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Article :: 2008.04.17 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 17 April 2008.

Van Dyk Classic
This Week it is 8.10am on Masters Monday, the boys are gathered around at OB’s, in wait of a Tiger comeback, or some new no name to win.

But This Week it is all about the Van Dyk Classic.  64 Pairs, 128 players made for a big weekend at the club.  And the weekend ran like clockwork thanks to Captain Terry Garnett’s organisation and effort.

And again, what do you say about the sponsorship from Van Dyk Furnishers ... Sheryl Van Dyk again organised a superb prize table for the 8 divisions, and while sponsorship may be more difficult to procure, Van Dyks generosity is a credit to the company, and their co-sponsors.

And it was great that the drought breaking rain held off until Monday.

Now to Dings Delights where there is really only one, where the headline might go like this ... “Driver Barr’d after reckless use on the 18th!”

In a tight final in division 4 between Phil Kensington and Margaret Ranger playing John and Barbara Barr, the psychoanalytical brandishing came to a head on the 17th.  A par was good enough to win the hole for Kensington and Ranger after a Barr drive ended 195m from the pin, 10 metres behind the 14th green no less.

Then one down with one to play, downwind with the tees at the front, perhaps driver was not the club to use.  But when you need to hit the green in one, the theory was superb, the execution was perhaps a touch Fuzzy in hind sight.  But the Jim Beam has just come out.

The winner of the Van Dyk Cup and the division one was local Vic O’Rourke with visitor Ani Bahler from Stewart Alexander, they met for the first time on the way to their first tee.

The calibre of the field was such that last year’s winner could not even make division 1 this year.

Full Results
Division 1 winners Vic O’Rourke & Ani Bahler; runners up Brendan & Rachel Seidel; Consolation winners Steve & Leslie Haggie; runners up John & Maraea Keefe; Plate 1 winners Mark Nicholl & Shannon Pawhau; Plate 2 winners Greg Worth & Jean Holster.

Division 2 winners Dominic Morris & Cushla Arbuckle; runners up Owen Wilson & Kahu Winikerei; Consolation winners Mike Karl & Judy Kelsen; runners up John Mulholland & Shirley Kinaird; Plate 1 winners Allan & Louise Wallace; Plate 2 winners Paul Northover & Hinemoa Pohatu.

Division 3 winners Ross & Florence Jellard; runners up Don & Claire Campbell; Consolation winners Ian Froggatt & Peg Murphy; runners up Phil Blundell & Cheryl Forster; Plate 1 winners Brad Karl & Sandra Hopson; Plate 2 winners Tali Mulafia & Gaye Pickrang.

Division 4 winners Phil Kensington & Margaret Ranger; runners up John & Barbara Barr; Consolation winners John Kelsen & Jeanette Fox; runners up Ken Manuel & Fern Taylor; Plate 1 winners Steve Thorby & Gloria Osbourne; Plate 2 winners Danny & Cusla Tauroa.

Division 5 winners Alan & Kath Taverner; runners up Colin & Vere Hamilton; Consolation winners Peter Smith & Carol Fouhy; runners up Stephen & Dawn Rumney; Plate 1 winners Colin & Heather Howard; Plate 2 winners Rob & Libby Storey.

Division 6 winners John Wood & Elayne O’Leary; runners up Shayne Hill & Joy Aitchison; Consolation winners Lauchie Phillips & Jenny Smith; runners up Paul Graham & Jenny Clothier; Plate 1 winners Malcolm & Janet Breadmore; Plate 2 winners Mapu Simmonds & Cheryl Jones.

Division 7 winners Brett Worth & Lyn Darroch; runners up Russell Burman & Rachel Young; Consolation winners Tony & Heather Edgar; runners up Murray & Kirsty Higgs; Plate 1 winners Tony Fitzherbert & Marie Way; Plate 2 winners Jock & Kate McLean.

Division 8 winners King & Maureen Shanly; runners up John & Audrey Mathis; Consolation winners Russell McCarthy & Florence Cranch; runners up Brian & Racheal Knox; Plate 1 winners Rex & Neroli Fisher; Plate 2 winners Ted & Rosemary Ward.

Vets Results
Results from last Thursday vets scramble are as follows.  Men’s division 1st Ross Jellard 40, 2nd Gary Urbahn 39, 3rd Tony Fitzherbert also 39.  Florence Jellard was 1st in ladies division on 34 followed by Cheryl Jones. 

Putaruru are still ahead in the Waikato Veterans Golf pennants after four rounds.

Coming up …
Today we have the Putaruru Super Liquor midweek and Vets, and on the weekend we have the 3rd round of the TTT ... Good luck and good golfing!

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