O’Rourke and Doug Worth beat Maurice Tricker, the one that doesn’t play Prebble Cup, and his partner Tommy Houston 2/1.  Hooky Howard and Jahrome Brown beat Greg Worth and Adam Sadler 4/2, Greg by the way shot a 69 on the previous Thursday.

Spotty McCarthy and Hori Dixon beat Terry Garnett and Stan Wilson 3/1.  King Shanly and Tango Drescher had an upset win over Butch Hamilton and Stew Kensington, a 6/5 spanking no less.  There is probably more truth to that than meets the eye.

Mark Nicholl and Les O’Leary beat Tali Mulafia and Roger Clothier 2/1, while Daley Rata-Makene and Sean Samkin beat John Barr and Tony Muller 3/2.

Saturday Scramble
Is Sean Samkin the best up and comer this year?  Firing 80 off the stick last Saturday, assessed to 78 after a quadruple bogie on the par 4 11th, this has seen his handicap plummet to 15.2 from just a few weeks ago being on 18.  He is now in jeopardy of dropping out of the Prebble Cup Juniors if he carries on like this.

And with his partner Daley Rata-Makene who fired 77 off the stick, they are surely the hot favourites to win the TTT this year.

And they headed the prize list for division 1, first was Sean Samkin with nett 64, 2nd Daley Rata-Makene 65, Jahrome Brown, Spotty McCarthy and John Barr 67, Hooky Howard and King Shanly 68, and John Bryant 69.

In Division 2 David Motutere had a nett 63, winning on count back from ACC Pete Smith, Lindsay Siegel 65, Brett Worth 67, Tony FitzHerbert, Warren Long and Fern Taylor 68, and Tango Drescher 69.

Two’s were scored on the 3rd hole by Mike Karl, Dave O’Brien, Terry Garnett and Massey Tricker, sorry Massey Rata; on the 8th by Tony FitzHerbert, Daley Rata-Makene, and Maurice Rata, sorry Maurice Tricker, and Mike Karl on the 13th.

Daley Rata-Makene further underlined his star quality by winning the Walford Cup with a best 2 out of 3 round nett total of 131, just pipping Scooter Nicholl on 133.

Results of the vets scramble played Thursday 28th March are as follows – Men’s Division, 1st Ross Jellard 44, 2nd Peter Smith, 3rd Dieter Drescher 40, and in the ladies division 1st Audrey Mathis 43, 2nd Bev Macartney 40 and 3rd Florence Jellard 37.

Putaruru Super Liquor Tournament
Just before Easter there was the Super Liquor midweek.  The leading Ladies were Cheryl Jones nett 73, and Louise Wallace 35 stableford points.

The division 1 nett winner was Ross Jellard 64 and runner up the ex Captain Ding 66.  The stableford winner was Warren Craig 42, Allan Wallace 40, Greg Worth 40 and Tali Mulafia 37.

The division 2 nett winner was Tango Drescher with 68, runner up ACC Pete 69.  The stableford winner was Duncan Gallagher 40, David Hoyte 39, Bill Gerring 38, and Tony Edgar 36.

Two’s were scored by Warren Craig on the 13th, Dieter Drescher and Ding on the 3rd, and David Hoyte fluked one on the 10th.

TTT Draw
The second round sees Ron Taylor and Allan McCarthy play Vic O’Rourke and Doug Worth; Ross Jellard and Neville Dugan play Kevin Duthie and Brian Curd; John Mulholland and Frank Jamieson play Hooky Howard and Jahrome Brown; Spotty McCarthy and Hori Dixon play Massey Rata and David Motutere; Ted Ward and Ron Hunt play King Shanly and Dieter Drescher; Scooter Nicholl and Les O’Leary play Lauchie Phillips and Brett Worth; Steve Thorby and Dale Ensor play Lance Hay and ACC Pete, and finally favourites Daley Rata-Makene and Sean Samkin play Ding and Tony Edgar.

The Rules Rule
Now for a comment on the Rules of Golf.  There have been 2 instances in the last 6 months where players have received top prizes, but where they should have been disqualified for breaches of the rules.

There are free copies of the rules available at the club rooms, but ignorance is rife and no excuse.

Learn the rules so that you will not be at the mercy of those who purport rules that are in fact fantasies.  These people because of their eloquence and combative nature, will claim a hole by jumbling definitions and terms, all legitimate, but out of context and you believe them.  And because you don’t know the rules yourself, and it all sounds plausible you lose a tight match, or lose the plot altogether.

These charlatans are evil, unless it is Ding, and then a quite clever ploy of confusing and befuddling the weak and ignorant is perfect acceptable.

So for your protection, have a copy of the rules in your bag, also have one at home for reference.  Read them at least once so that you can find your way around them, they are your ally.

Feel free to talk to Ding, who just happens to be a qualified referee himself, and others who have referee qualifications.

Ding for one does find it objectionable that you can compete with people who break the rules and walk away with first prize, when you’ve played well enough, but come second!

There will come a day where there will be a very public and humiliating disqualification, you have been warned!

Coming up …
Today we have Vets, and on Saturday there is the Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament, round 2 of the TTT Trophy, and the Monthly Medal and Captains Trophy ... Good luck and good golfing!

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