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Article :: 2008.04.10 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 10 April 2008.

Men's Report
This Week, we have Prebble Cup and Championship Pennant results, a report on round 2 of the TTT and a smorgasbord of delights from which to nibble.

So much so that stories about the crash at the golf club will be left out, suffice it to say that some might have to Tango to a different tune while the Hunt is on, or is that Ron.  No one was harmed in the making of this charade.

And stories about golfing identities not that well “clothed” in the morning, being locked out of houses by their dearly beloved, of course by accident, will have to remain on the QT, oh to have been a fly on the window sill that morning.

There was a rumour that Ding played the Tirau Midweek Tournament, won a prize, and beat Eddie Brown in the process ... Yay, and Richie Brown from Putaruru cleaned up with a nett 60 for the top nett prize.

And speaking of beating Tirau, remember the year, 2005 to be exact, when Putaruru beat Tirau in the Prebble Cup final, ah the glory days.

Ding will not speak of the Handicap Pennants effort, as the replacement to David Hoyte fared worse than Hoytie, a 99 off the stick in the morning was enough to keep Putaruru in 8th spot, not last, but also not qualifying.

Isn’t a nett 86 a bit of a Ball’s up, nothing to do with Alan Wallace in the Handicap Pennants, but more to the efforts of recording artist Pamela Thorby’s cousin Big Boy Steve.

The 2008 Van Dyk Classic is full this year with 64 entries this year.  It will be a cinch this time round, as we have done this before, and with that experience will deliver a spectacular success.

Prebble Cup
The Prebble Cup Team have done what was thought to be impossible, they lost all of the morning foursomes to be 4 zip down to Hukanui playing at the Narrows Golf Club.  The extra hour of sleep on Sunday obviously did not work, but Ding is assured that there were no extra dawn breakers to blame for this travesty.

Then the team just about did the impossible by coming back with 5 wins and a half for 5.5 points, alas half a point to far, going down 6.5 to 5.5.

Wins in the afternoon went to Sean Samkin, big boy Steve Thorby and Lauchie Phillips in the juniors, and Ross Jellard and John Mulholland in the seniors.  Terry Garnett halved his match while Spotty McCarthy and Massey Rata lost their matches.  And we will never again mention the bunker shot on the 18th by none other than Maurice Tricker, sorry Massey Rata ever again!

Championship Pennants
The Putaruru pennants team had a win over top placed Lochiel at Morrinsville.  Putaruru is now sitting in second place behind Te Aroha.  In the next round Lochiel and Te Aroha lock horns while Putaruru will play Stewart Alexander.

The Championship Pennants had WINS in their morning foursomes, which was a novel way to set up their day.

Butch Hamilton and Mark Nicholl butchered their opposition 7/6, John Barr and Rhys Burnett won 2/1, while Mike Karl and Greg Worth finished all square, 2.5 points to 0.5 ahead.

In the afternoon singles, Butch Hamilton won 3/2, Rhys Burnett lost 3/1, John Barr won 3/1, Mark Nicholl won 1 up, Greg Worth won 3/1 and Mike Karl lost 3/2.

TTT Trophy
All of Dings conniving was lost on his opposition Sean Samkin and Daley Rata-Makene ... The biggest smoke storm in last week’s article worked only on Sean, and then that's debateable, the obscene pink shirt worn by Ding had no impact, and that young Daley had to carry his partner ALL the live long day.

Daley started his round a bit rough it is fair to say, 43 off the bat, but then slaughtered Tony Edgar and Ding with a 36 off the stick on the back nine to sink their highly fancied opposition 2/1, boo freaking’ hoo!

Vic O’Rourke and Doug Worth won 3/1 over Ron Taylor and Allan McCarthy; Ross Jellard and Neville Dugan beat Kevin Duthie and Brian Curd 3/1; John Mulholland and Frank Jamieson had a win over Hooky Howard and Jahrome Brown 2/1; Massey Rata and David Motutere spanked Spotty McCarthy and Hori Dixon 4/3; Ted Ward and Crash Hunt had a shocking win over King Shanly and Crash Drescher 3/1; Lauchie Phillips and Brett Worth cleaned up Mark Nicholl and Les O’Leary 4/3; and Lance Hay and ACC Pete murdered a hapless Steve Thorby 4/3 forced to play by himself after a no show by his partner.

Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament
66 played the Firestone Pork n Bacon tournament.  Cheryl Jones won the Ladies nett with a 69, while the stableford prizes went to Fern Taylor 39 and Maureen Shanly 33.

The division 1 nett winner was Brian Curd 67, runner up Jahrome Brown 68.  Daley Rata-Makene won the stableford with 40 points on count back from Ross Jellard and Max Russell, Big Boy Thorby, ACC Pete, John Mulholland and John Bryant all 39.

And in division 2, Peter Rennie cleaned up with a nett 64, Brett Worth, Stew Kensington and Doug Worth had nett 66’s, Gary Urbahn had 39 points, and Frank Jamieson and Lindsay Siegel had 38 points apiece.

Two’s were scored by Gary Urbahn, Richard Wharehoka, Mark Nicholl, John Bryant and Richie Brown on the 3rd; Greg Worth on the 8th; and Lyndon Moore and Shannon Pawhau on the 10th.

Other of Dings Delights
The rules comments have sent punters scurrying for who the perpetrators are that have absconded with prizes while infracting on the rules.  That's not the point, but there has been a marked awareness on things rule related which is good.

Speaking of which, did Ding spot an illegal driver still in competition use on Saturday, if you are not sure, check up on www.randa.org.  Please do not try and double click the newsprint morons!

Massey Rata had a big win for top honours at the Maori Tournament held recently at Lakeview shooting a par round for a 47 point haul.

A week or so later, Fern Taylor shot the same as Massey Rata at the Tahuna Classic, 84 off the stick for 49 points and a nett 58. Massey Rata did not get a prize, but Fern Taylor won the overall nett prize.

Some ladies news now as the Pennants team beat Ngaruawahia 6 nil, a clean sweep for the team of Denise Hunt, Louise Wallace, Gloria Osbourne and Rachel Seidel.

And the Wills Cup team won the round at Putaruru, and are now sitting 3rd overall.

Coming up …
Today we have Vets, and on the weekend we have the Van Dyks Classic ... Good luck and good golfing!

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