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Article :: 2008.05.29 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 29 May 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the weekend results, review the Wooden Spoon, the final of the Championship Pennants and the start of the President’s Trophy.

Championship Pennants
Putaruru outclassed themselves on Sunday with the deftness of their play to brilliantly secure their place in division 4, still!  Of course the main aim was to win the final and be promoted to division 3.

Playing Morrinsville at Narrows, it was a tight final against the Sesame St brigade and their baby sitters, the final result a 5-4 loss.

The Putaruru team awoke a wee sluggishly with a 2-1 deficit in the morning foursomes.  Butch Hamilton and Mark Nicholl, and John Barr and Rhys Burnett both had convincing 4/3 losses as the Morrinsville boys (literally) gave out their master classes.

Mike Karl and Greg Worth handed out their own lesson with a 6-4 win for the only bright spot of the morning, but this may have been to their detriment.

In the afternoon, Morrinsville number one, Daniel Smith came out with a superb round, best of the season apparently, to shoot 4 under par and secure the winning of the match overall against Mike Karl 3/1.

The singles honours were shared 3 wins a piece, but the foursome deficit proved just that too much to overcome.  You have to be ahead in the foursomes to have any chance at all.

The other 2 losses were Butch Hamilton 4/3, and Rhys Burnett coming back from 5 down after 5 to finish on the 17th, 2/1 down.

The wins went to John Barr 4/2, Mark Nicholl 2/1, and Greg Worth 3/2.

So while it wasn’t quite the result Putaruru wanted, it wasn’t quite the Nickelodeon Channel either.

Speaking of Nickelodeon, was it true that the boys Marked down 7’s to halve the 11th hole?

And who can forget that great Sinatra song, “Shanks for the Memories.”  While Dings memory can be a wee bit Fuzzy, the last line of the first verse seems quite apt, “How lucky I was!”

It can be safely reported that 51 years difference in the ages of the number 6 players is no excuse for the butchery of a singles match.  89 assessed to a 75 speaks for itself, the older and wiser one gets, the less you worry about a low handicap.

On a more serious note, Greg Worth won the Hoops Trophy (in memory of our dear leftie friend, Neil Hooper) for having the most points (11.5) for this year; Mark Nicholl had 10.5, and Mike Karl and Butch Hamilton had 10 points apiece.

The Rookie of the Year award went to Mark Nicholl, and the caddie for the year went, not to Vere Hamilton, but to Barbara Barr, for being able to hum that great Sinatra tune, Shanks for the Memories, in the key of G.

The final word, Putaruru was pipped at the post, posting the only loss of the season in the final, but congratulations to Morrinsville, those young heads played with composure despite the occasion.

The Putaruru team spirit and the results speak for themselves, and next year we still get to go to Stewart to help them out with their BBQ ... yummy lemon sizzlers.

Wooden Spoon
What a complete and total disappointment that the spoon did not go to Waotu.

36 golfers played the tricky Springfield track in Rotorua for a fun day in somewhat drizzly diffident conditions.

The winner of the day was that great Dancing with the Stars fan, Dieter Drescher on count back from Brett Worth, both 42 points.  Sean Samkin and Tali Mulafia were tied on 38.

At the business end of the day, there were 5 tied on 29 points, the only thing to mention that Ding was nearer the top of this group on count back than the bottom.

Tony Edgar and Richie Brown were sweating on 28 points apiece, and then there was the winner of the spoon, clear by 2 points on 26, Mr Les O’Leary.

Again the disappointment was palpable as Waotu escaped the day.

Saturday Scramble
47 in the field this week, and 48 cards processed for the day, go figure!

Now, who ate all the pies?  It’s a big man who can have a bogey score of -8, get it? Eight the pies, anyhow, this favourite son of Waotu did not have a good day at the office on Saturday, further reinforcing just how lucky Waotu was not to win the spoon ... Some Goliaths are just too big for their David’s sailing away to “Land A-Hoy,” te karakia of the unlucky.

We head back to Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit (code for Ding’s Delight’s), was there a windmill thrashing about on the 12th?  Chewing some PK gum may have unexpected results, as 3 shots go hopelessly nowhere, and then the club flies further than the ball has travelled ... tut tut.  Throw in a ladies tee on the 5th hole, and one will be amazed to know this chap had a good bogey score of +3.

And now for the King Kong of SNAFU’s as eyebrows were raised when the Stratson Cup was awarded to Hooky Howard for +8 on bogey, only to have it snatched away as the Mighty ... Mike Hamilton was proclaimed the winner on +11, who runs this outfit, and do they own tweezers?

The winner of division 1 was Mike Hamilton +6, Vance Carson +4, Phil Kensington +3, Peter Smith +2, and Duncan Gallagher, Lance Hay and Brian Curd +1.

Winning division 2 was Ron Hunt using every ouch of insider knowledge on a whopping +8, Warren Long and Brett Worth +5, Hooky Howard +4, Andrew Muller +2, and Tony FitzHerbert and Andrew Sadler +1.

Two’s were scored Andrew Sadler and Stew Kensington on the 3rd.

Presidents Trophy
There are some things that are hard to comprehend, like how you can lose to certain opposition.  For instance, luckless would be how you describe losing to John Anderson and Ron Hunt, when Warren Long scores second place and +5 in division 2, and still loses along with his partner John Wood.

Dave O’Brien and Vance Carson beat Andrew Sadler and Matt Rhodes, nothing to bad about that.

Losing to Mike Hamilton and Spotty McCarthy would not be good, as Tony and Andrew Muller found out.

And Kevin Duthie and Wayne Mudford lost to the Kensington’s, Phil and Stew, but then, they are better golfers, my, what an oxymoron.

Alan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher beat John Craig and Gary Urbahn, and King Shanly and Adam Sadler lost to Hooky Howard and Tango Drescher.

But the mother load of all losses has to be losing to Ding and Dougie.  Hapless, luckless, profusely indignant are all terms that describe the emotion when the winning opposition has worse scores, but still wins.

The rock solid combination, where on 3 separate occasions, Ding’s score for a hole was halve of his playing partners, gives an inkling of how Technicolor this circus was played out.

Dear old Maurice Tricker and Roger Clothier relived the Hamilton street race horrors, as Ford came second, and the Holden boys rocked.  4/2 was the final result!

There has been a lot a concern expressed from a lot of concerned people, OK one person, about why the front 9 fairways have not been under sown and sprayed like the glorious Augusta-like back nine.

The answer is, because they haven’t!  It’s not that they have been forgotten about, but there is a lot happening on the course that has taken priority this year. So be it!

And what about those people that played golf on Anzac day before mid day.  What were they thinking or not thinking and what can of worms has this opened?

Should the committee even be getting involved and passing motions about this?

We all have connections with the war, whether it’s parents who fought, or just honouring the Anzacs at the dawn parade, we all remember.

There has been significant time taken by the committee trying to respond to a very vexed issue, but should they even attempt this?

Should Ding have even written this much about it, you are the judge?

Ding’s line in the sand for what it’s worth, would be to acknowledge the concerns expressed by the people that wrote in, but point out the committee is not the place to sort this out, Parliament would have legislated if it was that bigger deal.

Coming up …
Today we have the Vets, and Saturday and Monday, we have just scrambles for the Queen’s Birthday weekend ... Good luck and good golfing!

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