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Article :: 2008.05.22 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 22 May 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the weekend results, preview the Wooden Spoon, the final of the Championship Pennants and the start of the President’s Trophy.

Championship Pennants
Putaruru play Morrinsville this Sunday at the Narrows, along with the finalists of division 2 & 6.  Putaruru will even get a start from the 1st tee because we are better than division 6.

There is keen interest in this match up, and we will need all the experience in the team from the Generation Y’s and beyond (that’s you Butch), and the Generation X’s.

This Sunday, especially for the Generation X’s, we will make a special effort to make sure all players recognise and can find their tee off areas, they won’t be Marked off as such, but we will make sure this isn’t no Nickel and dime outfit.

The pressure is on everyone, but the early round jitters that accounted for only a half in the first meeting with Morrinsville in the round robin should be behind us.

This is a reasonable strength team for the first time in a few years going down to 8th position, unlike the good old days, when Ding was the sacrificial lamb, playing in the senior pennants team at 3 like a flailing 7 tentacle octopus with syphilis.

Good luck to the team, and any supporters will be welcomed.

Super Liquor Midweek
The day presented splendid conditions for a round of golf, but the field had only 25 competing in it which is disappointing.  John Barr and Lauchie Phillips had 41 points in division 1, Ron Taylor and Butch Hamilton 39.

In division 2 Hooky Howard had 38, Matt Rhodes, Dieter Drescher and Brett Worth 35.

Florence Jellard won the ladies with 38 points, Cheryl Jones 37.

Wayne Mudford had the only two on the 10th.

Saturday Scramble
50 in the field, but only 49 cards were processed, who did not hand in their card?

It cannot have been worse than the worst score of 8 down on bogey which was savoury news to Gumshoe Ding.

Not particularly having a taste for Wrigley’s chewing gum, nor being a smoker, PK has its place, but maybe it is no longer on a golf course, maybe a museum, or on a wind farm, somewhere far away from little children or small animals ... OH Yes!

John Barr was the winner of division 1 playing off his inflated Presidents handicap, with  +6 on count back from John Wood,  3rd was Mike Hamilton +5, Alan Wallace, John Mulholland and Ian Worth +4 and Ted Ward +3.

In division 2 first was Roger Clothier +5, Tony Muller and Les O’Leary +4, Stan Wilson and Adam Sadler +3, and Stew Kensington +2.

Two’s were scored by Greg Worth on the 8th, and Ian Worth, King Shanly, Stan Wilson, Ted Ward and John Barr on the 10th.

Presidents Trophy
The draw has been done, and there are 8 matches to be played before the 7th of June.

With the first round scheduled for Saturday, Warren Long and John Wood play John Anderson and Ron Hunt, Dave O’Brien and Vance Carson play Andrew Sadler and Matt Rhodes, Cousin Ian and Cousin Brett play Terry Garnett and Neville Dugan, Mike Hamilton (not his REAL name) and Spotty McCarthy play Tony & Andrew Muller, Wayne Mudford and Kevin Duthie play Phil & Stew Kensington, Dougie and Ding play Maurice Tricker and Roger Clothier, Gary Urbahn and John Craig play Alan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher, and King Shanly and Adam Sadler play Dieter Drescher and Hooky Howard.

On Friday the 6th there will be another pot luck dinner at the club rooms, Indian takeaways only, with very very hot curries to bid on.  The Bollywood actress, Kelli Kutter, will the guest of the night.

Wooden Spoon
The spooner’s are off to Springfield in Rotorua.  With a full contingent, the anticipation is palpable, who from Waotu will win the spoon?

There has been comment that Ding picks on Waotu too much, but hand on heart, this is only a splinter, an atom, a nucleon or quark of the things that Ding has to endure in his letter box, on the golf course and in and about the club rooms.

There is conjecture however, as to what came first, the chicken or the egg, but here’s the fact, they started it!

Ding has it on good authority that he doesn’t want the spoon, but we will have to wait and see.

Ding’s Delights
There is not much this week as Ding was not around to scoop the doggie doo.

There has been yet another episode of rules infringements where cards, sorry a card was not been signed; our handicapper is like a blood hound when seeking out anomalies.

It’s not a Tricky question or anything, just sign the card, it is part of the rules.

Now a note about sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Golfers are notorious about for poking about in areas of non concern that they are concerned about.

But look out for thorns in rose bushes, or any bush for the matter ... you can Lock up your daughters, but they will always find a Phillips screwdriver to get out ... ouch!

Vets Report
The Putaruru Vets Pennants team have won the final of the zone at Mangakino by 31 points.  Well done to the team who now go to Morrinsville on the 26th of May with runners-up, Walton, to play in the district final.

Results from the scramble played last Thursday were in the men’s division, 1st Lauchie Phillips 41, 2nd John Mathis 39 from Colin Hamilton also on 39.  Cheryl Jones was 1st in the ladies with 37, 2nd heather Howard 33, 3rd Audrey Mathis 32.

Coming up …
Today we have the Vets, and Saturday we have the third round of the Stratson Cup, and the start of the Presidents ... Good luck and good golfing!

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