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Article :: 2008.05.15 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 15 May 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the final round of the Championship Pennants, Saturdays Scramble results and maybe a Turkish Delight or several out of Dings X files.

Championship Pennants
Putaruru are through to the division 4 finals.  Playing the “interesting” Stewart Alexander course, the must win match against the other top of the table contender Te Aroha took on epic proportions.

Putaruru at the top of the table went into the day knowing that there was a possibility that they wouldn’t even make the final if they lost, and other results took a dour turn to oust the boys from the play off.

The biggest upset of the day however, was host team Stewart Alexander knocking out Lochiel from contention.  The spectacular absence from the end of day formalities by Lochiel will have their digestive systems suffering from severe bouts of sour grape poisoning for some time, while the Stewart boys partied on.

Even Morrinsville, notorious for being the first team to leave each match day left over an hour after the Lochiel team.

To the Putaruru results, where all 3 of the foursomes were won in adequate style, Butch Hamilton and Mark Nichol 2/1, Rhys Burnett and John Barr 3/2, and Mike Karl and Greg Worth 2/1.

The 3 points came not withstanding a wee slip up by one of the Putaruru boys, teeing off from outside the tee box.  For the uninitiated, the tee box is not hard to find, a flat-ish area, two blue markers, put your ball on a tee in between, and no more than 2 club lengths behind the markers, and ta-da you’re away.

Mark my words, the brain went dead as all thought processes Scooter’d  away without even a Nickel or a dime to show!

To the afternoon singles, where apparently the presence of the press reporter from Putaruru put added pressure onto the boys to perform.

Easy wins were had by Mark Nichol 7/5 and Rhys Burnett 6/5 and a solid win by Butch Hamilton 3/2.

Greg Worth fought his way back from a 4 down deficit to end all square, one treacherous birdie putt on the last hole from 4 or 5 feet just sliding by costing what would have been a great comeback victory.
Fuzzy logic most likely works in motor car computer chips, but not on the golf course.  In a match that produced great handicap cards, John Barr struggled around a flailing opponent to produce a tight contest out of a cake walk.  Anywho, a 1 down loss was the result in a match that could have easily swung in our direction, from the writer’s objective viewpoint.

Number one Mike Karl struggled on the front nine to peak at a 5 down deficit after 10 holes.  The old form returned with a birdie, par, birdie, birdie, birdie streak reducing the deficit to just 1 down.  Halving their 16th hole in birdie 4’s stopped the momentum, with the final result a 2/1 loss, and demotion from a lead paragraph headlined “Karl recovers from 5 down deficit to win in spectacular fashion!” to just a middle of the article paragraph.

The final result was a 6.5 to 2.5 win, and now a final against Morrinsville in a fortnight at the Narrows for promotion to division 3.

Saturday Scramble
A couple of growls to start, you must hole out on competition days to have a counting card.  The practice of giving short putts and then picking up will disqualify players from the day’s competition.

The second growl comes from King Kong (who else) and relates to filling out cards correctly for the day’s competition.  On Saturday it was a bogey competition, which means a plus (+) if you play under your handicap on a hole i.e. a win on that hole; a half if you play to your handicap on a hole, or a loss (-) if you play over your handicap on a hole.

This is very similar to match play, with the final result being so many up, all square or so many down on bogey.

The match committee’s job is to check score cards, not complete them for you.  Cards will be given back to for players to complete in the future, so there will be nothing to go ape over in the future.

Massey Rata won division 1 with a +5 score on bogey, Tali Mulafia and King Kong +4, Vance Carson and George Mulholland +3, Scooter Nicholl +2 and Sean Samkin +1.

Gary Urbahn topped division 2 with +6, and leads the Stratson Cup, Lance Hay and Tango Drescher +5, Hooky Howard and Duncan Gallagher +4, Rex Fisher and Les O’Leary +3.

And the worst score to be quiet (sic) frank was -9.

Two’s were scored by Vic O’Rourke and Wayne Mudford on the 3rd, Pip Pakaru and Lance Hay on the 10th, Eric Hill on the par 4 17th, and Ted Ward on the 10th and 13th.

Ding’s Delights
Did you realise that there are 6 decades represented in our pennants team, one each from their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s, and yes even the 60’s.

Even Stewart Alexander has under sown their front nine fairways.

Talk about not seeing the Wood for the trees.  One golfer on Thursday had an errant tee shot that lead to their second shot hitting the trunk of the tree they were under, ripping straight upwards and rustling around, before dropping straight down on the head of the poor unfortunate ... donk!

Now was that JR Ewing, or just a quick trip to the John behind the Wood’s.

Eyebrow Hamilton defaulted his match against Balls which cost Ding $20, because Ding was sure that Eyebrow would have the better of the dual, and was prepared to back the mighty hedge.

Oh dear, how Sad, never mind ... This leads us to the Sad, Sad tale of the 12th hole, or for that matter the whole Sad round.

You see Saddle sores can be painful, but not as much as 108 for only 24 points, that after only the day before making the National playoff for the Fonterra Directors day in Palmerston North.

To add insult to injury, it took 3 shots to clear the ladies tee on the 12th ... bravura!

Finally, 3 Ford supporters, in Andrew Sadler, Roger Clothier and Tali Mulafia were laid waste by their playing partner who drives a humble Nissan.  Massey Rata won the day, thrashed 3 Ford-ites, and may have suggested that Holden’s rule ... well that’s how Ding heard things!

Coming up …
Today we have the Super Liquor Midweek and Vets, and Saturday we have the second round of the Stratson Cup which is a Bogey competition ... Good luck and good golfing!

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